Meanwhile in Soviet-Russia: A hockey league in Russia plans to hold a regular-season match on a working Russian Navy aircraft carrier, a spokesman told RIA Novosti on Monday. Holding the match would be a PR coup for the little-known league, spokesman Vitaly Panov said. “Everyone’s going to know that the VHL exists,” he said.

Damn right, Vitaly!



Russian coaches going wild.
Russia second league(VHL) play off, Izhstal-THK 3:2(OT)


Локомотив будет жить / Lokomotiv’s first VHL game LIVE on YouTube (by KHLofficialvideo)


Von Hippel Lindau - USMLE Nuggets (by USMLESuccessAcademy)


After the game, he performed his famous victory dance for the fans.”  Saryarka Karagandy goalie Vladimir Kovac was a happy guy after his team beat Rubin Tyumen 3-2 in overtime on Tuesday to take a 2-1 lead in the VHL Finals.  The world needs more dancing goalies!

This is what I waited to read?

Pretty sure the vast majority of Tumblr has never heard of the Vampire Huntress Legend saga by the late L.A. Banks. But for those that have and liked it, DON’T READ THE GRAPHIC NOVEL. I picked up the only novel of the Neteru Academy arc, but I felt like there were some parts of the story that got lost in the time lapse. Why was I so foolish as to think I’d get more of an explaination from the graphic novels?

They’re short. I used to be an avid manga reader and even read a few graphic novels that accompanied textual novels, so I know the average length I can expect one to be. All four books could have fit into one. There is a tablespoon’s worth of a plot, which probably explains the length. But what plot there is is jerky, uninformative, and nothing like what you’d expect from the series. If you’re going to call it a cliffhanger, at least give enough information to capture your audience’s interest.

My biggest issue, and the one that made me cringe throughout all four books, is the art. The artists change from book to book and it’s apparent that none of them read the character descriptions (or just saw fit to ignore them). Most of the darker characters are whitewashed all to hell, their dreads magically turn into relaxed hair half the time and their expressions could belong to one reading the newspaper. This is a series about spirituality, action, and demon hunting. You’d think the faces of the Neteru team would reflect more than boredom upon hearing the deaths of dozens of children.

My personal opinion? Don’t waste your time.