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These warm-up issues - specifically with Nikita - ughh - need to stop. Remember Cup of Russia - when VM were mid-lift for Carmen and Marina was screaming to stop and now this at NHK. I think Trankov needs to have a little talk with his compatriot. I would feel the same way for any skater/team that was put in danger of injury. There's trash talking in sports etc but there is a line that needs to be drawn - especially for repeat offenders.

Look I’ve watched a lot of figure skating for the past 3 years and I’ve never seen so many altercations during warm ups for VM. 

First at ACI with Hawayek/Baker, then at ACI with Chock/Bates, Stepanova/Bulkin and now with S/K. Each time it’s never VM’s fault except maybe at ACI…

I get that the teams are trying to pass a message to VM that maybe they’re not welcome back but jfc it’s dangerous! That bruise on Tessa’s leg it’s not ok. and I’m so glad they brushed it off for the FD. And Nikita u asshole, I hope you apologized to Tessa. No wonder you got kicked out of Canton.