VSI Online

Oooo! Shiny and new!

OUP’s new Very Short Introductions online is an extension of their pretty little print volumes on subjects ranging from Egyptology to anaesthetics to education. The new online resource is as clean and succinct as their print counter-parts.

  • The ever multiplying VSIs are available in full text–by whole book and by chapter
  • The page is clean and intuitive to navigate
  • Simple search box with additional advanced search page that has a great range of search options
  • Tracks searches and recently visited content for easy backtracking
  • In each entry, keywords are 1-click to other books/chapters
  • In addition there is a great deal of outside content–encyclopedia entries on keywords and people as well as author websites
  • Buttons for easy print, save, send, and social media sharing, AND citation export 

My only suggestion–add auto-fill for searching names. I can never remember how to spell Kierkegaard.