You fucks thought you could delete this shit? Think again.

You moralistic, twisted, little evil icepickers. You thought you can just permanently delete something off the internet just because it proves everything you stand for is absolutely wrong? I thought we were taught in elementary that anything posted on the Internet stays there for fucking good.

Basically what I have here is the master post by a man named logic’d. His blog was (very recently) taken down because he proved radical feminists wrong in everything they could ever hope to bitch about and more. Tumblr Staff are currently also being harassed by their users to delete blogs like this since their clientele cannot handle dissenting opinions and credible facts that prove their bullshit wrong.

I don’t care if my account gets deleted for this, I barely ever use it and I could just as easily replace it. So here is the complete list of facts feminists and sjws dont want you to know about: 

Useful information feminists and sjw’s do not want you to know about

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[UPDATE 21 - 08/23/2015] - updated some links

May these aid you in your battles with the feminist and sjw hordes of ignorance and stupidity…

Facts debunking the many feminist claims you will come across:

  • 3x more men are killed in the USA than women
  • More men suffer from violent crime than women
  • Majority of domestic violence is committed by women
  • 40% of rapists are women
  • 40+ studies show its common for women to sexual coercive behavior towards men through sexual assaults, sexual intimidation, and sexual violence
  • 93% of workplace deaths are males
  • 4x more men commit suicide than women and make up 79% of all suicide
  • Women get less time and lighter sentences compared to men for the same crime Source 1& 2
  • 286 studies show women just as or more violent than men in relationships
  • 62% of homeless single people are male
  • Men suffer body image issues just as much as women: Source 1 2 3
  • Men binge eat as much as women but receive less treatment than women
  • 97% of rapists don’t go to jail myth debunked
  • 1 in 4 and 1 in 5 women are raped myth debunked - 1982/1985
  • 1 in 5 women are raped myth debunked part 2 - 2007/2010
  • 1 in 5 college women are raped debunked, quick guide picture edition
  • 0.02%-2% of rape accusations are false myth debunked, rate of false rape accusations much higher
  • Wage gap myth debunked
  • Women make more money than men when conditions are the same
  • Domestic violence myths debunked
  • 10 common feminist myths debunked
  • Famous feminists expressing hatred of men
  • Feminists fight against men’s rights and issues Part 1
  • Feminists fight against men’s rights and issues Part 2
  • Mothers abuse their kids 2x more often than men with 37.5% of kids being abused by their mothers versus 18.6% by their fathers
  • Mothers kill their kids 2x more often than men with 27.3% of kids being killed by their mothers versus 14.8% by their fathers
  • Boys are discriminated against in school while girls are not
  • Victims of sexual assault in military are mostly men, not women
  • 47% of male domestic assault victims are threatened with arrest, 21% end up arrested despite being the victim
  • 94% of sexually abused kids in correctional facilities are abused by female staff. Only 40% of the staff is female
  • 43% of teachers reported for sexual misconduct are female, but make up 4%of punished teachers. Men are 57% of teachers reported by make up 96% of punishments.
  • 79% of British Columbia boys on the streets are sexually exploited by women
  • Actual CREDIBLE study proving video games DO NOT cause sexism

Will add more soon. If you have anything for me to add let me know

My general anti feminist posts here

Examples of feminist hypocrisy & bullshit for your enjoyment or to prove how vile they are:

