하루의 끝 (the end of a day) (official mv)

160903 shinee world v in seoul day 2

ment #2

minho: are you having fun?
shinee world: yes!!!!
minho: really?
shinee world: yesssss!!!!
minho: same hehe

When minkey came out after changing minho leaned on key’s shoulders from the back while key talked

key: please explain your tshirt
minho: I love soccer and I wanted to present zombies, they are playing soccer but the soccer ball is a heart
minho: key please explain your tshirt
key: my dogs and I are getting out of a tomb
minho: please give a round of applause for key for taking part in these outfits
shinee world: WOOOO
minho: Louder!!!! So that he gets shy!!!

minho: recently key has been filming for a drama called 혼술남녀
minho: it airs on Monday at 10:30, right?
key: How do you know? 
minho: I am interested in what you do !  I look up all our members things, press conference and stuff. I’m all members’ fan
minho: the fans recorded ‘the moment’ talk you did and recently uploaded them on the internet. i downloaded them and listened to all of it because i thought you would be talking behind my back!
key: i can’t believe it….this is shocking, really…

Taemin’s acting all shy about his see through lace shirt and the other members are just staring directly at his chest 
minho: Sir, You should have worn some clothes when you came out!! 
taemin: does it look weird? ^^;
minho: you look sexyㅍ_ㅍ
taemin: only people with a good heart can see my body

minho: I recently finished drama filming, the concert prep and drama filming clashed a lot… Let’s not talk about the hard times
minho: this concert is really hard physical-wise thanks to someone… Shim-sshi
Minho said Shim Jaewon planned such a hard intense concert because he believed SHINee could do it.

jonghyun: please introduce the next song
minho: yes maknae taemin

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on september 16th kst, jonghyun will be doing a live stream via the naver v application. he will showcase his title track, “루의 끝 (the end of a day)”, during the stream along with other songs from the album, one that is said to be a new / never before released song. he will also be taking the time to properly introduce the album / share stories on the process that went along with making it. this will be his first public introduction of the songs that he previously released on blue night that is not through a radio broadcast. the broadcast will begin at 10pm kst. (source)

(news) shinee concert: shinee world v opening

shinee world v details

concert outline
• day & time: 1st - 2016 september 3rd 07:00 pm kst
                    2nd - 2016 september 4th 04:00 pm kst
• venue: seoul olympic park gymnasium
• ticket price: all seats 110,000 won (including v.a.t)
• concert-goers age: 7 years and above
• booking: yes24 (link)

• general booking
 - 2016 july 28th 8pm kst
 - 1 person can purchase 2 tickets

• happy family booking
 - 2016 july 28th 10am kst
 - seats for 3 as well as 4 family members
 - 1 person per family can purchase tickets

• wheelchair booking can be done over the phone. (yes24 call center: 1544-6399)
 - 2016 july 28th 10am kst
 - 1 guardian included, 1 person can purchase 2 tickets

special exhibition
a special exhibition where you can experience shinee world concerts from i~iv
outfits shinee members wore during the concert as well as unseen pictures and videos that you can look back on!
we invite you to time travel back to the past shinee world concerts at this special space.
• exhibition period: from 21st to 31st august
• exhibition location: smtown@coexartium 3rd floor smtown studio
• the exhibition is free of charge within the time period

source: shinee official website

shinee world v (seoul, day i) ♡ 160902
source: kimtaem / sullaem (i / ii)

jonghyun was “making fun” of minho’s hair. he said that minho practiced so hard / to the point that he turned old / his hair turned grey. before this, minho excitedly pointed out that he dyed his hair to which jonghyun responded that he has “celebrity hair”. minho then said that his mom kept on asking when her son would get to have “celebrity hair” and he was like: “mom, i dyed my hair!


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