☆ We’ll always be together, won’t we?

Today is the day, a day that seems like it was many years ago, that you were born. It was the day that all your dreams were laid out in front of you; a fragile, dim, untrodden path laid with not much more than uncertainty and wild hopes—but if you searched a little harder, there were also the stars that lit the way. You trekked forward, steps on fire, hiding your own fear and uncertainty, and as you went, your fire burned brighter, and you became stars yourselves—stars that shone brighter than any ever could from the sky.

Now, we are here; a momentary pause to remember that today is the day, a day that really wasn’t so long ago after all, that you were born; and every day, we who became the stars are grateful to you who did not fear the brittle path. Let’s go together, you and us, for as many more years as there is until the end of time. We will always watch over you and light your path, so you never have to fear what’s ahead.

Thank you for being born, thank you for being VIXX. I love you.

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Here’s to VIXX, the group that blew me away with their out of this world concepts. Before meeting them I didn’t really pay attention to concepts or teasers…now, I scout the internet in order to decipher every single hint that’s been given. And then you even find out the members themselves have been giving Starlights hints on future concepts MONTHS before said comeback was even announced. So here’s a tribute to all of VIXX’s eras, each one an adventure of it’s own, a new world to explore. I’m so grateful to have met VIXX and very very proud that they have gotten this far. Four years, and counting! Happy 4th Anniversary VIXX~! 


“when you spend so much time together you eventually start to resemble one another; picking up on each other’s habits and unconsciously matching in your words and actions.”


There’s so much I want to say, but I don’t know even know where to start and if I start I won’t even know where to end either because these 6 boys are just too precious for words alone to explain how much I adore and appreciate their existence so I’ll try to keep it simple ^^ First, as always, thank you for your hard work throughout all these 4 years and never once forgetting to remain humble and grateful for everything. Thank you for always working hard to give st★rlights great performances and music. Thank you for always showing st★rlights your grateful hearts and worrying for us even if you guys are the ones struggling and going through difficult times. As much as you guys quote st★rlights for being your source of strength and pride, thank you for being a source of happiness to us fans all around the world. We can be proud and brag to others about Vixx because you guys give us so much love and are always thanking us first for everything. The 6 of you will probably never know just how much your existence means to st★rlights but because there is Vixx, st★lights can exist, so thank you for being Vixx and allowing us to like each and every single one of you!!! ^^ The road ahead is still very long, but I hope that Vixx will continue as 6 in the future for a very very long time with st★rlights. I pray the future only holds beautiful memories for us to unravel together, so just like this let’s continue going forward together. ^^ Please always be happy and healthy my babies!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥



나는 로빅이다. 데뷔 4주년을 맞이한 #빅스 요원들의 모습이다. 처음부터 지금까지 함께 빛나준 별빛요원들 정말 고맙습니다! #VIXX4thAnniversary #별빛고마워 #별빛_영원히_함께해

I am ROVIX. This is the VIXX Agents celebrating their 4th debut anniversary. Thank you Starlight Agents for shining together from the the beginning until now! #VIXX4thAnniversary #thankyoustarlights #forever_with_starlights

Trans. cr: fyeah-vixx

4 Years

Where do I even start?

2015 May was the first time I watched my first VIXX MV, it was Voodoo Doll and it was grotesquely beautiful. The moment Ken stabbed through N’s chest from the back and N’s piercing gaze stared a hole right into me I fell into a whole fucking whirlpool of these six ridiculously talented guys. 

Cha Hakyeon, 4 years ago you seemed like a bubbly, incredibly confident young man with an impressive dance history, and equipped with the sassiest faces to boot. Now you’ve matured and grown into a fantastic leader who, although the butt of their jokes sometimes, is fiercely protective of his members and will stop at nothing to ensure you were leading them the right way. But you’ve never lost your sassiness~ Time and again you’ve proven just how capable of a leader you are, one of the best leaders in the Kpop industry in my opinion. You are the one who captivates the audience with your elegance while you dance, the one who can easily command all attention towards you with a gaze. Your smiles are literal sunshine for us, and your honey-like voice puts our hearts at ease. When Hakyeon isn’t there, VIXX never seems as stable without his guidance and warm brightness. Cha Hakyeon, thank you for being born. 

