i just want to fall in love, not the “you’re hot, i’m hot, let’s fuck” type of love, but the type where you see her in a light nobody has before. you notice the way one of her eyebrows raises ever so slightly when she gets confused, you notice how beautiful her sparkling eyes look when the sunlight touches them, you notice the way she hunches her shoulders back and taps her feet when she gets nervous, and each and every time she looks in your direction your heart pounds with such an intensity that it feels like thunder coursing through your veins. each second of eye contact makes you break a sweat, each accidental touch sends you into a frenzy, your body is buzzing and you feel as if you have been set on fire. you ache to know her deepest fears, her happiest moments, what makes her tick, what makes her who she is. i want to fall in love again and again each time i see her face, hear her voice, her laugh, or even smell her perfume. i want that type of love, god damn.