DIY Velvet Manicure: Nail Art Obsession

Just when we thought we’d seen every kind of nail art, Ciate has debuted a manicure kit that transforms your nails into soft pads of crushed velvet. Yes, the fabric once reserved for plush sofas and Scarlett O'Hara’s green curtain dress has now migrated to your nails. It comes in three shades: light grey, dark blue, and deep purple. We got to try Ciate’s kit this afternoon, and after a few trial and error sessions we mastered the art of the DIY velvet manicure! Click through to learn how it’s done.

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Happy Manicure Monday! My nails this weekend have been luxurious with a serious touch of class thanks to the wonderful Ciaté’s Velvet Manicure kit. A strong 10/10 from me, very easy to do, minimal mess down to the cheeky Little Black Brush provided to get rid of excess crushed velvet and the finish truly did look and feel fantastic. Get on it immediately for serious fab nails for the festive season!


Ciaté - Velvet Manicure™ - Preview

The Velvet Manicure™ (and yes, its actually trademarked) was inspired by Ciate Creative Director Charlotte Knight whilst experimenting with luxurious textures and finishes, aiming to achieve true exuberance and sophistication. The finished effect is unlike any other, giving an indulgent velvety coat to your manicure. Simply divine!

What it is:
A two-step innovative nail art kit to create sumptuous, velvet-coated nails.

What it does:
Leading the way in nail art innovation, the latest kit from cult British nail brand Ciaté brings decadent luxury to your fingertips. Featuring luxurious crushed velvet, this kit was inspired by excessive layering of exuberant textures, which was featured in fashion shows around the globe. The result? A truly unique, sophisticated, strokeable finish.

Each kit contains:

  • 1 Ciaté Paint Pot
  • 1 pot of luxurious crushed velvet powder
  • 1 little black brush

The three paint pot colors include:

1 | Berry Poncho

2 | Blue Suede

3 | Mink Cashmere

The Velvet Manicure™ from Ciaté is available now on the Sephora website, with a retail price of $19 (US). There is a waiting list on the Ciaté UK website

Product Buzz - The Velvet Manicure

I kind of thought this was a joke at first, but apparently the Velvet Manicure is real.  British nailcare brand Ciate is the first I’m aware of to bring a DIY kit to the states.  Available now at Sephora, the kit includes the base polish, a tiny black brush for touchups/mistakes, crushed velvet powder, and a plastic tray for velvet crumbles to fall into.  The result, literally a fuzzy, velvety finish on your nails. I have so many questions like what happens when you get your hands wet?  Or what if you’re cooking something messy? 

  Currently a berry, a navy, and a gray are available, and a kit retails at Sephora for $19.  Maybe it’s the heat of summer, or maybe its wondering how these will wear, or even maybe it’s my need for smooth and glossy nails, but this one just doesn’t appeal to me.  Check out real life applications here, here, and here.

What about you?  Have you or will you try the Velvet Manicure?

 – Cara