I don’t usually do cars. I don’t even have a driver’s license. But this vintage Volvo, a mint-condition P1800 (of “The Saint"-fame, apparently Volvo supplied the series with a total of 5 cars) was just too conveniently parked near my father’s house this weekend. Gorgeous curves - as far as cars go./Mrs Blockert


High beltline and low roof led to a cool mixture of exotic coupé style and Swedish practicality: Has Volvo ever built a better-looking car than this Pelle Petterson designed dream machine? Volvo P1800 Coupé (1961–1972).


Volvo P1800 | 1963

Spotting a running P1800 is an increasingly rare sight in SF. The P1800 has beautiful lines. Note the sculpted door panel that arcs up to the b-pillar, creating the scoop for the door handle. The black paint, factory alloys and bumper over-ride bars give this P1800 a low and mean look. This Volvo was also the basis for the 1800’s sister car, the 1800ES.

Street-parked at 16th and Shotwell. San Francisco, CA.


Volvo P1800 prototype, 1957. Styled by Pietro Frua the Volvo coupe was to be built by Karmann in Germany, however Volkswagen (coachbuilder Karmann’s biggest customers) objected on the grounds that they felt the Volvo coupe would compete directly with their Karmann Ghia and Karmann passed on the opportunity to build the P1800. This delayed production which finally got underway in September 1960 at Jensen’s English Midlands works in West Bromwich before Volvo eventually began building it themselves in 1963