  • Strong empowered feminists who are 100% equal to men Part 1
  • Strong empowered feminists who are 100% equal to men Part 2
  • Myth that anti feminists are fat ugly MRA neck beards DEBUNKED
  • Feminists get violent Part 1
  • Feminists get violent Part 2
  • Feminists get violent Part 3 - 7000 feminists attack 1500 men when men try to defend cathedral from being destroyed by feminists
  • Man gets kicked out of class for proving feminists wrong
  • Feminists ignore actual rape culture Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4
  • Offended feminists ban comic cover but ignore comics of raped and tortured men
  • Feminists trying to fuck with comics again with their hypocrisy and getting BTFO
  • Lying to women before sex can soon be considered rape
  • Feminists cheer over all female Ghostbusters but complain when all male version is also made
  • Glorious feminist music Part 1
  • Glorious feminist music Part 2
  • Feminist aborts baby because its a boy
  • Feminists complain over “man spreading” but ignore when women do it
  • Feminists complain over job discrimination, but only in cushy jobs, ignore dangerous jobs dominated by men or female dominated field
  • Feminist hypocrisy Part 1
  • Feminist hypocrisy Part 2
  • Feminist hypocrisy Part 3, endorse shirts made by poor women in sweatshops with poor pay
  • Feminist hypocrisy Part 4, victim blame men
  • Feminist hypocrisy Part 5, girl in sports is rewarded, boy in sports in punished
  • Feminist icon Anita Sarkeesian says you cant be sexist to men
  • Feminist icon Anita Sarkeesian is a liar and a fraud
  • Feminists support and endorse video hoaxes that paint men as bad
  • Feminists complain about lack of jobs for women and it all goes to men, data suggests otherwise
  • Feminist icon Anita Sarkeesian says wanting evidence before believing a woman is sexist
  • Feminists like post with thousands of notes telling men to agree with women even if the woman is wrong because they get scared when men dont agree
  • Feminists complain about “sexist” magazine articles but ignore article teaching women how to cheat on men and not get caught
  • Patriarchy debunked Part 1, woman assaults man with glass bottle, avoids jail time because of gender
  • Patriarchy debunked Part 2, older woman has sex with underage male, men and women defend her online and victim blame
  • Patriarchy debunked Part 3, 35yr old woman fucked 15yr old boy, get pregnant, sues for child support, people support the woman
  • Patriarchy debunked Part 4, female sexually assaults man, people laugh
  • Patriarchy debunked Part 5, VAWA (Violence Against Women Act)
  • Patriarchy debunked Part 6, Women rapes boy and gets less prison than man who wanted to watch
  • Patriarchy debunked Part 7, wife kills husband and lies about why, has no real reason, gets 2 years only
  • Patriarchy debunked Part 8, woman violently assaults man, destroys his lips and teeth and he goes bankrupt to pay for medical bills, woman dodges jail time due to “lack of evidence”
  • Patriarchy debunked Part 9, daughter lies about father raping her, dad goes to jail for 9 years, daughter admits lie, avoids jail time
  • Patriarchy debunked Part 10, woman lies about being raped, ruins football career of man, wins $2mil, admits she lied, avoids jail
  • Patriarchy debunked Part 11, Female teacher dodges prison and sex offender registry after having sex with underage male student
  • Patriarchy debunked part 12, feminism being forced onto ROTC and other aspects of life bending backwards to women in the name of equality including the lowering of standards for military, police, and firefighters to make it easier for women to pass
  • Patriarchy debunked part 13, government grants hundreds of millions of dollars to combat violence against women, but non for men who are bigger victims, all the behest of feminism
  • Patriarchy debunked part 14, man incapable of producing sperm forced to pay child support for child that isnt his
  • Patriarchy debunked part 15, United Nations advocates more special treatment of women because equality isnt enough, men and government need to do more to help and cater to women
  • Feminists show their tolerance and equality through twitter Part 1
  • Feminists show their tolerance and equality through twitter part 2
  • Feminist claims “internet PTSD” and tries to get military vets in trouble for arguing saying its not real PTSD and insulting to claim PTSD
  • Feminists crash and protest female speaker at university for questioning rape culture
  • Feminist in charge of tech company forces it to bankruptcy after blowing money to get more women into tech, then jumps ship when it fails
  • Most popular feminist website by feminists body shame men
  • Feminists bully female reporter because of her views
  • Feminist caught sending rape threats to herself in attempt to blame men
  • Hateful quotes by popular feminists and feminist leaders
  • Popular feminist play “Vagina Monologues” has scene were a 13yr old girl is raped by older female, made to be a “positive rape”
  • Universities offering “Beyonce” and “Rihanna” feminist classes, meanwhile feminists complain how they make less money and have bad jobs Part 1, Part 2
  • Feminists put posters up on campus with male student names and labels them as potential rapists
  • Colleges offering credits to feminists for editing wikipedia articles with “feminist thinking”
  • Teen boys make video on what they look for in a girl (nice, outgoing etc) feminists complain and cry sexism and demand their heads on a plate
  • Feminists complain when men raise money for breast cancer by motor-boating consenting women’s breasts, block donation Part 1 Part 2
  • Female has consensual public sex on campus, faces expulsion, cries rape to avoid trouble, feminists defend her
  • Feminist bias exists in school and harms boys, when removed, boys do much better
  • Feminists enjoy sexist joke against men, get upset when joke is said about women
  • Europe suggest banning anti feminist speech and views in the name of tolerance Page 3 Sec. 2 (e)
  • Feminists believe eating meat is sexist and enforces patriarchy
  • Documentary on gender differences between men and women, feminists get upset when shown evidence
  • Feminists cry and complain over the death of a minor female character in Game of Thrones but ignore brutal male deaths and torture
  • Feminists disrupt and crash MRA forum to protest discussion on battered husbands
  • Feminists protest and sabotage an MRA meeting on men’s issues by pulling fire alarm
  • Father of 4 fired and taken to court, faces 6 months in jail for disagreeing with 2 feminists when they harassed a man. The women cry harassment, investigators find no evidence, still facing jail
  • Unqualified sjw and feminist women ruin gene editing meeting for cures to push their rhetoric
  • Noble prize scientist says women too emotional for science, feminists cry sexism. Gay man defends him in debate against woman. Woman says yes women are emotional as to why women are good for science
  • Patriarchy debunked part 16, male student expelled for calling ex gf a psycho on twitter off campus during summer without even using her name because he “created a hostile environment”
  • Man gets blowjob while passed out drunk by woman. Gets accused of sexual assault 2 years later without evidence, has proof he is innocent, still gets expelled
  • Female to become NYC firefighter because WOMAN despite failing the requirements
  • Popular feminist writes articles complaining about cat calling, later complains how she misses being cat called once men stop
  • Feminists claim air conditioning is sexist plot by men
  • Patriarchy debunked part 17, 48yr old women rapes 15yr old boy, gets sentenced to 48 weekends in jail and $10k fine
  • Patriarchy debunked part 18, college woman accuses man of vague rape and gets him expelled though she texts him after, fucks him more, and continues to date
  • Woman fakes being raped to get out of being arrested by cop

