Vacant Houses

"Communism just doesn't work in practice"

Says the man who walks past dozens of homeless people and vacant houses on the same commute

If you support capitalism you support:
  • Making people die of treatable diseases
  • Making people starve when tons of food are wasted every day
  • Making people go homeless when there are vacant houses
  • Making people work for wages that barely allow them to survive
  • Forcing people into debt for shelter and education
  • High prices for basic goods and services
  • CEOs earning more than 300 times more than the workers who create their wealth
  • Imperialist wars
  • Neo-colonization and the exploitation of third-world countries
  • Destroying the environment and over-exploiting natural resources
  • White supremacy and the use of state violence to maintain it
  • Racial, gender, class inequality

And more. Any and all forms of capitalism need and benefit from exploitation and create the evils listed above. There is no “ethical” capitalism, there is no “nice” capitalism. 


This is what happens when I get a little data, time and some neat tools to play with.

I combined the 2010 census data with TIGER/Line shapefiles to create these maps of Boone County and Columbia. Check them out.

The first two maps are population breakdowns for Columbia and Boone County. The red areas are where more people are concentrated.

The second two maps illustrate the vacant housing rates (number of vacant houses/number of houses) in Columbia and Boone County. For Columbia, the gray background means there were no homes in that census block. For Boone County, the white areas mean the same thing.

This is the first time I’ve ever played with ARC/GIS, so any feedback would be helpful.


The Real News
Jan. 10, 2012 
“Movement to To Occupy Vacant Houses Spreads”
Bronx activists supported by Occupy Wall Street enter second month of occupation.

Vacant houses are usually the best deals.  They are obviously a house that no one is living in and a house that someone would probably like to get rid of especially if they are making payments on it. To make a deal you have to find the owner.  Here are some tips (and a story)for finding the owner of a vacant house.

I got a call from a lady who wanted to sell her Mom’s house.  Mom had passed away.  The seller lived 2 hours away and she did not want to drive to Dallas to show me the property.  But she said the back door is open so I could get in that way.  You’ll be surprised to hear what I found….