my mom said people like kpop only because idols are pretty and we want to date them, so reblog/like this post if you’re gay and you stan girl groups or if you’re a lesbian who stans boy groups, i just wanna prove her wrong

As soon as someone find out I like kpop: KpOP bOYs LoOk LikE GiRls


*cracks fingers*

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Try me bitch

(Edit. I know some do look like girls and that is fine. They are all gorgeous let’s face it. I was just making a point 🙄🙄)

I miss the era when:

-Kpop groups do parodies of kdramas🎥

-Girl and boy groups collaborating(snsd’s and 2pm’s cabi song,beast’s and apink’s skinny baby,big bang’s and 2ne1’s lollipop) 💝

-Idols from groups on We Got Married💑

-Idols on Hello Baby👶

-Fans are absolutely fine with their fav idols dating☕

-Fans are not possessive☕

-Fans do not cause fanwars☕

-Fans do not bash others for their opinions☕