Bathroom Review: VAPA (the one on… umm…. across from D207)

Quality bathroom. Before I elaborate on its quality I want to remind you all that Bennington Bathroom Reviews™ is brought to you by the Bennington Admissions Department, constantly working to make sure no lizard people sneak their way into the college ranks. As far as bathrooms go this is one. It has all the stuff. If you are having trouble finding this bathroom, simply look for its convenient tab in the hallway. There is like 2 of everything! 2 mirrors. 2 toilets. 2 wall toilets. DO NOT Clean brushes or any art supplies in these (2) sinks. There are over 2 tiles in this bathroom. The colors of this bathroom are blue and white (2 colors). Safety is included with a fire flasher in the upper wall and sprinklers for the summer. That’s about it. 

Safety: 8 out of 10
Comfort: not even
Design: 7 out of 10
Astrology Sign: Gemini 

Ain’t no thang.

-Alex BG