light field was born the same year as my sister. He would be 12 years old. My sister is in her weeaboo phase. So would he. Imagine light field wearing the Beatles T-Shirts (even though he cant see them) and acting all snooty about listening to classic rock instead of “modern trash”. Imagine light field being able to quote reservoir dogs and pulp fiction word for word saying “it’s tarantino’s best and anything less is unworthy”. Please imagine light field in his annoying middle school phase.


Still haven’t played 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors yet, even after the iOS release? Well, good sir, you need to get right on that! And it looks like Aksys is giving a fantastic opportunity to do just that tonight.

At midnight tonight (12:00AM, September 9th), the iOS version of 999 will be available for only $0.99!

If you can’t afford the price it normally is or that of the original DS version, now’s your chance. Make sure to grab it on your iPhone, iPad, and/or iTouch to support the series! Help get Zero Escape 3 into production!

The iOS has the entire game in HD with new (amazing) portraits and a flowchart similar to VLR; however, there are no puzzle sections of this version, and the game is instead a full-on visual novel. The puzzle scenes have been replaced with simply some dialogue of the characters working their ways through the rooms themselves. If you lack a DS and/or the funds or just aren’t into puzzle games, then this is perfect for you. The game has an absolutely phenomenal story with great, interesting characters to boot, and I recommend you (yes, you) play it. If you’re into Dangan Ronpa or Ace Attorney, then I assure you you’ll enjoy this game a lot.

500 people are abducted and wake up in a large hotel and event space. an animated rabbit explains to them their goal: in order to open the number 9 door and escape the Nonary Con, they need to accumulate 9 extra hours in the ball pit, or ball pit points - BPP - for short