Vacant House

Indicators of Great Relationships

- They have a planet in your 4th/5th/8th/9th/11th house
- Their Jupiter falls in the house your Saturn is in
- Their Venus falls in the house your Mars is in
- Their planets fall in the house your North Node is in
- Their planets form multiple tight aspects to your nodal axis
- Their malefic in aspect to one of your malefics (can be difficult though)
- They have a benefic that activates an important midpoint by conjunction
- They have a planet / chart angle in a sign that’s intercepted in your chart
- Their planets make multiple tight aspects to an intercepted planet of yours
- Their personal planet or chart angle falls into one of your vacant houses
- Their planets fall in the opposite end of the axis as your stellium
- They have planets in a quadrant or hemisphere of yours that’s empty
- Their planets conjunct or trine a planet that’s retrograde in your chart
- Their chart angle aspects a planet posited in one of your cadent houses
- Their planet / chart angle aspects a planet posited in your twelfth house
- Their planet falls in the “missing leg” sign/house of your t-square
- Their planet falls right in the middle of the sextile planets in your yod
- Their planet makes a tight major aspect to the apex planet of your yod
- Their dominant planet makes a tight major aspect to your weakest planet
- They have personal planets or a chart angle in your weakest sign
- Any of their planets are in mutual reception with yours

(And vice versa [your planet in their house, etc] for all of these, as well.
*Based on my opinion. Also mostly focused on synastry.
Feel free to add anything I missed or may have forgotten!

Empty Houses (Astrology)

There’s a common misconception in astrology that empty houses have little to no significance in ones life. The astrological houses are areas of one life, while the planets bare the energies and aspects of the personality we invest into areas of life, the signs tell as the manner of which we do that, while aspects shows personality and external interactions within the life areas. 

 Because there are 12 astrological houses and 10 planets, at least 2 houses will always be empty, and having more planets in a single house is extremely common. Chart interpretation can be opened up on a far larger scale when planetary rulers are taken into consideration. 

This is a core technique of mine that has allowed far deeper understanding and interpretation of a person’s life, providing additional information and greater accuracy in reading. This technique is just as valuable when applied to houses that contain planets. Each individual has a different sign per Cusp of their natal houses (interceptions are an exception in this regard). The chart provided below shows the natural planetary rulers of each individual sign if you are unfamiliar

. … 

 How Cusp rulerships work is that the sign on the cusp gives the core mannerisms and traits we project when performing that house activity. 

Example: Cancer 2nd House Cusp will value family tradition, self care, nurturing the self and their body, home cooking, family life ect. They may be clingy to their material passions, making them reluctant to spend resources, or may be more likely to purchase things for the family or the home.

 When a house is empty, it takes its ‘cues’ from its planet ruler as to additional direction of how to act and the ruling planet 'gives’ its energy from the house it’s in to the House Cusp it rules. 

 Example: Cancer 2nd House Cusp, we would look for the moon. The moon may be in the 7th house in Sagittarius. The possible interpretations could be that this person takes on their partners family values more than their own, especially after marriage. They may also value partnership and marriage, especially when it comes to establishing a family. They may increase their sense of self-worth and value when in a relationship. The partner may be the primary financial provider for this person.

 I’ve personally found that empty houses tend to act more strongly towards the sign their planetary ruler is in than the sign on their House Cusp. Reason being that an empty house has no energy invested in it, therefore needing to extract it from its ruler - this includes the house area AND sign. 

 Example: Cancer 2nd House Cusp with Moon 7th house in Sagittarius, the 2nd house may take on the value of freedom, expanding ones mind through overseas travel and spirituality. They may also make money overseas, via travel or spiritual teaching or teaching in general. This may be done with a partner considering the Moon is in the 2nd house.


 This technique can be applied to all houses and gives FAR more information than if they were disregarded. Reason being that every person is like a finger print, as it their natal chart. If 2 people had an empty 2nd House Cusp in cancer, though 1 person had the Moon in 7th house in Sagittarius, and the other in the 10th house in Pisces, their interpretation will be FAR more INDIVIDUAL AND UNIQUE to them. Try it with your own chart and see what more information and interpretation you can get 🙏🏻💕🌙

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Garden Door by Tim Perdue

boredom be damned - peter parker

Originally posted by tomhollandisdaddy

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Summary:  Prompt #2: “You’re hot when you’re angry.”

All Peter wanted to do was get his homework done before adventuring into the night, but Y/N walks in and turns his study session into a flush session.