Women will lie about rape for any reason

Many feminists and SJW’s will say false rape isn’t a big deal or it is downright non existent. One of the main reasons for this is they say “why would any women ever lie about something so traumatic” Well..typically they rarely get in trouble, and on the rare occasion that they do, the punishment is really light. Also they have everything to gain.

Some reasons why women lie about being raped:

  • To get out of being pulled over and arrested by cops
  • To cover up their infidelity
  • To explain why they are looking at porn
  • Because they are mentally ill
  • Because they feel guilty
  • If the sex is bad
  • When they fail school exams
  • Because of psychiatric medication complications
  • When they want attention
  • To get sympathy
  • To make boyfriends jealous
  • For revenge
  • Because they are “moody”
  • When their friends get mad at them

This is just a small list of some of the reasons a woman will lie about her rape.

So why would a woman ever lie about something to traumatic? Well.. when you consider the general nature of humans and their capacity to lie cheat and do evil, and their even greater capacity to rationalize and justify those actions, coupled with how despite being in a “rape culture” people will side with the victim and bend over backwards for them in support, and how the courts rarely punish women who do lie, and how hard the alleged rapist gets vilified by media and society, even after he is proven innocent, and the power one gets from pretending to be raped to use for her own nefarious purposes..why wouldn’t a woman lie about rape?

Women are crazy violent murderers too

Some feminists will act like its only men who kill their significant others, or kill for stupid reasons, or kill in general over all. Of course this is false. Here are SOME examples of female killers you can use if you ever have to provide evidence.

