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That moment when you're looking at a gif of VM's ending short dance lift to Prince and just think to yourself "holy shit how the hell is Scott balancing the two of them and not falling backwards when he's at angle looking like he's about to fall back at any moment?!" Like VM make skating look so easy and effortless that i forget how complicated their lifts actually are. It's both amazing and kind of scary how they can do that lol

Scott is an absolute master of edge and balance control and Tessa has a core of steel and complete control over her own movements. Their lifts are often so underrated because they make them seem so easy. Look at the lifts in their Carmen FD. The one where she’s upside down, balancing on his arm?! The one where she backflips into his arms?! The latter was dismissed as too crude and blah blah blah when it’s actually a brilliant, in-character, extremely difficult lift. With the former, Meryl and Charlie did a bastardized version of it in their Olympic FD and everyone peed themselves over it but they sucked at it. It looked difficult and that’s not a good thing, imo.