Requested: yes @myfriendmagislit

Warning: slight language

Here’s another request for #2! So excited to write this bc this user is the og:) hope you enjoY!!! This is also kinda long so oops lol and I HOPE YOU LIKE IT !!:-) @myfriendmagislit

MASTERLIST <———————-


Were you supposed to be on your way to Peter’s right now? No. Did you tell Peter you were on your way to him right now? No.

You were bored as hell, it was as simple as that. You tried to entertain yourself in numerous ways, even attempting to do your pre-scheduled homework for tomorrow night. But that put your state of mind into greater boredom. So, you decided you would carry your bored, sorry ass all the way three blocks to Peter’s apartment. It’s not that you only did this when you were extremely bored, you did almost every day. It just turns out that today, Peter didn’t mention to you anything about working on homework or hanging out for the night. This surprised you to an extreme length, due to the fact you and Peter were stuck like glue all day, every day.

So, you being the nosy ass you were, you decided to investigate. Which worked out perfectly because you were bored as well! Of course your sneakiness did play a part in your feet carrying you to Peter’s that night, but it wasn’t only that. And it wasn’t just the boredom.

Maybe it was the pulsing excitement that ran through your veins every time Peter would run up to you with good news about his exciting double life. Or maybe it was the way your heart grew heavy in your chest when Peter’s lean, muscled body would sit closely next to you as you worked on homework, the heat radiating off his frame to hit yours. Or it might be just spending time with your best friend—correction, beautiful best friend, that caused your feelings to intensify as you got older. Maybe it was all of those things and more, that caused your mind to shift your boredom to Peter.

You admitted these intense feelings a while ago, your instinct immediately knowing your affection for the brown eyes, sweet smiling boy as soon as you laid your eyes on him ten years ago. Your friendship blossomed, consisting of ever lasting laughs and good times, it was what everyone dreamed of in a relationship.

The only problem was, the feeling was only one sided. To your dismay, they were extremely one sided. Your friends would constantly say otherwise, swearing that he looked at you the exact way you gazed at him, but you never saw it. You knew they were just trying to make you feel better. Especially due to the fact Liz Allen was someone who constantly popped up in conversations between you and Peter. This obviously made you feel instant loss and regret. But if Peter was happy, you were happy.

You slowly let your yearning thoughts of Peter vanish before arriving at Peter’s door. You sigh, grabbing the key underneath the mat Aunt May had told you about and open the door, the silence hitting you. You shut the door slowly, walking through the living room area, searching for Peter in the so far vacant house. As no sign of Peter approaches, you walk to his bedroom door, knowing that he’d be in there. Your knuckles hit lightly against the white door, shoving one hand  in your side jacket pocket and the other holding your thermos with water as you wait for the door to open.

You hear the jiggle of the door knob and and look up, seeing a wondrous sight that made your eyes look everywhere place in the world besides Peter’s eyes.

“Oh, hey! What are you doing here?” he questioned kindly, quirking his head to the side at your sudden appearance at his door. You tried to remember to breath as your eyes came in contact with a very shirtless, very ripped, and very hot Peter standing before you. Clutching your cup tightly,  your eyes lingered on his sculpted abs as your mouth stood agape at the sight before you.

Thank god for boredom. What would you without it?

“Y/N?” his voice quickly snapped your dirty thoughts of him out of your mind, disrupting everything good in this world. Y/E/C meets a playful brown as your mouth snaps shut, shaking your head vigorously as you leap out of a hazed state.

Almost breathlessly you rush out, “Oh! I-I was just really bored. Needed something to do,” you finish, shrugging your shoulders at your lousy interpretation of boredom.

He raised his eyebrows, opening the door farther for you to enter. You took note of his right muscle flexing at the stretch of his arm before he spoke, “Okay. Yeah, I’m just trying to get my homework done. Tony asked me to do something when I got done, and May’ll kill me if I leave without finishing it.”

You shook your head as a sign of understanding, noticing his seemingly stressed state as you sat down on his bed. He shut the door, turning towards you with his hands on his naked hips, “But yeah you can hang here, I’m just gonna finish the assignment for Algebra. You know how picky Ms. Roberts’ can be,” he chuckled lightly, smiling in your direction.

“Oh and those papers next to you are the chemistry homework, if you need to see it.“

You nodded, a close mouthed smile adorned your lips at his sweet gaze. He sighed before sitting down at his desk, continuing his work, leaving you there.

