VIA Rail


Some cool kit for the new #Lantac promo video coming soon… MTEK Flux Carbon-V in Multicam Black.

On Helmet Lighting:

Core Survival HEL-STAR 5 IR LED Marker.

Surefire HL1-A Helmet Light with IFF (Identify Friend or Foe) Beacon. Mounted via Kinect MLok Rail & Tango Down Rail Adapter.

Surefire Mini Scout with KM1-C Vampire IR Head.

Video Capture:

MOHOC IR Elite Ops Camera System. 1080p, 12MP IR Sensor.

Headset and Mounting:

TCI (Tactical Command Industries) Liberator II Headset for Thales MBITR 2 Communications System.

UNITY, MARK (Modular Attached Rail Kit) & SARA (Sordin ARC Rail Adapter) Headset Attachment System.

Night Vision & Thermal

Night Vision:

Armasight Inc AN/PVS14 Gen3+ White Phosphor MNVD (Monocular Night Vision Device). Mounted via, Wilcox L4 G24/ G70 NVG Helmet Mount with Low Profile Breakaway Base, 3 Hole Shroud & Retention Lanyard.

Wilcox AN/PVS-14 J Arm with NVG Interface Shoe.


Safran Optics 1 AN/PAS-29A COTI (Clip on Thermal Imager). Counterweight:

TNVC / EOG Mohawk Mk1. Helmet Accessory Storage and Retention System.


VIA 129 UA Turbo at Spadina Yard in downtown Toronto, ON, Canadian Trip September 1979 by Marty Bernard
Via Flickr:
This series has 9 photos. A Roger Puta Pghotograph


Here are a few of the best moments of my trip from Edmonton to Vancouver on a VIA rail passenger train on August 20th. It was a long journey filled with incredible sites. If, like myself, you have dreamed of doing the trip, absolutely do it. Do be aware that the delays can be rather unpleasant but don’t worry, the view will make up for it.

Bon voyage!  

Through the mist…

It was a hot and humid day when I traveled from Ottawa to Toronto with Via Rail. The good news was the trains A/C was working great…
Not so good news -  the glazing on my window was defective and a heavy layer of condensation formed inside the window. The entire trip was spent peering through the mist as the train was too crowded to switch seats…
- Not very many photos on that train trip :( 

Nexus 5 + Snapseed