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I am drowning


i’ve spent a lot of time watching sebastian stan interviews and i think this is currently my favorite.

featuring: a pretty and competent interviewer, sebstan looking dapper as fuck, and “the wiener soldier”.  (no, i’m not kidding, he legitimately says that.)

Wouldn’t it be cool if I could really do this??

[[Inspired by this post by skiretehfox.

Original RWBY Rave AU by DownRightPawnch]]

1:30am ideal time to throw out an update!!

SO I’M BACK HOME and i am ffFFREEZING all of my flights went well but i want to share a story with you guys because dammit i do that sometimes

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serious question: how does one learn to love thyself


Salam, jaan, your vatan is very happy to hear from you!

Ah, to answer your question—I suppose Tajikistan and Afghanistan are the closest to being my “sisters”. We are sibling-esque in a way….and I have been regarded as the “overbearing” and “domineering” one (ridiculous, I know!). We often visit each other close to Nowruz (the New Year!)

((I think if Iran were to explicitly label anyone as familial it would be Afghanistan and Tajikistan because of their languages—Tajiki, Dari, and Farsi Persian [and all have their distinct differences as well]. 

And yes, Afghanistan and Tajikistan definitely find Iran overbearing and bossy. Especially during Nowruz when they have a sort of “communal” Haft Sin where all the Nowruz celebrating nations decorate the table. Iran thinks she’s the only one who can decorate a haft sin to perfection. :p

and thank you so much! <3 I’m really happy to know that you like this blog and my Iran design!))

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I owe my fangirlism and worldviews so much to my mom, that the only movie/tv reviews that count for me are hers. If she likes something that I do, then that’s all that matters. When we don’t agree, it makes me sad inside. And we argue outside.

So when we went to see Jupiter Ascending this afternoon, I waited with bated breath, and asked, “So what do you think?”

"Holy shit. I want one."

"Which one?"

Everything. Let’s start with the damn roller skates.”

 Oh, ho ho! There had been only one, but no longer is that the case! A mask’s appearance can never unnerve me, but the doom of a dark omen certainly can, hee hee hee! I’m talking about Majora’s mask, of course. Buuuut, we took care of that, right proper. I could even sleep with it under my pillow, if I so desired, and suffer no nightmares by it! 
 For all the trouble it’s given me, I dare say the mask has paid it’s rent well. Just look at all the business it has brought me!

Assuming there are enough masks in the world for everyone, this may very well be true, ho ho ho! But I could not tell you for certain.

Met a ghost? Hee hee hee, in the earlier years of my life, I was a ghost! By which I do not mean I was ever a disembodied spirit…well… at least from my perspective. I think the young lady who referred to me as the creature who’d been haunting her might argue that I very much was a disembodied presence! But dead? Certainly not. I was simply stuck in an outside realm, looking in. 
 Which..I suppose…you could argue is true for all ghosts, ‘dead’ or alive! 

Your favorite? In all of Hyrule? Oh ho ho ho, please, you’re making my cheeks very warm, and I don’t wear reds nor pinks very gracefully! 

Souls of the damned are a very tempting offer, always! But I wouldn’t know what to do with them, hee hee hee! Rupees usually do the trick well enough… Though I must say, favors are a more formidable currency to me, yes.

 Oh ho ho, such flattery! I never know what to say other than, thank you! But…if you want to discuss unfair beauty, you should first chance upon a mirror! 

As for your question, I’m afraid I only have one such mask with me, and it’s not for sale nor for rent. It is the only mask I solely own, it is mine.
  I’m weary about dealing in transformative masks. Though my judgement has never been wrong, I simply do not like playing a merchant to that level of power… Unless it is completely necessary.

 Now when did I suggest that? Ho ho ho, children are simply miniature people with a penchant for extremes, and an appetite for new experiences. Their ability to make well informed life choices may be dubious at best, but…somehow, they tend to get along just fine, and that’s a rather admirable trait. I hold no negative opinion towards children, as a whole. Not at all!

 Ah, hee hee hee! I take my leave when ever I feel it’s time to get some fresh air. I may get bored, or overwhelmed…or, perhaps, I just ache for a change in scenery! In which case, I’ll close up shop, only to return when my journey abroad is properly concluded. I’ve never returned empty handed, but fetching inventory is not always my main objective. Sometimes, I just need to make an escape

These mask are rather precious to me. All masks are—including your lovely piece! Might I inquire to hear more about it?

For emphasis, of course! For emphasis!

Oh, ho ho ho please… Let me just say— if there is such a thing as a lady who isn’t lovely, I’ve never met her. 


A couple basic facts first, to make this story make sense:

1) I live in NYC and don’t have a car here, so I take the subway pretty much everywhere.
2) On non-sparring days, when I only need a mask and gloves, I carry my gear in a guitar case, because it fits.

Tonight, I was traveling home with two of my (male) classmates. While waiting for the train, we were approached by a man who was curious to know about our instruments and if we played in an orchestra.

We explained that they weren’t instruments, but rather fencing equipment. He then asked us if we were any good, and I joked “well, I haven’t died yet.” This, as you might imagine, led to us explaining the difference between HEMA and sport/Olympic fencing. He was very curious and we were happy to answer his questions, but eventually it led to:

Him, to me: How long have women been doing this?
Me: Well, pretty much since it started. One of my friends has been doing HEMA for over 10 years. We spar women, we spar men, we-
Him: WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA hold on…you fight MEN?!?!

The conversation then turned to him asking me if I was better than either of my two classmates who were with me (hence why I mentioned their gender above), my classmates are exceedingly modest and gave me probably more credit than I deserve, but it was still quite an amusing exchange.

Yes, I fight women, and I fight men…because you know why? 

Invading armies really don’t care if you’re a man or a woman, they’re going to try to kill you anyway, so your best option is to try and kill them first.

Yeah, I’m not going to lie, sparring men twice my size can get downright scary sometimes, but there’s only one way you ever really get over your fears, so I will continue sparring anyone who wants to spar me, regardless of gender.


Thank you sooooo much ヾ(。◕ฺ∀◕ฺ)ノ
Today I reached one thousand followers (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
So I made a Sachertorte and decorated it with a ちびちいさいふくろう (cute little owl :) holding a Ryoba saw to celebrate it with my parents :3
<=Chiisai Fukurou means little owl ;)

When I started keeping a blog I thought that I would never reach more than 500 followers because I only blog about my travels and the things I make in my spare time (^-^;) I thought it would be a boring blog to most people :D
I feel very happy that so many people read my articles and look at my photos (o^-^o)

I feel very happy that I could help people, that I could answer their questions and that I met many nice and helpful people on tumblr :)

Thank you very much for everything and I wish everyone a great new week (^-^)/

Imagine Scott admitting his feelings for you after you overhear him and Stiles talking in class one day.

"Really Stiles?" Scott groaned glaring at his best friend.

"You really like me?" You asked looking at him in shock.


"Dude, just tell her!" Stiles interjected.

"Alright. Yes, I like you! Happy now?" He said looking at Stiles when he said the word happy.

"Very," you answered smiling at Scott when he turned his head back to your direction.

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