Is this a fucking joke? Is he seriously not going to put on a shirt? He’s never done this before! But, would you want him to? The view from here is fucking incredible. Boredom be damned.

Your eyes once again scaled his half naked body, but this time it was the back view you got to see. The lamp accompanied his brain in helping him finish his work, the remnants of the light shone on his back muscles. You felt your mouth open once again as you carved the muscles with your eyes, craving to run your fingers over every curve of his body. His bangin’ body was another added bonus to Peter Parker. His sweet smile, incredible personality, and extraordinary intelligence were the major factors that made you fall for him. But this, fuck. This was part of the premium package you didn’t know you had signed up for.

You dazedly watched his shoulder move with arm as he sketched the answer quickly on his paper, and sometimes bring his arm up and run his fingers through his ruffled brown locks. You suddenly remembered the drool dripping from the corner of your mouth, that had probably been there for minutes. You reached your arm up rapidly, attempting to wipe the drool silently and sneakily.

Well, that plan failed.

Because as soon as your hand hit the corner of your mouth, your elbow also hit your thermos, knocking it over and open, all over Peter’s chemistry homework that was lying next to you on his bed.


Eyes widened, your heart rate picked up as you made eye contact with the now soaking wet papers lying sloppily on his bed. A gasp emitted from your throat at the sight of the black ink spreading all over the drenched papers. ruining it even more. Well, your gasp awoke Peter from his intense gaze on his work to quickly looking behind him. His eyes grew at the sight of you directed to the now wet papers and thermos lying on top of them. Your mouth agape, you dared to look at Peter’s gaze hitting you like a brick wall.

He ran over to his ruined work, fingers picking up the wet paper, his gaze flashing from the homework to your guilty Y/E/C eyes staring deeply into his own, "Y/N WHAT THE HELL!”

You gaping lips barely stuttered out a response as you reached over and picked up the thermos, “P-Peter I’m so sorry! It was an accident I swear!” you rushed out, throwing the empty thermos to the ground before yanking the remaining papers off his bed and throwing them in the trash can next to you.


Your eyes shut off instantly as Peter’s voice grew weak and strong at the same time, defeat yet anger taking over his demeanor. But, instead of listening to his rant about your previous actions, you watched his arms point from you to the papers, his bicep flexing every moment he stretched them. His eyebrows furrowed and raised at your gaze just staring at him like he’s speaking gibberish. But, you were noticing his arm and neck veins popping out at the stress in his voice and your insides turned gooey, his state turning you on a lot.

“… Mr. Stark needs me! He finally asked me to do something for once and I  was so ready! Now May won’t let me go! Jesus Y/N, could you of been a little more careful? You-”

Your mind shut off his anger towards you, clouding with scandalous thoughts you’ve never thought of before. This caused your thoughts and apparently brain to shut down as you interrupted his rant.

“You’re hot when you’re angry.”

Oh my god. Those words did not just come out of your mouth. What the fuck are you thinking?! Holy shit he thinks you’re some creep-

“W-What did you just say?” Peter questioned, chest slowly deflating from his previous state. You felt your cheeks sprout bright red as his figure inched closer to yours. Your brain finally wanted to work again, your eyes peeking up from staring intently at the floor after your previous comment. His nerves rose immediately, realizing your thoughts on him.

“W-What? I didn’t say-”

“Yes you did. What did you say?” now Peter’s soft brown eyes were gazing intently in yours, his own cheeks matched yours, both flushed and embarrassed. His heart raced at your sudden exposed feelings towards him, and he couldn’t of been happier.

You swallowed the lump in your throat, biting your lip in guilt as your eyebrows furrowed, “I really didn’t mean to say that. I meant to s-say t-that you were scary when you’re angry, not h-hot. Not that you aren’t hot when y-you’re angry, because you are, obviously I mean look at you! O-Oh my god, I’ll just shut up!” you hollered, an extremely nervous chuckle sprang from your throat, attempting to cover up your immense awkwardness.

Peter’s cheeks flushed even more as he heard it roll off your pretty lips once again, a smile played across his own. His eyes sparkled at your red cheeks staring at the floor. He stepped forward slightly, his head daringly leaned towards your ear, his own nervousness growing per second.

Your heart beat sped at his closeness as his lips brushed your tinted-pink ear, his hot breath whispering against your heated skin, “Maybe I should make you angry sometime.”

