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1966 Ford GT40 by Desert Motors
Via Flickr:
Part of the Jim Click Collection headed to RM Sotheby’s 2016 Monterey auction in August.


GT40 by Desert Motors
Via Flickr:
Part of the Jim Click collection headed to RM Sotheby’s Monterey auction in August.

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What pros/cons are there for phalloplasty and metoidioplasty? Please list any pros and cons you know of for both.


PROS: Natal-appearing penis, erotic sensation, unassisted erections, easily concealed scars, shorter operative time, shorter recovery time.

CONS: Small sized penis, good hormonally induced clitoral growth required, typically does not produce a bulge, depending on surgical technique scrotum can have bifid appearance until further revision, urethroplasty may not enable standing to void.


RFF phallopasty:
Possible complications: Partial skin graft loss, decreased sensitivity, swelling, less range of hand motion (resolved with hand therapy), decreased grip strength.
Disadvantages: Donor site can be difficult to conceal.

ALT Phallopasty:
Pros: fairly concealed
Cons: less sensation than RFF

Advantages: Low donor site morbidity, easily concealed scar, relatively hairless donor site, good aesthetic outcomes.

Disadvantages: With innervation via a motor nerve, sensation is less than what’s typically achieved with RFF phalloplasty (but is usually better than abdominal and groin flap phalloplasty.)

So overall, Phallo’ creates a bigger penis but generally there can be higher complications while the Medio’ produces a smaller penis but less complications and also unassisted erections and so on.

~Mod Quinn


2005 Koenigsegg CCXR by Desert Motors
Via Flickr:
1,018 bhp, six-speed manual transmission, Agera-spec suspension, one of just five CCXRs in the US, less than 500mi on the odometer, featured in the movie Fast Five, sold for $825,000 by RM Sotheby’s as part of The Pinnacle Portfolio in August 2015.

I witnessed the funniest robbery ever today

A shoplifter took ~$150 of chocolate and chicken wings and then made their escape via one of our motorized carts for elderly customers

Since we’re not allowed to stop shoplifters for insurance and safety reasons, my manager and I simply stood and watched as this shoplifter slowly but surely made their way to freedom, at like 1 mile per hour.