kim taehyung: i’m afraid of getting lost and… i’m not good at foreign languages so i think i’ll need to learn about the area. on the internet. i’m alone, separated from everyone. i slept alone at the house last night. i usually sleep with hoseok-hyung and jiminnie, but being on my own… i didn’t sleep well. it felt a little empty. like the house was empty and lonely so i didn’t sleep well.

                       the past six months have been consistent steps forward, which is unusual given the nature of the towering male. life had finally begun to treat him fairly and although he’s unsure as to WHY – he doesn’t bother to question it. some would scoff at the thought of omar getting the short end of the stick – but reality it had inevitably come c r a s h i n g down around him the moment he left the confinements of his home back in morocco. his parents weren’t there to analyze his every move or to push him out of the bed when his days felt like years. he relied on his own self-discipline to get him where he wanted to be & he’d done exactly that. 

                      but he can’t eradicate all the small bumps in between. all the one night stands he’d settled on when his heart began to miss them too much. he’d grown accustomed to waking up to strangers & lowering his expectations whenever he c r e p t into bed with them. nobody compared – NOTHING compared – to the feelings that his ex-beloved had sparked within him.  no matter how hard he TRIED – he just couldn’t shake them. his vicious cycle was broken by the glimmering hue of their eyes & how their words rushed from their lips like an ecstatic child. MISSING THEM – that’s the biggest understatement he’s ever conjured up in that chaotic cerebrum of his. 

                      right now: he’s fine. he’s the finest he’s been in months. he can think of them without getting a headrush & he likes to think that’s pretty impressive given how FUCKED UP he once was. he’s numbed the pain with working extra hours & doing extensive research on things he doesn’t necessarily need to be enveloped in. right – but it makes his breathing a little easier & his heart hurt a little less & god knows how much he needs that. he’s making the sharp turn to room 402 – having been assigned a patient with minor concerns. it’s not his favorite thing to do but he does it in order to look good. his heart sinks in his chest as his eyes meet with the familiar vessel perched uneasily upon the sizeable hospital bed. this HAD to be a joke – he absolutely HAD to be dreaming. regardless, he’d have to remain as FORMAL as he can be. cue the clearing of his throat as he mentally shakes the thoughts from out of his clouded head.        ‘     right – uh, what seems to be the problem ?   ‘


glad they made it.

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Third wheel--? THIRD WHEEL?! Oh, that did it. That fucking did it. Dawn rounds on his heel to glare at Terra, fists shaking by his side. "Is there something you want to say to me, Terra?" he says, his voice laced with something akin to a dare. "Is there something you'd like to tell me? There better damn well be, because I did NOT just hear you insinuate that I think of you as a play thing. That Gale thinks of you as a play thing. I could swear you know us better than that."

| @dxrk-storm

Why the hell do you have to assume things?! Terra gets to his feet, red in the face, visibly shaking, as he grits his teeth. You always turn everything on me! I get it, it’s all my fault, but for light’s sake! Stop twisting everything I say! I’m sick of it! All I meant is that relationships are better off as two people, and somehow I got roped in as the third! That I am just some third person who is always better off on the sidelines, which you certainly seem to think so!” He hollers, before covering his eyes with his hands.

Don’t care. Don’t care, don’t care, don’t care, don’t care-

I never insinuated anything! Would it just be better for you if I didn’t speak at all?!! I would never think that, I know you both better than that- but apparently you are the one who knows nothing about ME!” He turns on his heel, and storms away without another words, rapidly brushing at the tears in his eyes.

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libra/lon'qu/gaius libra is upset abt smth and wont say, lon'qu and gaius do lil things to make him feel better like casual affectionate stuff uvu

“You don’t have to talk if you don’t want to.”

Libra didn’t feel like talking about what was upsetting him. He didn’t feel like talking at all. He smiled gratefully up at Lon’qu, but he could tell by the look on the swordsman’s face that the look was more exhausted than anything else. Gaius offered him the lollipop out of his mouth, but Libra waved it away with another exhausted, half-hearted smile; Gaius shrugged, popping the sweet back into his mouth, but Libra didn’t have the heart to be anything but thankful for the offer. As far as Gaius was concerned, it had been an extremely thoughtful gesture.

Gaius set to work unclasping the hooks holding Libra’s capelet together, and Lon’qu pulled his own gloves off with his teeth, sitting cross legged at Libra’s feet where the priest had sat himself on the edge of the cot. He coaxed Libra’s boots off of his feet with a tender touch, and Gaius slid capelet from his shoulders. Both articles ended up piled on the floor, but Libra couldn’t honestly care less. Not with that hollow ache in his chest that he always got, every now and then.

Lon’qu’s cradled Libra’s foot in his lap, digging his thumbs gently into the socked ball of his foot, and Libra sighed warmly. Lon’qu was amazing with his hands. 

Gaius helped ease him out of his shirt, but didn’t make a move to remove Libra’s undershirt. There was no skin to skin contact, not even when Gaius brushed Libra’s hair over his shoulder to get access to his back, rubbing over it soothingly.

Neither of the men spoke to Libra, the tent silent but for the shift of hands over Libra’s clothes and Gaius’s soft breathing; Lon’qu never made a sound, himself. Libra let his eyes drift shut, allowing him to shift into a comfortable space, void of too much sound or sensation. 

“It’s okay, now,” Libra croaked after what must have been too long without use of his voice. Lon’qu nodded softly, shifting his hands up to methodically work the knots out of Libra’s calf muscles, but Gaius took the invitation for what it was, slipping the candy out of his mouth to press a gentle, sticky kiss to Libra’s jaw, careful not to kiss too hard or too much. His fingers soothed through Libra’s hair, catching in it occasionally when the sugar on his fingers stuck in a strand just so, but the irregularity of the motion was comforting.

Libra didn’t speak again for the rest of the evening, but it was okay. They made it okay.

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I am not the anon that said they used you as inspiration for their lit class, but I just started my college composition class this year and we just finished our first paper and no joke you and like two other tumblr writers were my inspiration. Your writing just flows so well and is so pretty and captivating. Honestly though, I wouldn't show just any gay porn to my comp class but i would show yours. Have a nice day!!!

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa oh my god?? y’all are so nice holy shit

i would die of embarrassment if u showed my gay porn to ur class omg

      so, like any other twenty-first century dwelling being, the first thing i did when i woke up dreadfully early, was of course, check social media. & it was there, hidden among the countless mentions calling me MOM, that i found this particular gem of a tweet. we met last week, danielle. just thought you should know i was staring into your heart, not at your boobs. boys these days are so slick aren’t, they ? anywho, hello, i’m danielle !


Just a short compilation of people who feel the need to hate on jimin because he ‘threatens’ their ship so much. I guess jimin got so much game going on that they can’t handle it. This is for those who keep on saying jimin doesn’t get as much hate as their fav does. It should be alot longer but tumblr wont let me(╯°□°)╯︵(\ .o.)\

On a serious note, please just please don’t take shipping too seriously. You know you just stepped over the line when you actually start hating on another member because of your ship. It ruins the fun for alot of people and trust me, it won’t get you anywhere in life.