(list courtesy of imminentdeathsyndrome)

  1. Woman kills man for refusing to give her beer
  2. Woman stabs man for refusing to have sex with her, threatens to cry rape
  3. Woman rips off man’s testicle because he rejected her, tried to swallow it
  4. Woman kills man for refusing to marry her
  5. Woman cuts off man’s penis because of argument
  6. Woman shoots her husband after argument
  7. Woman cuts off cheating boyfriend’s penis, flushes it
  8. Woman suspects husband of cheating, stabs him to death
  9. Woman shoots, kills boyfriend for cheating
  10. Woman stabs boyfriend for cheating in Monopoly board game
  11. Woman shoots, kills man for ending relationship
  12. Woman sets husband’s genitals on fire for hugging another woman, dies
  13. Woman kills, dismembers husband’s body over argument
  14. Mother kills 18-month old twins to get back at husband she thought was cheating
  15. Woman kills husband after he confronts her about affair
  16. Woman kills cheating husband with lethal dose of heroin
  17. Woman runs over, kills cheating husband
  18. Obese woman sits on boyfriend, kills him and avoids jail time
  19. Woman kills boyfriend with stiletto shoe
  20. Woman murders cheating husband with coffee mug
  21. Woman kills boyfriend for not buying her a gift
  22. Woman kills boyfriend who accused her of cheating
  23. Woman stabs and kills boyfriend , Judge: “I hope you die in prison”
  24. Woman shoots, kills ex-boyfriend, buries him in pile of debris
  25. Woman shoots boyfriend in the back of the neck, killing him
  26. Woman shoots boyfriend six times, kills him after argument
  27. Woman stabs, kills boyfriend over mother’s day gift
  28. Woman stabs boyfriend to death, also stabbed her husband to death 7 years prior
  29. Woman pushes way into home, stabs boyfriend to death over argument
  30. Woman angry at boyfriend takes her anger out on his 4 year-old
  31. Woman stabs boyfriend to death, thought he was cheating on her
  32. Woman bludgeons husband to death with hammer to pay back loan
  33. Woman stabs, kills boyfriend during argument
  34. Woman murders boyfriend for tweeting out his female crush
  35. Woman shoots and kills boyfriend, kills self while out on bail
  36. Woman stabs to death boyfriend over argument about an ex
  37. Woman stabs and kills boyfriend for social media posts
  38. Woman shoots boyfriend in the face, fails to make it look like suicide
  39. Woman kills boyfriend’s puppies during phone argument
  40. Woman shoots boyfriend in the face with rifle during argument
  41. Woman pushes boyfriend off fence after argument, killing him
  42. Woman attacks boyfriend with large knife, intent to kill
  43. Woman abused, threatens to kill boyfriend in sleep
  44. Woman beats, murders boyfriend and puts him in freezer because he wanted to break up with her
  45. Woman held gun to boyfriend’s head, murders on Christmas
  46. Woman with previous assault charge on another boyfriend stabs and kills different boyfriend
  47. Woman attempts to murder boyfriend with giant breasts
  48. Woman stabs boyfriend in neck, killing him after argument
  49. Woman chokes and stabs ex-boyfriends cat to death
  50. Woman starts argument with boyfriend, stabs and kills with umbrella
  51. Woman kills boyfriend with her car after argument
  52. Woman shoots, kills boyfriend in his bathroom
  53. Woman shoots, kills boyfriend with illegal handgun
  54. Woman sets her boyfriend on fire, killing him
  55. Woman shoots and kills ex-boyfriend multiple times, kills herself
  56. Woman shoots boyfriend in the head, found out he was dating other women
  57. Woman stabs and kills boyfriend over finances
  58. Woman stabs and kills boyfriend’s lizard because she thought he was flirting with other women
  59. Woman shoots, kills boyfriend who wanted to end their relationship and urged her to get an abortion
  60. Woman attempts to murder husband with poison in her vagina
  61. Woman stabs boyfriend to death after he slaps daughter
  62. Woman conspires to have secret lover murder her husband
  63. Woman stabs, kills boyfriend over argument on Labor Day
  64. Woman stabs boyfriend in the chest over argument
  65. Woman stabs boyfriend to death after finding photos of other women on cell phone
  66. Woman tortured ex-boyfriend’s dog until it died after argument
  67. Woman stabs boyfriend in his chest and through his lung, nearly killing him
  68. Woman fatally stabs boyfriend during heated argument
  69. Woman kills her boyfriend with blunt force trauma to the head using frying pan
  70. Woman stabs boyfriend to death for drinking her beer
  71. Woman strangles boyfriend to death during argument
  72. Woman stabs boyfriend with serrated knife over argument
  73. Woman shoots, murders boyfriend while she was on house arrest for another murder 11 years prior
  74. Woman stabs, kills boyfriend then texts friend about eating the body
  75. Woman stabs, kills boyfriend over dispute
  76. Woman shoots boyfriend in the head, suspecting he was cheating
  77. Woman shoots man in the groin after argument
  78. Woman fires handgun into the home of man who denied her a kiss
  79. Woman stabs husband to death over cheating fears
  80. Woman shoots, kills ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend
  81. Women kills husband, commits suicide
  82. Woman shoots and kills man over argument
  83. Woman kills husband with baseball bat for talking back to her
  84. Woman kills husband, confesses to family then shoots herself
  85. Woman stabs boyfriend 31 times after he said ex’s name in his sleep
  86. Woman shoots husband in the head, shoots herself
  87. Woman kills boyfriend over argument at house party
  88. Woman shoots boyfriend with shotgun for texting another woman
  89. Woman kills boyfriend because she “smelled sex on him”
  90. Woman runs over boyfriend, kills him
  91. Woman stabs boyfriend in the eye for turning down threesome
  92. Woman stabs ex-boyfriend for refusing to stop playing the Eagles
  93. Woman stabs boyfriend, throws out his prosthetic legs so he can’t chase her
  94. Woman ties up, stabs husband 193 times, jury finds her guilty for suspicion of trying to claim life insurance
  95. Woman stabs fiance for refusing to take her to the liquor store
  96. Woman assaults and threatens boyfriend with knife for not cuddling
  97. Woman stabs man with ceramic squirrel for not bring home beer
  98. Woman stabs taxi driver after he refuses to have sex with her
  99. Woman stabs ex-boyfriend in his penis after discovering he had a new girlfriend
  100. Woman stabs boyfriend twice over time he spent in bathroom
  101. Woman stabs boyfriend over Facebook post
  102. Woman stabs her boyfriend several times because his dog ate her marijuana stash
  103. Woman stabs boyfriend for not calling her every two hours
  104. Woman shoots man five times for rejecting her, kills herself
  105. Woman murders ex-boyfriend with liquor laced with poison, was jealous he was engaged to new woman
  106. Woman stabs ex boyfriend in back with knife when he breaks up with her [video]

