Volks USA announced the lottery for the one off models and I’m crying here! I don’t have many US friends to help me out T^T I want my tan Shiro *gross sobbing* ~ anyways, anyone willing to help me out? Willing to pay commission if needed XD and if let’s say, all odds with us and multiple won, willing to pay them all :(

A photo of the limited edition ¼ Princess Serenity garage kit figure by Volks. Very popular, rare and sought-after, there are few good photos of authentic figures; Bandai/Tamashii posted this to reflect on in the wake of their new S.H.Figuarts and Figuarts Zero figures, as well as a photo of Volks’s semi-articulated ¼ Princess Serenity and Sailor Moon figures.


Dolfie Dream Previews The New Kagamine Rin and Len Dolls!

More pictures and information will be available after the publication of this Summer Issue, Volks News Summer 2016 Volume 69. Pricing and Release date along with pre-order information are currently not available. This post will be updated once more information is revealed.

New Information has been reported, courtesy of Vocaloid News Network:

MSRP: 64,814 yen for Rin, 69,444 yen for Len. Len’s price is higher primarily since he comes with a keytar accessory and he is the first Male Dolfie Dream body.

Release Date: Late October 2016

You can see the product pages for Rin and Len (Japanese text only) for more pictures.

Currently international pre-orders are not available, and as such these dolls can only be obtained in 2 ways: [Excerpt from VNN below]

“They will have their presale at the “Doll Party (DolPa) 6 Nagoya” event at August 7th. This is the only sure way to get them. 

Later, they will be sold through Web Lottery in VOLKS Shop, Doll Point Akihabara, HS Kyoto, and Hobby Tengoku Web Store, starting August 13th and going until September 11th. VOLKS will announce the lottery winners between September 28th and October 2nd. The dolls will be delivered around late October, where those winners have to make the final payment.”