So I did some research and the F99 Recordbreaker (and most likely by extention the V2 Gundam and Phantom Gundam) has a fucking ridiculous top speed.

So, a BIG thing in the plot of Crossbone Gundam Steel Seven is being able to get to Jupiter in two weeks.  The proposed solution to this is the in-development F99 Recordbreaker, with its revolutionary Minovsky drive system and its Wings of light (which, after the F99’s destruction and the destruction of all their data, wouldn’t be seen again in-canon for 17 years, with the Victory 2 Gundam and the Phantom Gundam, the latter a modified version of a captured F99 combined with an Amakusa and made specifically for trips between Earth and Jupiter.) 

Here’s where we get to the crazy part. The F99 is explicitly stated to be able to get to Jupiter in under a week (so less than 168 hours.  Also, because the V2 Gundam uses roughly the same technology, it can likely make the trip in about that much time.  MAYBE twice as slow or twice as fast.  The Phantom’s a bit slower due to the integration of the technology being imperfect.)  At its absolute CLOSEST to earth, Jupiter is 365 million miles/588 million kilometers away from the earth.  So, if you calculate the numbers you get some fucking crazy results.

At the absolute minimum, the F99 can travel at top speeds over 2,162,619 miles/3,500,000 Kilometers PER HOUR. that’s 600 miles or 900 km  in one second.  That is over 1000 times the speed of sound.  And that’s if calculations for the length of the trip in-context were made in ideal conditions and NOT considering the time it would take to safely accelerate and decelerate to and from top speed while maintaining the week long timeframe, meaning the F99 (and by extension the V2 and Phantom) are in all likelihood even faster than that.

If anybody wants to correct my calculations or give reference for how fucking insane it is for a piloted weapon to be moving at that speed, feel free to add information.