Here are some examples of notable killings

Involves well known men being murdered by their significant others for various reasons. Pictures of the men and women included (no gore)

Comedian Phil Hartman was murdered by his wife on May 27th 1998

NFL player Steve McNair was murdered by his girlfriend on July 4th, 2009

John Wayne Bobbitt had his penis cut completely off on June 23rd, 1993

Travis Alexander was murdered by Jodi Arias on June 4th, 2008

Andrew Bagby was murdered by Shirley Jane Turner on November 6th, 2001 (She later murdered their 1 year-old son on August 18th, 2003)

Brenda Spencer killed two and injured nine at Cleveland Elementary School on January 29th, 1979

Laurie Dann killed one boy and injured five others at Hubbard Woods Elementary School on May 20th, 1988

Jennifer San Marco killed eight people at Goleta postal facility on January 30th, 2006

Sylvia Seegrist killed three and injured seven during a shooting spree at a Springfield mall on October 30th, 1985

Mary Ann Holder killed five children including her own son in Pleasent Gardens, NC on November 20th, 2011

Jullian Robbins killed one and injured two at Penn State on September 17th, 1997

Heather Smith killed two then committed suicide at Spanaway Junior High School on November 26th, 1985

Latina Williams killed two others then self at Louisiana Technical College on February 8th, 2008

Amy Bishop Anderson killed three and wounded three others at the University of Alabama on February 12th, 2010

What’s most interesting though is that mainstream media doesn’t even mention female shooters when they claim to show the history of the crime — but I guess they’re going by high scores. While its true that most shooting sprees are committed by males, it is also true that most child abuse, neglect, and murders are committed by females.

