What a chill drift of air blew in last night!  I thought as I rose this morn with the full daymoon already bright and low in the sky.

Until I realized that of course it was merely the Vila rolling in, whether for a frivolous fete or for an earth-shaking battle I cannot yet say.  For creatures who so enjoy riding in on a chill wind, they are, paradoxically, extremely interpersonally unchill.  It’s rage or fight, rage or fight.  No in-betwixts.

That’s okay though.  I like them anyway.  Janjojka, lmk re: party or war.  I will RSVP ASAP.

Vila is a Slavic name for female spirits or nymphs who can appear in a plethora of different variations. Some live in clouds, meadows, ponds, trees or even high up in the mountains and their appearance can be either almost human-like as beautiful maidens with long white hair, nearly translucent skin and green eyes or they can be similar to ghosts, see-through and with billowing cloaks wrapped around their bodies. 

It is said that if even one of their hairs is plucked, the Vila will die, or be forced to change back to her true shape. A human may gain the control of a vila by stealing a piece of the vila’s skin. Once burned, though, she will disappear. Though they seem deceptively frail, vilas are fierce warriors skilled in combat and will attack lone travellers. However, offerings of cakes, flowers, fruit and
ribbons might win their favour. 


Did someone say Blake’s 7 characters in a Night in the Woods style?


Oh man, well, I…  I’ll just leave this here then…

Sorry this is aggressively foolish, but Avon and Vila shouting ’crimes’ at each other was in my head, and is pretty much the summary of Gambit…

Yes it was Gregg and Mae that did crimes together, but Avon is more an alligator than cat, at least to me.


The bad in everyone - chapter 1

Teen Wolf AU: Alternative Timeline/Universe, Beacon Hills: A strange girl appears, which Peter claims to be „one of the most dangerous creatures“. Everyone else thinks she looks like absolute nothing else but a normal high school girl. She doesn’t talk but simply the way she looks at everyone individually makes them more and more uncomfortable. What’s the matter with her?

Non-romantic storyline. Sure some romance is mentioned (bc half of Beacon Hills is dating), but the main plot is romance-less. 

word count: 1.192

warnings: mentions of death, killing, void Stiles, 

throughout the story: loneliness and death are big topics so there will be a constant of that

Chapter 1

It was quite a chill night in Beacon Hills when Scott got the call. They almost went two weeks without anything bad happening and now that. „Come immediately to my place. Bring the others.“ What does Derek think? Come immediately? Well, to be honest, he was right. They are almost there. Stiles, who was actually asleep already when Scott called him, keeps muttering about how he’s going to „fucking murder that wolf“ if it’s a false alarm.

„Got a text from Lydia. She and Kira are already there, they wait outside“, informs them Malia from the back of Stiles truck. A few moments later they stop next to Lydia’s car.  

The five get out of their cars. Lydia looks at the terrified faces of her friends. All of them seem to think the same thing: Not again! 

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