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Does the Bog Princess have a royal steed she favors for her hunting excursions? Perhaps an each-uisge, or a bäckahäst?

In its human form it is said to appear as a handsome man, and can be recognised as a mythological creature only by the water weeds in its hair; because of this, people in the Highlands were often wary of lone animals and strangers by the waters edge, near where the each-uisge was reputed to live.

Along with its human victims, cattle and sheep were also often prey to the each-uisge, and it could be lured out of the water by the smell of roasted meat.


This is some work I did recently for a textbook/study on the occult and pagan communities of the San Joaquin Valley. (The blue hand is a piece I made earlier for a Golden Dawn magician in that area, used with permission.) Nothing too special, but one should recognize little accomplishments, am I right?

There, a basic trio of Matrones. Transparent, so you can color them however you want. :)

Got it done before midnight, at least. I’d like to make a bunch of different variations based on historical inscriptions…the Warlike Mothers, the Mothers of the Ancestral Homelands, the Sage Mothers, the Fatherly Mothers, etc…I’ll probably be experimenting with that this Yuletide. Good Mothers Night!

vvf replied to your post: Do you know anyways to connect the fey? Or perhaps get into faerie? I did it once but I can’t seem to do it again and the gods I’m devoted too are being oddly quiet about this one.

Generally, look around groves and hills (physically or astrally.) All other spirit-y advice applies. Don’t eat their food or drink their wine. Don’t call them what they are to their faces. If you befriend one, they can guide you into their realm.

Here you go anon!