Women who killed or attempted to kill children in the news, in recent days (US):

  1. Florida woman shoots, kills her 2 teenage sons
  2. Mother throws 1 year-old daughter under truck, kills her
  3. California mom stabs her 3 daughters to death. all under 2 years old
  4. Mother attempts to kill her 3 teenage children
  5. Mother kills her infant son by stabbing him to death
  6. Woman kills 2 year-old girl, attempts to kill 10 year-old boy
  7. Utah mom murders 6 newborns, keeps them in garage
  8. Mother charged with trying to suffocate daughter
  9. Woman charged for killing 8-month old baby

Women who killed or attempted to kill children in the news between January and April 2014 (US):

  1. Mother drowns both of her sons aged 3 and 6
  2. Mother attempts to drown her 3 children in ocean
  3. Utah mother shoots and kills two teen daughters, then herself
  4. Mother suffocates 14 month old son, fails at attempted suicide
  5. Woman babysitter murders 19 month old boy
  6. Mom kills 7 month old daughter, blames Jesus
  7. Woman operating illegal daycare responsible for 3 month old girl’s death, police find 14 children in her basement
  8. Mom strangles 3 day old baby boy, discarded body in trashcan
  9. Woman suffocates 2 year old girl of fiance, fakes sexual assault by unknown assailant to cover tracks
  10. Mother charged with killing 2 year-old daughter
  11. Mother of several children with history of violence murdered and buried 2 year-old daughter in shallow grave
  12. Mother stabs and kills her 2 children in exorcism
  13. Mother kills her teen son and daughter, self
  14. Mother confesses to killing 10 year-old son
  15. Mother tortures and kills 3 year-old son, burned genitals with lighter

Common feminist arguments and tactics:

[will expand soon, too lazy right now]

Teaser: they like to name call a lot and ignore things because of your race and gender and sometimes claim evidence is sexist, oppressive, and part of the patriarchy. They will also accuse you of many things like being a virgin and being a woman hater.

Native American Women Finally Gain More Protection From Rape and Abuse Thanks to VAWA

Thanks to the latest reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), the U.S. government is beginning to take steps to strengthen protections for victims of domestic violence within American Indian tribes. On Thursday, the Justice Department announced that three tribes will participate in a pilot program that will allow them to prosecute non-Native­ men for abuse against Native American women, an initiative that will eventually be expanded to additional tribes.

  • Conservatives about Ferguson: I'm so tired of blacks playing the race card!
  • Conservatives about ENDA: Gay people just want special rights!
  • Conservatives about VAWA: Feminists are always whining about something, amirite?
  • Conservatives about wage equality: All these people are just playing the oppression olympics and I'm so tired of hearing about it!
  • Conservatives during the month of December: A STORE CLERK WISHED ME HAPPY HOLIDAYS AND NOW THERE'S A WAR ON CHRISTMAS!!!
Feminism is the establishment

Somehow, someway, many feminists believe that feminism in the western world is the marginalised opinion or the undervalued one.

Yet how can you NOT BE the establishment when…

  • Almost every university has a women’s studies/gender studies program in university which are feminist-ideology led, where you can earn a degree, a payable degree or at least a minor. So feminism is institutionally backed, academically backed.
  • Whenever any gender issue comes up or headway is being made, who is the first type of person media seeks commentary from? Feminists, not MRAs, not egalitarians.
  • In Canada, to get gender-based resources from the government, one’s application must go through the Minister of the Status of Women, even when that request for resources is just for men.
  • The fact that there is such a thing as the Minister of the Status of Women in nations such as Canada and Australia even is proof enough of feminist overarching influence in high places.
  • When it comes to discussing men’s rights and issues in media, who does media go to first? Feminists, in fact CBC had a discussion about men’s rights groups with NOT A SINGLE men’s rights advocate on the panel, but there was indeed a feminist, two in fact.
  • Feminism so far is the only ever gender ideological group that has made it to huge world conferences like the UN and have been heard and respected to speak.
  • When it comes to policies getting passed, who has backing for the policies? An men’s rights policy has never been passed, but feminist policies do and have had much success, especially in regards to issues which aren’t gendered but have been made gendered. i.e. VAWA, Duluth Model, Tender Years’ Doctrine, Title IX (in some regards), the elimination of due-process in college rape accusation cases, etc.
  • Even in universities, men’s spaces and requests to establish such have to go through the university’s women’s society or some such equivalent which is feminist.

