RQW2017 One-shot Snippet

Heart thudding in her chest, Ruby roams her eyes over the vision of illicit beauty before her, scouring every inch from head to toe.  The Queen’s appearance is, as always, perfectly manufactured from a snug yet magnificently accoutered velvet gown, to long manicured nails painted a deep violet with lips stained a matching shade, and capped by exquisite heels of a length right up Cursed Ruby’s alley.  To complete the look, her raven hair is piled in a highly elegant bouffant bun adorned with a pin in the shape of a wilted violet.

“It’s not polite to stare, dear,” the Queen then says, lips turned up sideways with approval so that the cut of her cheeks, accentuated with heavy makeup, is starkly defined.  Ruby gulps as her unexpected caller stalks toward her, hands never leaving her hips as she sashays across the room, an inescapable predator zoned in upon her hapless prey. “For you, however, I’ll make an allowance.  It does so please me when you look at me that way.  It’s almost as if you’d like nothing more than to devour me.”  She smirks then.  “Or I certainly hope so.”

DIY Velvet Manicure: Nail Art Obsession

Just when we thought we’d seen every kind of nail art, Ciate has debuted a manicure kit that transforms your nails into soft pads of crushed velvet. Yes, the fabric once reserved for plush sofas and Scarlett O'Hara’s green curtain dress has now migrated to your nails. It comes in three shades: light grey, dark blue, and deep purple. We got to try Ciate’s kit this afternoon, and after a few trial and error sessions we mastered the art of the DIY velvet manicure! Click through to learn how it’s done.

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Happy Manicure Monday! My nails this weekend have been luxurious with a serious touch of class thanks to the wonderful Ciaté’s Velvet Manicure kit. A strong 10/10 from me, very easy to do, minimal mess down to the cheeky Little Black Brush provided to get rid of excess crushed velvet and the finish truly did look and feel fantastic. Get on it immediately for serious fab nails for the festive season!