And you’re pretty sure you died right then and there.


ca.1850 by Mark

Show You (Ethan)



You slammed your locker shut feeling more frustrated than ever as you gripped your books hard in hand. You felt like a total outcast. It wasn’t a bad thing to be inexperienced when it came to sex and you took pride in the fact that you hadn’t given it up to just anyone. You were waiting for the right one and that’s all there was to it. But that came with endless taunting and teasing from your classmates. Especially in sex-ed class where you, obviously, got it the worst.

“You mean…you’ve never like…fooled around with a guy?” Your friend Shawna asked you, her eyes wide as she shoved a bobby pin in her hair. You were in the girls washroom and you looked around to make sure no one was within earshot. The last thing you needed was the entire school knowing you were still a virgin.

“No.” You shrugged. “Does that matter?”

“I mean…no..” She frowned slightly. “But why? Guys are pawning after you left and right.”

“Not really.” You sighed. But being the virgin made you a prime target. Guys were dying to be your first and it really kind of grossed you out.

“Yes, really. You also have the hottest fucking friends in the entire world who I’m sure would jump at any opportunity to get in your panties .”

Your mind wandered. Ethan and Grayson

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Daddy Doesn’t Have to Know - Part 2

Title: Daddy Doesn’t Have to Know - Part 2

Characters: Negan x You/Reader

Synopsis: The Saviors return to Alexandria. But not for a collection though.

Warnings: NSFW!!! And this is a bit longer than most of my fics too, I think.


Note: Y’all asked for it, so here’s part 2 of Daddy Doesn’t Have to Know. This one’s still dedicated to @babyblues915! I hope you guys enjoy reading! Thank you always for leaving lovely replies that keep me motivated. <3

It had only been three days since the Saviors’ last visit, three days since your sexual encounter with their charismatic leader and yet here they were again. As you watched them on the porch of your house, you noticed that only a single truck had pulled over and not a lot of Saviors were present as opposed to their usual numbers during collection. You watched Tara pull the main gate open and called for your father.

“What do they want now?” Rick uttered under his breath as he watched the Saviors step down from the truck.

You turned to your father, “We need to cooperate, dad.” You told him.

He was furious that you willingly accompanied Negan in the garage, alone, with no weapon to help you defend yourself. Last time Negan played pool, two people had died and Rick was somehow traumatized that history might repeat itself. Of course, no one died that day, except maybe for your dignity when you ended up having sex with Negan.

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Shots & Stitches - Carl Gallagher Imagine

Originally posted by zgallagher

Word Count: 2053

Warning: Sexual content, swearing

In order to stop your hands from shaking, you forced them to grip the sides of your seat in the waiting room.  You knew it was unreasonable to still have such an irrational fear at your age.  You’d gotten into fist fights.  You’d gotten into accidents.  And here you were, afraid to get your yearly shots at your physical at the local clinic.

“Are you good?” A voice coming from beside you caused your thoughts to come to a halt.  You looked up to see a vaguely familiar face staring at you with an amused smirk, an eyebrow raised.  It was Carl Gallagher.  The two of you had gone to public school together since before you could even remember, but you had never really interacted with him.  From the time he was young, he had gained a reputation as a troublemaker, but rumor had it that he had dropped the violent act recently.

Letting out an awkward cough, you removed your hands from the armrests and folded them together in your lap.  “Yeah, I’m better than ever,” you responded sarcastically, rolling your eyes before letting out a quiet laugh.  “Just have a ridiculous fear of needles.”

Carl let out a loud laugh, causing a few other people in the waiting room to send irritated glances in your direction.  “Damn, from the way you’re shaking I thought you were waiting to find out if you had cancer or something.”

Rolling your eyes at the boy, you gently shoved your shoulder against his.  “Well, if you’re gonna be so judgmental, what could you possibly be doing here, Carl?” you asked, putting a teasing emphasis on his name to let him know that you knew who he was.

Your response made Carl bite down on his lip in an attempt to hide his smirk.  “Don’t be nosy, Y/N,” he mocked, stressing your name the same way you had with his. So he did know who you were.  “But if I tell you, you’re gonna laugh.  I’m shocked you haven’t heard about it around school.”

“Try me,” you said, crossing your arms over your chest, your smirk matching his.  “You’re already laughing at me anyways.”

“It’s bad,” he began, laughing and covering his face with his hands.  “My now ex-girlfriend wouldn’t go down on me because I wasn’t circumcised so I got circumcised just to find out she was cheating on me…” he slowly trailed off, shaking his head to himself.

