More than 600 historic Richmond postcards

VCU Libraries Commons has posted close to 2,000 photos to Flickr, including
Rarely Seen Richmond, a collection of more than 600vintage RVA postcards:

This collection shows early twentieth century Richmond, Virginia as seen through over 600 vintage postcards. Many of these images include buildings and structures that either no longer exist or have since been altered. The subject matter of these postcards also lends insight into the social and cultural attitudes of those times.

Postcards began to be widely used in the United States soon after the passage of the Private Mailing Card Act in 1898. It freed private publishers from what was considered unfair competition from government issued cards. In the next few years the demand for postcards grew as a craze for collecting them spread throughout the country. Dozens of postcard printers, both American and European, began producing postcard views. This “golden age” of postcard publishing and collecting lasted from 1898 through 1912 when thousands of cards were produced, mailed, and collected by the public.


hi hello here’s a thing if you are queer, trans or gender non conforming in anyway for people living in richmond, va!!! come get comfy clothes in a comfy environment

Erik Brandt and Michael Walker, 2015 (36″x48″). Announcement poster for a workshop exhibition featuring student work. I am grateful for the invitation and opportunity to lead a one-week workshop with VCU’s inspiring mOb class.

The poster was created in ping pong collaboration form with Michael Walker, who contributed his various creatures and was a delight to work with. In situ images available soon.

Many thanks to Michael and the mOb organizers, John Malinoski, Kristin Caskey, and Camden Whitehead for their kind invitation. 

Hello everyone, a literary journal that I am editor of is having a contest.

*exclusive only to  current  VCU Undergrad,Graduate, Doctoral students*

Amendment 2015 Writing Contest Guidelines

  • Amendment 2015 Writing Contest Guidelines
  • General Rules:
  • This contest is only open to current VCU undergraduate, graduate, or post-doctoral students.
  • Only previously unpublished work will be considered.
  • Submission to multiple categories is acceptable, but only one entry per cateogory per person. (See below for category guidelines.)
  • You can choose to write about one topic or combine them, but entries failing to address either topic will not be considered.
  • Do not include your name on other pages of your entry.
  • Submit  submissions to by 4pm on March 20th, 2015. Please state your name,catergory within your email.Include a title page with your full name, category, V Number, email, and phone number as an attachment
  • Topic
  • :Body Image in the Media


  • Winning entries will be awarded $100 and publication in the 2015 edition of Amendment.Second place will be published in the 2015 edition of Amendment.


  • Non-Fiction:1000 words or less in any style (critical essay, memior, creative non-fiction, etc.)Winning entry will be awarded $100 and publication in the 2014 edition of Amendment.Second place will be published in the 2015 edition of Amendment.
  • Fiction:1000 words or less in any genre or style of your choosingWining entry will be awarded $100 and pubilcation in the 2015 edition of Amendment.Second place will be published in the 2014 edition of Amendment.
  • Poetry: 2 pages or less (single spaced) in any form of your choosingA series of poems or related poems will be accepted as long as they do not exceed 2 pages.