VMAs 2013

It was kind of a blur, you know. It happened so fast, I mean the whole situation happened quickly. We were - I was sitting at home, literally days before the VMAs. And you know, Justin gave me a ring and he said he wanted to basically make a section in his performance with us. And so you know, I obviously said, yeah I wanted to be supportive of my friend and so we put it together and it - but, it literally happened in the blink of an eye from the time where you know, flying to the east coast doing a couple rehearsals and then all the sudden next thing, you know, you’re on stage in front of you know, millions of people at home that I mean - It was a blur.

JC Chasez about *NSYNC’s reunion at the VMAs (2013)



No, wait, I’m still not finished with 2013 VMAs Harry. He was so fucking hot that night, why have we stopped talking about this, like, put that smirk on my tombstone, look at his jawline, why is he glowing like he’s lit from the inside out by a thousand tiny scented candles that smell like home and sex simultaneously, what a good night, lemme just go cry myself to sleep about it.