So no, you can’t have all these powerholds in a society, especially catered to your and your ideology like earning degrees which are fully backed by academic institutions, or having special cabinets in the government, or getting policies entrenched in your ideology passed with much ease yet no other gender rights group does, or the fact your opinions are first-up in the media regarding gender issues and even men’s rights which aren’t your focus, or getting full speaking arrangements at huge world conferences like the UN.

NO! You don’t get to have alllllll of those powerholds and dare to say that you and those identifying with the feminist label are even remotely marginalised in your voice and influence on society. You HAVE all the power there in gender focus, you ARE respected as your opinions ARE sought and listened to over any others, you ARE the establishment!

Waves of Feminism: A US-Centric Primer

This post is a broad overview of 167 years of activism in the US.   It is not meant to be an exhaustive discussion of the history of feminism.  Hopefully any commentary generated by this post will avoid name calling and stay on the side of expanding understanding.

Proto-Feminists = Women who spoke out for womankind before there was an organized movement.  Mary Wollstonecraft, Christine de Pizan, Abigail Adams, etc.

First Wave Feminism = The Vote.  Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Alice Paul, Emmeline Pankhurt, etc.  The suffrage movement has its origins in the anti-slavery movement, but many of the most prominent first wave feminists were single issue activists.  WoC were generally marginalized by first wave feminism, but there were non-white suffrage activists (Ida B. Wells, Mary Church Terell, Sojourner Truth) and white activists involved in both the suffrage movement and the anti-racism movement (Lucretia Mott, Martha Coffin Wright, Florence Kelley).

After suffrage was achieved, feminist activity faded from view until the 1960s. Alice Paul and other suffragettes focused their efforts on passing the Equal Rights Amendment and working with suffragettes abroad.

Second Wave Feminism = The Women’s Movement.  Betty Friedan, Gloria Steinem, Andrea Dworkin, Audre Lorde.  Second wave accomplishments include equal pay acts, the legalization of abortion, laws against domestic violence and marital rape, the founding of the first domestic violence shelters, and Title IX.  Second wave feminism is often criticized as being for middle class straight white women which is not an unjust criticism (”Lavender Menace”).  But within the second wave movement was the beginnings of intersectionality as WoC and non-straight women became more prominent.

After making headlines in the 1960s and 1970s, feminism faded again in the 1980s.  Sandra Day O’Connor was appointed the first female Supreme Court Justice in 1981.  The ERA failed in 1982.  

Third Wave Feminism = Coined in 1992 by Rebecca Walker (daughter of Alice) as a direct response to the Anita Hill/Clarence Thomas hearings in 1991.  Year of the Woman proclaimed in the US in 1992 as a record setting six women serve in the Senate (today there are 20).  VAWA passed in 1994.  Riot grrl. Transfeminism emerges as a term with work by Kate Bornstein and Patrick Califia.  Much more intersectional than second wave feminism.

Fourth Wave Feminism = Happening right now????  Maybe?

Feminism is a pretty big tent and not every feminist agrees on every issue.  Feminism is also a product of its environment as are other political movements.  Over time, feminism has become more welcoming of different races, religions, sexual orientations, and gender identities the same way society as a whole has become more accepting of these differences.  That work is not finished.  Entire books have been written on how non-middle class, non-white, non-straight, non-cis women have been included and excluded from the feminist movement.  It’s complicated stuff and this is just an outline.

