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Description: Taehyung catches the attention of the one curious girl.

Genre: Angst

Mentions of: swearing, drinking, violence, weapons, pain, gangs

Word count: 2444

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

part one - part two - part three

“Behind every beautiful thing, there’s some kind of pain.”

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Hitler notices V and Unknown doesn’t have route.

I had a lot of fun doing this. ^^ 

 Enjoy it. 

A gif of my precious Husband. ♥ u v u ^^^^^^

Here’s the cover for my next Pucca project~ v u v It’s a prequel to WYIM!
I won’t get into the plot, because this cover is just a teaser!  I’ll be finishing WYIM before moving on to TONT~~

For now, I’ll say it follows after one of the episodes of the Pucca cartoon series.

Enjoy! And I hope you look forward to reading this one :’->



Everybody, listen up! I know you’re afraid. But how you choose to handle that  f e a r  is up to you. You can let it break you down or you can use it to make you stronger. Are we just a bunch of kids from the Ark that weren’t strong enough to  s u r v i v e ?  Because if we lose today … if we let the fear win … that is what they’ll say about us. And I say: Screw fear! I’m telling my own damn story! What do you say?


Because we do whatever it takes to s u r v i v e

                                                               isn’t that what a n i m a l s do, Seth?


interconnectedness, coincidence : a dirk gently fanmix

life out of balance : cristobal tapia de veer journey of the sorcerer : eagles who are you : the who i’m gonna win : rob cantor meditative chaos : cristobal tapia de veer face to the sun : galahad kiss the sky : shawn lee’s ping pong orchestra saint claude : christine and the queens deserted skies : s u r v i v e