“Wait, you literally got circumcised for a girl? That’s dedication.”  You began to giggle, covering your hand with your mouth to soften the noise.  “But wait, you said you already had the procedure, so what are you doing here again?”

“That’s the best part.” Carl put his elbow on the armrest and rested his chin in his hand, his face now closer to yours. “The doctor warned me it wasn’t a good idea to go through with this because I’d have to go 72 hours without getting a boner or I’d break the stitches… And yeah. This is my second time back.” Realizing how ridiculous he sounded, he began laughing again.

Your laughter joined his, both of you too distracted to notice that now even the receptionist was glaring in your direction. You were so immersed in the conversation that you had even forgotten about your fears for a few moments.  “That’s just all around unfortunate,” you commented, trying to repress the last of your giggles.  “You literally cut the tip of your dick off for a girl.  At least we know romance isn’t dead.”

Carl’s cheeks darkened, but he kept chuckling quietly. “You’re funny.  I like you.”  Sitting up straight again, he cleared his throat.  “I’m more dedicated than Noah from The Notebook but you don’t see them making movies about me.”

“What a shame,” you joked, pulling your knees up to your chest in the chair.  “What makes you think you’re going to make it the 72 hours this time?”

Suddenly, the two of you were broken away from your little bubble as the receptionist called Carl’s name.  Carl slowly stood up, running his fingers through his wavy hair before looking down at you, a smirk tugging at the corners of his lips.  “Well, I should be good as long as I don’t see you in the next 72 hours,” he flirted, winking at you as he began to walk toward the receptionist’s desk.  “Totally kidding.  Kind of.”  Lifting his hand to wave, he shot you one last grin.  “See you around.”

You could feel your cheeks heating up, but you simply rolled your eyes in response.  Still, you couldn’t hold back the smile forming on your lips.  “Mhmm.  See you around.”

With that, Carl clumsily limped out of your sight, leaving you alone in the waiting room to process what had just happened.  

The weekend flew by in the blink of an eye, and you were back at school the next week before you knew it.  Monday and Tuesday were easy enough, but Wednesday had dragged.  You had stayed after school to make up a test you had missed.

You now stood at your locker in the desolate hallway, deciding which of your textbooks you were going to bring home for the night. As something poked your arm where you had gotten your shots, you jumped back startled and dropped the textbook in your hands.

“Wow, that’s a true battle scar you’ve got there,” a voice commented with a chuckle.  You closed the door of your locker to expose who was standing behind it.  Carl.  “Didn’t mean to scare you.”  Leaning down, he picked up the book you had dropped on the ground.  “I’ve been looking for you the past few days.”

Raising your eyebrows, you bit your lip to hide the smirk that was trying to form.  “Must not have been looking hard enough,” you teased, beginning to walk toward the exit. “And I’m pretty sure your battle scars are worse than mine.”

Carl followed you, bumping his shoulder against yours as he let out a sarcastic scoff.  “Hey, I did my time.  I survived the 72 hours this time.  I’m all healed.”

“Wow, I’m impressed.  Truly heroic,” you mocked, crossing your arms over your chest as you walked.  “How’d you pull that one off?”

Carl laughed, shaking his head to himself before looking down at his feet.  “Not really heroic.  My brother put me under the influence of some drugs so I was barely responsive for most of it.”

“Wow.  All for a blow job that never happened.  Most girls would’ve done it without the surgery, you know.” Laughing softly, you looked down at your textbook that he was still holding.  “I can take that so you can walk home.”

Shaking his head, Carl pulled the textbook out of your reach.  “Not a chance.  What kind of a gentleman would I be if I didn’t walk you home?”  

And so he did.  The walk together continued, the pace noticeably slow, both of you enjoying being in the presence of the other.  The playful flirting only intensified with each step.  Every so often, your hands would brush for a few seconds too long or one of you would teasingly shove the other.  It was undeniable that there was a strong connection between the two of you.

Eventually, you reached your house.  Carl followed you up the steps to your front door, finally extending your textbook to you.  “I guess you can have this back now.”

Biting on your lip nervously, your foot beginning to tap on the ground nervously.  You were going out on a limb here.  “I could…” you began, fishing your keys out of your bag.  “Or you could help me carry it up to my room.”

Immediately, Carl’s face lit up.  He coughed against his hand, obviously trying to hide the smirk that was threatening to form on his lips.  “Oh, of course.  Wouldn’t want you to have to carry this heavy book all the way up the stairs.”

