Vila is a Slavic name for female spirits or nymphs who can appear in a plethora of different variations. Some live in clouds, meadows, ponds, trees or even high up in the mountains and their appearance can be either almost human-like as beautiful maidens with long white hair, nearly translucent skin and green eyes or they can be similar to ghosts, see-through and with billowing cloaks wrapped around their bodies. 

It is said that if even one of their hairs is plucked, the Vila will die, or be forced to change back to her true shape. A human may gain the control of a vila by stealing a piece of the vila’s skin. Once burned, though, she will disappear. Though they seem deceptively frail, vilas are fierce warriors skilled in combat and will attack lone travellers. However, offerings of cakes, flowers, fruit and
ribbons might win their favour. 


Name: Veela

Alternate Names: Vila, Storm Nymph, Viwa, Wila

Mythology: Slavic Folklore and Polish Mythology

Size: Medium like a human female

Environment: Near lakes, fae forests, windy areas   

In Mythika: The evil nymphs of storms, wind and air, Veela’s love to dance and don’t care that their dance partners/victims die of exhaustion in the progress. Veela mostly dance into battle, many hold two blades which help them with their whirlwind-like dance, slicing themselves into a dance of rage and blood and licking their blades of the blood that spilled richly. When Veela can’t find a suitable dance-parter/victim they summon ordinary Air Elementals to guide them in a dance. Local weather seem to behave towards their feelings and when a Veela is happy the weather will be sunny but when a Veela is bored or angry there will be a raging storm. Veela are very unpredictable, wild and chaotic creatures and sometimes they take pity on pretty male victims and let them go, but the next partner may not be so lucky. Veela mate with humanoids of all types, but the child will always be a new Veela.


One of the reasons I`m glad people are enjoying The Witcher series is the fact that slavic mythology is slightly gaining in popularity. I still remember one of my college classes (Slavic and Croatian mythology) which was super fun and fascinating and all kinds of awesome. Not to mention a huge source of inspiration.

So here`s a vila (fairy, fae), inhabitant of meadows, caves, mountains and lakes. Charming creature, spite it`s long, tangled and smelly hair or hidden feet (which, in fact, are donkey hooves). Powerful enough to bestow unimaginable riches upon one…or take their life, just as easily.