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Rudolph Valentino’s Ring

Rudolph Valentino was considered one of the greatest silent film actors in Hollywood. In the 1920s, during the peak of his success, he bough a ring from a jeweler that ended up changing his life. Legend has it that Valentino showed the ring to one of his friends, his friend had a vision of Valentino as pale and lifeless.

The next few movies that he did, all flopped in the box office and 6 years later he died. Valentino’s lover became ill after wearing the ring, which derailed her career for years to come. Russ Colombo, who played Valentino in a biography about his life, wore the ring and died in a shooting accident just a few days later. Finally, a man named Joe Casino bought the ring but decided not to wear it until he thought the curse was lifted. But even after waiting several years to put it on, the curse remained. Casino died within a week of putting on the ring. 

Today, the whereabouts of the cursed ring are unknown.

Gravity Falls

Aries: Wendy Corduroy

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Tauro: Soos

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Géminis: Gideon Gleeful

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Cáncer: Mabel Pines

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Leo: Pacifica Northwest

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Virgo: Dipper Pines

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Libra: Stanford Pines

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Escorpio: Stanley Pines

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Sagitario: Fiddleford McGucket

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Acuario: Robbie Valentino

Piscis: Pato

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