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Eastbound VIA Canadian - Glacier Stn - 1982 by Mike Dunham-Wilkie
Via Flickr:
Eastbound VIA Canadian at Glacier Station, BC
February 1, 1982

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So it’s my first time seeing anything other than Winnipeg Manitoba and I’m doing it by myself. I have about 2 months to go wherever so i was wondering if any of you had suggestions for what to do, or advice regarding travelling on the train or on any of the major cities. Places I want to check out are:
and whatever else I may feel like along the way. 


Swift Current, Saskatchewan, 14 MAR'80

My first ride on this magnificent train, and my first exposure to western Canada, was from Winnipeg to Vancouver. As I boarded at “Winterpeg” late in the evening, the carman were knocking the ice that had accumulated underneath the steam heated train. During our stop at Portage la Prairie about 55 miles west of Winnipeg, where the train returned from CNR rails to its traditional CPR routing, I was treated to a view from my roomette bed that I will never forget. An eastbound “grain box” from the west - probably off the former CNoR line via Dauphin - curved in over the snowclad prairie that reflected an incredibly star studded indigo dome of midnight sky. The lead unit was a GP40 wide cab, with twinkling green lights to indicate that “another section follows.” Those images will always have to rely on memory as there aren’t any pictures. Breakfast came after the stop at Moose Jaw, and after that was the stop at Swift Current, Saskatchewan, where the CPR/VIA westbound #1, “The Canadian”, made another station stop and I was able to get this shot. A friend who worked for CPR in Revelstoke told me that this place was known among his fellow employees as “Speedy Creek”, but I’m sure that the creek was well frozen this morning!


Canada’s own Rick Mercer parodies the woeful state of passenger rail in this country. If only we had trains that went so fast we couldn’t even get to know the stranger next to us who has a "nasal thing"!


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Alexandre Lemay
Camil Benoit
Émilie Vallée-Manseau
Gabrielle ‘Biquette’ Bergeron
Genovefa Clerica
Jérémie Hrycak Leclaire
Marc C.
Peter de Bracebrigde
Samantha Swords

Director of Photography/Editor: Simon Gilberg
Director/Producer//Production Management: Samantha Swords
Production Assistant: Ariane Lafrenière
Props Department: Peter de Bracebrigde and Genovefa Clerica Featured Props: Samantha Swords
Drumming: Peter de Bracebrigde

Conner Morgan
Ben Cummings
The Forge Studios
L'Auberge de Dragon Rouge
La Ville de Montréal
Ville de Québec
Hostel International Québec
VIA Rail
Marie Brisbois
Marie Bellerose of L'Atelier des Cache-Mis
Le Dogue du Montréal
La Baronnie de l'Île du Dragon Dormant
Charles of Syn Studio
Gaffer Tape

Jason VandenBerghe
Lisa VandenBerge
Jaydee Ruiz


The VIA Rail Canadian in Banff - 1979 by Steve Brown
Via Flickr:
My mother and I took a vacation by train to the Canadian Rockies in 1979. We traveled on the VIA Rail “Canadian” from Toronto to Lake Louise, Alberta. Here we have just departed the Banff station stop in the heart of Banff National Park and are alongside one of several lovely lakes at the edge of town. I’ll mention that I took the photo from an open dutch door in the vestibule of our sleeping car, so this was shot in the open air rather than through a window. View my collections on flickr here: Collections


Some cool kit for the new #Lantac promo video coming soon… MTEK Flux Carbon-V in Multicam Black.

On Helmet Lighting:

Core Survival HEL-STAR 5 IR LED Marker.

Surefire HL1-A Helmet Light with IFF (Identify Friend or Foe) Beacon. Mounted via Kinect MLok Rail & Tango Down Rail Adapter.

Surefire Mini Scout with KM1-C Vampire IR Head.

Video Capture:

MOHOC IR Elite Ops Camera System. 1080p, 12MP IR Sensor.

Headset and Mounting:

TCI (Tactical Command Industries) Liberator II Headset for Thales MBITR 2 Communications System.

UNITY, MARK (Modular Attached Rail Kit) & SARA (Sordin ARC Rail Adapter) Headset Attachment System.

Night Vision & Thermal

Night Vision:

Armasight Inc AN/PVS14 Gen3+ White Phosphor MNVD (Monocular Night Vision Device). Mounted via, Wilcox L4 G24/ G70 NVG Helmet Mount with Low Profile Breakaway Base, 3 Hole Shroud & Retention Lanyard.

Wilcox AN/PVS-14 J Arm with NVG Interface Shoe.


Safran Optics 1 AN/PAS-29A COTI (Clip on Thermal Imager). Counterweight:

TNVC / EOG Mohawk Mk1. Helmet Accessory Storage and Retention System.