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Oh my good i need you to write a skater jungkook listening to all this bands ahahahagahashshdhdhs




– hello friends!! it’s your friendly neighbourhood lasi!

it’s been a while since i’ve properly been around, but i’m making my [triumphant?] return to tumblr rp! i’ve missed having fun in the community. to all faces, old and new, i look forward to interacting with you and getting to know you all! ♥ ]]

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Hi! i am a very nervous anon who is really nervous to talk to you, but I was just wondering what you think of Natasha and if you have any really nice Tony and Nat friendship headcanons or something because I /love/ all of your posts and I just want to try and make new friends here :) I'm sorry if this came across weird, I'm just /really/ nervous :) Also I read that you like OCs and that's /really/ cool too :)

HI SORRY this has been sitting in my inbox for a bit oops

no need to be nervous!!!! i absolutely adore nat with all of my heart she is my tiny lethal dorky daughter and i Lov her!!!!!!! she’s very super good….here is a nice fic in which her and tony are Secret Buddies [x]

nat and tony are 100% definitely cute pals and here are some thoughts: 

  • they watch bad sci-fi movies and old star trek on tony’s couch in their pjs at 3AM when they can’t sleep. they are both secret cuddlers. these facts are related
  • they argue abt the superiority of tea vs coffee. nat wins because she somehow makes the best tea tony’s ever had in his life. she has many secret and excellent skills
  • so many terrible inside jokes
  • so many terrible inside jokes about that one time nat was his PA and stabbed him in the neck and then helped him fight hammer drones
    • related: “natashalie”
  • tony Loves Building Nat Things because nat is So Cool and his fave tiny lethal pal is going to electrocute bad guys with giant glowing batons listen it’ll be Sweet and Awesome
  • tony has begged nat to teach him how to do the Death via Thighs thing on multiple occasions. they have gone through with it exactly once and it ended with mild injury because tony is Old, but nat taught him five ways to disarm and/or kill a man with a tie pin, so tony’s not too disappointed about it
    • in return, tony taught her 3 New Cool And Fun Ways To Access Top Secret Govt Info
    • she thanked him with tea and a captain america mug. they’re now trapped in a cycle of gift-giving and nat keeps waking up in a cold sweat at 4am terrified that she’s going to find a 15 foot tall stuffed animal in her room
  • tony gathers footage of every supremely cool thing nat does in fights and has friday edit them together to fun music. if these videos then maybe sometimes appear on youtube from time to time,,, no one has proof it’s him you can’t prove it shhh
  • tony has black widow workout gear. nat has an iron man mug & pjs & a tsum tsum. they’re merch buddies
  • they go to charity galas together and look Fantastic and judge people silently. natasha secretly thinks that if he wasn’t such big and emotional softie, he would’ve potentially made a decent spy 
  • they are the same size and nat keeps stealing tony’s hoodies and also his band shirts. he pretends to be bothered by this but actually sharing is caring and he’s just v happy to have friends

lovelyz 2nd album “r u ready?” concept teaser #2

please don’t reblog! 🎉

this is my tattoo. she’s a little under five months old and i love her dearly. i got it as a reminder to be kind whenever i can, to myself and to the world. it’s my most visible tattoo and my largest but i love it so much

(if you’re curious i got it done at tattoo paradise in dc)


hello this is a happy birthday post for @leejinklies bc i think she’s p cool and i don’t have the skills to make her cool internet things, but here is a card i was going to get one of my friends and a photo of some cupcakes i made that u cannot eat bc they are long gone, but they look fine also it’s just an excuse to put the photo on tumblr happy birthday soph!!