Got some clips up of the VHD on Bass and Baritone guitars! Still loving the VHD and it’s been my go-to for heavy shit since I got it. 

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Hey, this might be awkward but do you think D and Mia had sex when she offered her virgin blood? I read on the wiki that its implied....

That page needs to be updated as it only gives half the info.

I have a fairly long-winded explanation here as I was using it as part of an on-going group discussion about Twin-Shadowed Knight. This unfortunately didn’t go very well as another individual was adamant that their opposing opinion was correct… But the long and short of it is, they didn’t have sex, and Left Hand essentially gives us conclusive proof of that at a later point in the book by straight up asking Mia if she’s saving herself:



Vampire Hunter D

Polk: I’m going to tell you about the time when the children were kidnapped. There were ten children altogether … The kidnappers turned out to be vampires, of course. And so the townspeople pooled their money to hire a vampire hunter. They wanted the best. And when the hunter came, he was a very strong and quiet man, and he did his job, too, which was to return the children safely back into their parents’ homes. It wasn’t easy, but many vampires died by his hands before this job was over with. And when it was over and the children were back home, the people attacked the man. They said he was a dhampir, half vampire himself – so they punished him.

Polk: That’s right – I was one of them kids. And I always felt bad about that – the way you was treated. How nobody stopped you, nobody thanked you – instead the ignorant bastards ran you right out of our town. So it’s true, isn’t it, what they say about you dhampirs. You don’t age. Now go – I’m getting tired.


So I drew this because well it made me sad and I wanted to give him flowers. (Sorry I don’t have a printer)

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How much pain does D feel from years of discrimination as a dhampir? It's definitely implied he's lonely but it's hard to tell if he is resentful about it at all, since he almost always has that cold stoic front. He might be partly 'it is what it is' by this point about it. (Also, hope I have not been annoying you with all my messages XD)

You have not been annoying at all!!

I’m inclined to agree with the notion that D is on the ‘it is what it is’ side of things. Like, it absolutely sucks, but there isn’t much he can do about it so why let it bother him personally when he has more important things to deal with?

Granny Viper gives us an idea of what it might feel like - but again, D is D. We have an idea, but we’ll never truly know until such time when Kikuchi-san gives us that side of D in another story.

What I can say about his feelings toward being discriminated against, on a person-to-person aspect versus society in general, is if someone is being openly shitty about what he is…he will make his feelings known one way or another. As time has progressed in the series, D seems to have become more comfortable about what he is, on top of already being one to not take shit from others.

One case in particular - Lilia from White Devil Mountain…an absolute asshole who had no qualms about pointing out the fact the D’s a dhampir, and rubbed it in his face by basically shaming him in front of other people. At one point in the story, D basically whipped out his sword, stopping just short of slicing into her face, and gave her a look that said ‘shut the fuck up’. Of course, being the asshole that she was, Lilia’s like ‘wtf was that for?’ Another character then had to point out that D had left a cut on her nose and explained to her ‘you pissed him off, that was a warning…you got off light…next time you might not be so lucky’.

Obviously D doesn’t like it, however, he has his ways of tuning it out…but he’ll straight up cut a bitch if he has to.