Sex positivity has a long and complicated history going back to the free love movement (Victoria Woodhall was a fan) to second wave ladies checking out their vaginas with hand mirrors to those who disagreed with anti-pornography activists in the 1980s.  Again, it is complicated stuff and entire books have been written on these subjects.

Feminism vs. beauty norms, feminism vs. stay-at-home moms, feminism vs. changing your last name when you get married.  All of these things have been a least a little controversial since the first wave (See: Lucy Stone, Amelia Bloomer, Dress Reform, and the biography of every married suffragette).  But, you can be a makeup-wearing, body-hair-shaving, last-name-changing, stay-at-home mom feminist.   Elizabeth Cady Stanton was a frustrated stay-at-home mom when she presented the Declaration of Sentiments at the Seneca Falls Convention.  Gloria Steinem was known for her mini skirts in the 1970s.  You can love nail art and feminism.  You can homeschool your five kids and be a feminist.  But like the second wavers said, “The personal is political.”  None of these choices happen in a void, they are products of both society and individual choice.

Whether or not you consider yourself a feminist, you have benefited from feminism.  Even if you’re a guy.  Alice Paul was a radical, Anita Hill was a nuisance.  They both made the world a better place.
We Won't Stand For Violence Against Women on ABC's Scandal

Sign this! It is so so so very important. The representation of women and violence against women is such an important topic that ABC’s Scandal BOTCHED. I’m offended. If you’re on twitter, use the hashtag #GladiatorsAgainstViolence to get some more attention!!


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Far-Right Representative Comes Out In Support Of Protecting Undocumented Victims Of Domestic Violence.

 Rep. Ted Poe (R-TX) came out today in support of protecting undocumented immigrants from domestic violence. During the House Judiciary Committee mark up of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), Poe offered an amendment to ensure that undocumented people would be protected under the bill.

Poe argued that protections for undocumented victims are necessary and humane.

Hey, rest of the GOP: are you listening? 

Criminal Justice 2016: VAWA and Mass Incarceration

The 2016 Election Season has been an important one for addressing mass incarceration, state violence, racial profiling, and police killings. Thanks to many amazing activists, organizers, writers, and educators we have national attention on the problems of the criminal justice system.

The state of that system finds many of its roots in 1994, when the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act, also known as the Crime Bill, passed. This was the largest piece of anti-crime legislation in United States history, directly paving the way for the disastrous War on Drugs, the strengthening of a racist Prison Industrial Complex, and the continued militarization of the police force. We are now privy to the fact that a carceral state, and the criminalization of drug use and poverty, doesn’t alleviate social ills; it further unfairly punishes people and breaks up communities.

On a national scale, what has been mostly absent during the campaigns thus far is the realization that the Crime Bill is as much a gender issue as it is a racial one, especially at the intersection of race and gender: in fact, a key provision of this anti-crime law was the introduction of the Violence Against Women Act, hailed as one of the most important pieces of federal legislation to address violence against women. And what is left out in our mainstream discussions of mass incarceration is that the policies which have bolstered more policing, prisons, detention centers, and harsher sentences, have largely backfired on women. Women of color have become the fastest growing prison population to the tune of a 800% increase since these severe anti-crime/poverty/drug strategies took effect.

Introduced under the pretext of “protecting women,” mandatory and dual arrest, failure to protect, and mandatory minimum sentences have all negatively affected battered women and threatened women’s ability to self-defend. By making arrest, criminal charges, separation of the family, and loss of home and income the consequences of calling self defense – or even calling for help – we put victims of domestic violence at further risk of harm and even death. Meanwhile, the introduced (and continually reinforced) anti-sex and human trafficking portions of the Crime Bill have disproportionately harmed voluntary sex workers, while doing little to solve the issues facing actually sex-trafficked women and young girls. And we now have more women, especially women of color, in the prison population than ever before.

The discussion on the legal system needs to be focused on these strategies if we are to achieve any justice. We call on the candidates and voters in our concerns about mass incarceration and that we need to also see and center how it has specifically harmed women.

Decolonizing the Anti-Violence Movement: VAWA and How Anti-Violence Has Backfired

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