Unlocking the door, you led Carl through your vacant house and up the stairs.  He followed you up to your room, taking a moment to look around before his eyes met yours.  “Where should I put this?” he asked, holding up the textbook.

Dropping your backpack on the floor, you quietly shut the door behind the two of you.  “I’ll take it,” you replied, approaching him and wrapping your hands around the textbook.  Still, his hands remained on the book, stopping you from taking it and walking away. Biting your lip, you slowly allowed your eyes to move up to meet his.

Before you could speak, Carl crashed his lips into yours. Both of your hands forgot about the book, causing it to fall to the ground between the two of you.  His hands gripped your hips, pulling you closer as your fingers tangled into his hair.  The kiss was sloppy but passionate, the tension that had been rising between the two of you finally being relieved.

It wasn’t long before both of your shirts were torn off and thrown onto the floor, joining your textbook.  Gently, he pushed you back onto your bed and climbed on top of you.  Finally breaking the kiss, his lips began to travel down your body.

A breathless laugh escaped your lips as you realized what he was doing.  “I can see you’re used to always being the giver,” you commented, using all of your strength to flip him over when he was caught off guard.  “But that’s not the way things always have to be.”

His eyes widened as your lips traveled down his chest, your hands working to unbutton his jeans. “Good thing that 72 hours is up,” you mumbled, observing his erection through his boxers.  Laughing quietly to yourself, you gripped the waistband of his boxers with your teeth, pulling them down painstakingly slow.

“I know I shouldn’t complain, but you’re killing me here,” Carl groaned, shaking his head at your teasing.

Without another word, you took his length in your mouth, slowly bobbing your head up and down.  Carl responded with a loud groan, his hands moving to grab your hair, tugging on it lightly.

“F-Fuck,” he moaned out as you began to move your mouth faster, swirling your tongue around to add pressure.

It didn’t take much longer.  Soon enough, he came into your mouth and his head fell back against the pillow, a plethora of profanities leaving his mouth in the process.

Climbing off of him, you crawled up beside him and rested your head on the pillow, watching as he breathlessly stared up at the ceiling.

Once he was able to compose himself, he rolled onto his side to face you, a satisfied smirk spread across his lips.  “That was even better than I ever imagined it to be.”

Giggling quietly, you started to sit up, but Carl’s hand pushed you back against the bed.  “Where do you think you’re going?” he asked teasingly, rolling on top of you. “That might’ve been amazing, but I’m all for reciprocation.”

And so he did.  And once you were both done, he didn’t leave.  Instead, he pulled the blankets over both of your heads and pulled you against his chest.

“You know…” he began, grabbing your hand and playing with your fingers.  “I’m not really into the whole fuck around and leave thing anymore.”

“You know…” you mocked, your lips curving upward into a smile are you buried your face into his chest.  “Me either.”

And so he stayed.  He stayed until the bright sky faded into the dark of night.  There was a sense of comfort between the two of you that you had never felt with anyone before.  For hours and hours, you talked.  He shared with you stories about his time in prison and why he gave up the criminal lifestyle.  You confided in him with anecdotes of your tough life at home.  There was no judgment between the two of you, just mutual understanding and contentment from being in each other’s presence.  You both let all of your walls down, letting someone else in for the first time.  That was all you had needed.  

For the first time, you could thank your irrational fear for leading you into this situation – for leading you to Carl.


As always, thanks for reading and let me know what you think!  Currently working out an idea for a Lip imagine that should be out in the next few days.

Fic: Life’s Treasures (Chris Evans x Reader)

A Chris Evans x Reader Fanfic

Rating: T
Warnings: Language
Summary: Requested by anon - “Can you write a Chris Evans imagine of him proposing to you in Boston? You’re from California but he knew that you would move out there to settle down with him.”
Note: Here you go, lovely. I hope it came out ok. Thanks for reading! xo


Marriage had never been a topic you and Chris shied away from. In fact, it was discussed openly from the get go. Just like any other committed couple, it was important to not only you, but to Chris as well to know where you both stood in the relationship. Not long after becoming exclusive, you spent hours upon hours sharing your dreams about your potential future children, and a house spacious enough for a big family, nothing too extravagant where you’d have to hire help, but decent sized bedrooms and a large kitchen and living room to fill with hearty meals and laughter and love and lifelong memories you’d both treasure.

The tricky thing was you were a Californian – born and raised –, while Chris was… well, a forever Bostonian at heart – no secret there. That’d been one thing neither one of you brought to light when discussing your future. Until one day…

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