Jung Taekwoon, 4 years ago you were incredibly closed off and silent, everyone was scared of you because of your cold eyes and stoic expression, and if looks could kill then everyone you’ve glared at would probably have died. All we knew was that you had an incredibly beautiful voice when you sing, and that you had a hidden love for children and animals. Now we all know you are one of the kindest, most considerate men we’ve ever seen. You are the one who has piqued the most interest among people who don’t know VIXX because of your shyness, your unexpected side. And now your smiles light up the room, and each of them are still just as precious as the rare ones back then. Your calmness is soothing for us, and your delicate voice brings intense emotions into our hearts. When Taekwoon isn’t there, VIXX is missing their safeness, it feels uneasy when you aren’t there to keep a sense of calmness. Jung Taekwoon, thank you for being born.

Lee Jaehwan, 4 years ago you were an eccentric fellow with a knack for mimicking mosquitoes, you seemed rather shabby in appearance yet you had such a voice that blew us away as soon as you picked up a microphone. Now look at you, stealing people’s hearts with a smile and offering your own hearts without hesitation, all while mimicking every single existing creature and human. You are the one who livens it up regardless of where you are, who you are with, and what the situation was. You bring laughter and smiles to everyone even if they don’t know you, and are such a gentleman that people can’t help but feel fond of you. Your antics bring us happiness, and your warm voice heals us when we feel down. When Jaehwan isn’t there, VIXX is missing their light, they never laugh as much when you aren’t there to make sure they do. Lee Jaehwan, thank you for being born. 

Kim Wonshik, 4 years ago you were a teenager chasing the dream of becoming a professional rapper, enthusiastically showing your self-written raps. You always had high energy, and your chocolate abs didn’t seem to match your baby face at all. Now you’re an incredibly talented musician, your composing and producing skills having been praised by multiple people, your rapping sought for by other artists to collaborate with. You’ve mellowed down, but you haven’t lost your enthusiasm. Not to mention you’ve grown from your slightly awkward baby-face into the most handsome man we’ve ever seen, and everyone who has seen you in real life is always surprised by how attractive you are. Your intensity rules the stage, and your beautifully deep voice echoes all the way to our bones. When Wonshik isn’t there, VIXX is missing their root, the one that keeps and connects everyone together. Kim Wonshik, thank you for being born.

Lee Hongbin, 4 years ago you were a fresh faced teen with a wavy mop of hair that people either hated or adored, and you were never confident with your singing because they only ever commented on your good looks. Now you’ve learned to embrace that, you never stopped improving with your singing, and you are now a skilled actor, proving them wrong that all you had was your face. The awkward shyness you have when you’re offstage is almost too big of a contrast compared to when you’re staring right into the camera with such engaged expressions, a true actor right till the end of the performance. We love making you cringe with your cute little hands, and we love it even more when you make yourself cringe. Your dimpled smile could cure our sadness, and your smooth voice calms us when you sing your favourite songs. When Hongbin isn’t there, VIXX doesn’t have that extra spark when you step in with a snarky comment, or with your down-to-earth attitude. Lee Hongbin, thank you for being born.

Han Sanghyuk, 4 years ago you were a literal baby at the youngest age of 16, you were an awkward dancer and had only one line in a song. And you were terrified of that one hyung who never spoke. Now you’ve shown us how fast you improve and learn, your solo cover songs are incredible, and you can literally pick that hyung up and spin him around without a care in the world. From the smallest, scrawniest of the group, you’ve transformed into a young man whose height and size towers over and dwarfs all of his hyungs. From singing alone onstage to getting a lead role in a movie, you’ve shown us how promising your future is, and you’re only just getting started. You’re more mature than your actual age, always able to handle the situation and organise it with a quick mind. Your cheekiness brings smiles to our faces while you provoke your hyungs, and your unique voice brings us enjoyment with the quirks you add into songs. Without Sanghyuk, VIXX is missing their vitality and their pillar, the one that gives them power to keep up with your youthful energy, the one who supports his hyungs with strength. Han Sanghyuk, thank you for being born. 

VIXX won’t be stopping even if they reach the top. Their constant humbleness and gratitude to the people around them have kept them going, along with their undeniable talent and raw potential. If any of these members didn’t make it through Mydol, then there would have never been the VIXX who we’ve come to appreciate and love so dearly. Each of them complete the puzzle, they piece together perfectly to form the six-member group who have shown us their close friendship and flawless teamwork. 

Thank you, VIXX, for being born and staying true to yourselves as people, constantly reminding us that you still have a long way to go, more room to improve even though to many of us you are already perfect. Thank you for always putting Starlights first, even though we wish you’d put your own wellbeing before us. Thank you Jellyfish Ent. for giving these guys the chance, and we hope you know that you’ve made an incredible group of artists that has saved many of us and inspired us. 

Happy 4th Anniversary. We’ll shine right by your side. - from a little Starlight