Please help save a fanbase for $5

Have you ever heard of the zero escape series? Probably not, and that’s a problem. Bear with me here, read this post you won’t regret it, I’m going to change your life for $5.

Back in 2010 a DS game was released with very little to-do titled 9 hours, 9 persons, 9 doors

It was a hybrid of:

Visual Novel and:

Escape the room game! If you’re a fan of EITHER of those the game is worth picking up just for that half alone, since both the visual novel aspect and escape the room sequences of the game are outstanding by themselves, but together they form an amazing game.

The story itself is pretty simple, Junpei(The dude in the checkered shirt who’s taking the main character spot) wakes up in a ship that’s sinking, he was kidnapped, by THIS guy:

His name is Zero, and he’s playing a game with Junpei and eight others called the Nonary game. Everyone is wearing a bracelet:

Numbered 1-9, and there are 9 doors on this ship:

Numbered 1-9. The party must go through numbered doors in groups so that the digital roots of the numbers on their bracelets is the same as the door. A digital root just means you keep adding the individual digits of a number together until you get a single digit number, like so.

347; 3+4+7=14; 1+4=5, so the digital root of 347 is 5, and the people wearing bracelets 3,4, and 7 can go through the door together!

The only way out of the ship is through the number 9 door, hidden somewhere on the ship. The catch is that the ship is set to detonate and sink in nine hours, and they each have miniature detonators in their bracelets that will go off if they break the rules.

That’s the gist of the story but there’s so much more than that, who is Zero, why are they on the ship, why are THEY specifically, on the ship? The plot twists and turns so much that when I finally finished all eight endings of the game and got the true ending I just laid in bed and stared at the ceiling for a bit.

I can’t emphasize enough how good the story is, I played the game four years  ago and to this day I STILL think about just how good it is.

Now, two years later, in 2012, a sequel came out for the 3ds titled Virtue’s Last Reward.

I can’t really talk about the story at all with out spoiling 999 so I’ll focus on the improvements.

3d Sprites:

24 endings:

And a fully voice acted game featuring a cast that includes Liam O'Brien, Wendee Lee, Laura Bailey, Troy Baker, and Karen Strassman, among others.

Now maybe I’m just a crazed fan, and the games actually suck, let’s see what the big game reviewing sites, notorious for not caring about games like this and only focusing on and giving good ratings to big name games says:


Virtue’s Last Reward:


I’ll let that speak for itself.

Here’s the problem though. In February, the head director said that Chunsoft has put the third game on hold indefinately as sales of Virtue’s Last Reward were not high enough in Japan. This is devastating, and has left hundreds of thousands of people worldwide in the lurch, with the possibility of there being no conclusion to a compelling series that they’ve invested four years in. You can help though! If you have anything that plays IoS apps, smart phone, apple computer, tablet, anything, you can get 999 here from the app store for just $5! Please get it here, don’t buy used off of ebay, if you buy used then Chunsoft gets no profits or additional sales, which doesn’t help the cause of getting a third game out at all.

If you play through and enjoy that(You will) buy Virtue’s Last Reward(New) online, as it’s nearly impossible to find in stores for some reason.

One last thing, if these two franchises are familiar with you:

Kotaro Uchikoshi, the head director of 999 and VLR, is good friends with the director of Danganronpa, and was the scenario writer for Ever 17. 

So in conclusion, please, give it a try, help save the fanbase of a unique series in a time when the market is overrun with the same cookie cutter money grab games that have little to no thought put into them or the people playing them.

Help us seek a way out.

Edit: Thankfully most people reblogged this as a link, so I can just put this here, I didn’t realize this at the time and I’m very sorry for any one was misguided, but the iOS port does NOT have the escape the room sequences, they’ve been novelized, if that’s a deal breaker for you, my solution would be to purchase the iOS app to help support the series, since buying a used DS game won’t, and then emulating the DS game on your computer, if you’re unsure of how to do this, just send me an ask and I’ll help you out!