Volks showed off prototypes of a new line called Dollfie Icon at this year’s LA Dolpa. A big surprise and delight for the US fans!
A few points I remember:

Design intended to bridge DD and SD aesthetic

Body and head are matte vinyl - less shiny than DD but same structure

Skin tones can match SD but fantasy colors were also shown

These dolls are still 2-3 years away from production and sale (not guaranteed to ever be produced though, still a prototype)


Journey to dream nights, chapter 10

Elisabeth March ベス・マーチ prototype model from Little women by Louisa May Aleott + Nakahara Junichi 中原淳一 (1913-1983) collaboration for 70th anniversary of Soleil それゆ magazine - Super Dollfie - Volks ボークス - Japan - November 2016


Volks Williams custom by gama__
[Volks SD16/17 Williams]


Wonfes Part 2

See previous announcements here. (None of the photos shown are official, click the blog link to see picture source).

Only 1 more hour left, will any last minute surprises be announced?

Hatsune Miku Deep Sea Girl Dolfie Dream Clothing by Volks

Yuzuki Yukari Smartphone Stand by Pulchra

Various Upcoming Hatsune Miku Prize Figures by Sega

A while ago i submitted a confession about how no matter how badly I wanted a doll and how hard/expensive it was to find now I would never resort to a recast. The grail in question was SDC Renee, released ten years ago, who I just assumed I’d never even get to see in person, let alone have. Well, a few weeks after that confession was posted, Volks rereleased her. And I just got the email that I won her. NEVER give up! And may the doll of your dreams become more obtainable some day too! ;w;

Image by BJDConfessions

Finally, here’s my Super Sonico. I’ll be bringing her with me to the LA Dolpa today~

I’m very excited!! I hope I can meet with those of you who went two years ago again! I’m sorry for sleeping on the meetups though, I’m not so confident with those 😣 If you see me though, I’ll be happy to chat with you~

As for Nico, I’m still not 100% on how she looks; I will want to redo her wig and better headphones, but she’s pretty well put together right now. I hope to score some goodies with her at the sumika shop today~

See you there! 💫

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Love buries itself in me, up to the hilt. on Flickr.

I’m in the midst of improving my doll story so some things are in flux, but I think these two have settled into the people they are going to be. Introducing Ms. Penelope Brandy and Mr. Francis Dryden Williams.

Ms. Brandy is an FCS F-63 with faceup by Barbelo. Mr. Williams is a Romantic Glance Williams with default faceup.