VENEZUELA. Caracas. April 6, 2017. A demonstrator protects himself after a tear gas canister fired by police riot crashed against his skateboard during a protest. Tens of thousands of demonstrators shut down Venezuela’s capital on Thursday, blocking the city’s main artery to protest what they call an attempted coup by the socialist administration.

Photograph: Fernando Llano/AP

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I, as a venezuelan girl, born and currently living in the country, want to tell you, ignorant youth of first world countries,

Communism not work, not here, not in Cuba, not in North Korea, not in Russia, not in Cambodia, not in Vietnam, not in any place of this world, i can assure you, it is a failed ideology, i know it, i live that failure every day of my life.

You don’t have idea how sad, how miserable, how frustrating, is living under a true dictatorship goverment, stop believing in fairy tales, stop, you, first world teenager, will notice this when you grow up.

Meanwhile, no me jodas.

Mount Roraima - Venezuela 

Mount Roraima is situated on the border, between Venezuela, Guyana and Brazil. With over 70% of the mountain situated in Venezuela’s Canaima National Park, Mount Roraima is the tallest table-top plateau in the area. It is made of sandstone, and features a number of unique species of flora. Due to the flat surface of the mountain, and the areas heavy rainfall, waterfalls are often appear in various locations around the plateau. The summit itself covers an area of  31 km2.

VENEZUELA. Caracas. June 7, 2017. An opposition protester hides behind a handmade shield. Protesters have been on the streets near-daily for more than two months demanding elections, foreign humanitarian aid, freedom for hundreds of jailed activists, and autonomy for the opposition-controlled National Assembly.

Photograph: Miguel Gutierrez/EPA

And again, the government of Venezuela is proving this is not other thing than dictatorship.

Today the president, Maduro, ordered the cable providers of our country to take CNN in Spanish off air. This is particularly tragic because CNN was pretty much one of the last channels to expose this government —and actually care about venezuela—, since it’s an international channel and the national ones are mostly silenced.

Apparently it was taken down for running some “fake” news about the vice-president, Tarek el Aissami, exposing him as a drug trafficker —which we all know it’s true.

I can’t say I’m surprised, CNN made clear it’s position against this government, it was only a matter of time.