Acid, Sensory Deprivation, and Atavistic Resurgence.

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I just googled that and it sounds wild. o_o

Okay. So, for those of you who have been watching Stranger Things and gotten to around episode 6 or 7 will have noticed the sensory deprivation tank playing a key role in certain events.


While the show weaves in narrative elements from many movies and novels that came out (or were set in) in the 1980s, this one is a nod to Altered States which came out in 1980.

Altered States, in turn, is a fictionalized re-telling of two books by an actual scientist: John C. Lilly.


Back in the late 1950s, Lilly was one of the first wave of scientists to begin experimenting with LSD-25, the hallucinogen. He decided that he’d take doses of the drug, and then float and hallucinate in a sensory deprivation tank (which he also helped develop) to explore the nature of consciousness.

At a certain point, he became convinced that you could ‘re-program’ the human mind with the technique, similar to re-programming lines of code on a computer. His thoughts on the matter are presented in two books:

- Programming and Meta-Programming the Human Biocomputer: It starts off novel enough to hook you, as Lilly presents his thoughts on consciousness and details his experiments in the tank. And then it becomes progressively stranger, as Lilly begins encountering what might be called ‘Archetypes’ or what he later says could be thought of as ‘Gods.’ He finds saying such things disquieting, given his background in the scientific community, but presents them as part of his experimental ‘results.’

- The Centre of the Cyclone: Lilly writes the latter in a more narrative tone, exploring his experiences with an inclination towards storytelling. It’s easier to read than the previous, and was particularly inspiring to me because a large part of his acid-laced quest is to cure himself of his frequent migraines. He even experiences what might be called ‘Atavistic Resurgence’ by Austin Spare, encountering female apes in visions (and later, if I recall correctly, male apes as well). His eventual solution to the migraine problem was ketamine; which was, I think, the wrong solution.

Anyway, these two books got turned into a horror movie in the same fashion that Wade Davis’ The Serpent and the Rainbows was translated into a Wes Craven film. (Which, unlike the book, is terrible.) And boy, is that film amazing. A scientist is spurred by primordial visions given by (what is probably supposed to be Yage) a drug into Atavistic Resurgence, shape-shifting, and a lot of High Weird shit:


I don’t know if it’s a good film. But it is an entertaining one.

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Does the Bog Princess have a royal steed she favors for her hunting excursions? Perhaps an each-uisge, or a bäckahäst?

In its human form it is said to appear as a handsome man, and can be recognised as a mythological creature only by the water weeds in its hair; because of this, people in the Highlands were often wary of lone animals and strangers by the waters edge, near where the each-uisge was reputed to live.

Along with its human victims, cattle and sheep were also often prey to the each-uisge, and it could be lured out of the water by the smell of roasted meat.

12 luglio 2016 ore 11.30 a.m.

Una mattinata come tante, il caldo toglie il respiro.
Pronti per affrontare le nostre 12 ore lavorative.
Due risate, qualche battuta.
Un po’ di voglia di mare.
Comando Vigili del Fuoco di Bari.
La sala operativa riceve una chiamata.
Il distaccamento di Corato “esce” per incidente ferroviario.
Tutte le squadre si dirigevano in supporto.
È tutto perfetto professionalmente ed é solo caos nella testa e negli occhi.
C'è molto vociare tra noi, il cuore pulsa forte.
Esiste un momento in cui si corre su quel camion a sirene spiegate, mentre ci si veste e il capo squadra da’ le indicazioni su come approcciare all'intervento, dove ci si ferma un solo istante guardando fuori dal finestrino.
Senza dire nulla.
Nemmeno una parola.
Dove forse il fiato diventa corto e non ci sono anni di esperienza che bastino,
per abituarsi al dolore.
Ma l'adrenalina aiuta.
Siamo soccorritori prima,
Uomini poi.

TV. Radio. Giornali.
Edizioni straordinaria.

Groviglio di lamiere.
Disastro ferroviario.
Errore umano.

No. Non importa. Non adesso.

Solo persone.
Si scava con le mani, soccorritori.
Siamo soli e siamo troppi.
Uniti nelle mani e poveri nei pensieri.

2 o 3 grammi di anima, ci restano sotto la divisa.
L'elmo pesa.

Gli ulivi tremano.
La terra é secca.
La paura è sporca.
Il cielo é pulito.
Il sole acceca.
Abbiamo visto l'amore e la morte stringersi in un abbraccio e poi silenziosamente voltarsi e andare via.
Si é dimenticata qualcosa l'alba di questo giorno.
Si è dimenticata la vita…
ma noi non potremo mai dimenticare.

Siamo Uomini prima e soccorritori poi.

Non dimenticate loro.
Non dimenticate noi.
Ogni ferita che non abbiamo curato,
ogni sguardo che non abbiamo salvato.
Ogni non sopravvissuto.
Con noi.
Siamo Vigili del Fuoco.
Siamo semplicemente qui con voi
e per voi.
É una promessa.

“Salviam la vita agli altri, il resto conta poco.
Portiamo il soccorso a chi ci chiede aiuto.
Un giorno senza rischio é un giorno non vissuto.”

Daniela Sasso

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vvf replied to your post: Do you know anyways to connect the fey? Or perhaps get into faerie? I did it once but I can’t seem to do it again and the gods I’m devoted too are being oddly quiet about this one.

Generally, look around groves and hills (physically or astrally.) All other spirit-y advice applies. Don’t eat their food or drink their wine. Don’t call them what they are to their faces. If you befriend one, they can guide you into their realm.

Here you go anon!