We were all ready to break Spring Day’s record, but Big Hit played us and posted the music video of Not Today on Vlive and tbh

Then they posted it on youtube but the views again are frozen, just like happened with Spring day, so youtube fucks us too

And at the end the whole Music video of Not Today ended us.

What a day 

Dear BigHit,


PWR UP! (listen)
mix of 8-bit sounding funkopop title tracks/hidden gems by your fav girl groups (+ shinee)

shinee world v (yokohama, day i) ♡ 161209
source: ipipie

before the last song the dancers pushed out a real birthday cake for minho. jonghyun wanted to smash it on minho’s fast but key stopped him because “the cake is expensive”. (another fan account said that either taemin was the one who did this, or both of them tried to do it.) key asked the fans to join them in singing a birthday song for minho and jonghyun was so enthusiastic, waving his arms like a conductor.

minho was looking at his birthday cake, touched, and jonghyun started chanting: “don’t cry, don’t cry~”. upon realizing minho was not the least bit about to cry he started chanting: “just cry, just cry” but minho still had no reaction. when they moved on to the last song minho helped push the cake away and key went: “just take the cake and go home!


170217 SHINee- SHINee World V “FIVE” in Osaka Day 2

161211 shinee world v in yokohama day 3 fanaccounts

Key: we’re right between Minho and Onew’s bday now 
so onew and minho stood on separate ends of the stage and reached out to each other (credit: @fodfran)

Key was about to spoil something from Minho’s movie but Minho stopped him and said “secret secret” but mispronounced it cutely (credit: @fodfran)

minho: just for this occasion i’ll the lines in japanese!!
minho: i said it, didn’t i! i’ll protect you!!
key: don’t say it to me! you’re supposed to say it to the fans!~~ (credit: @mredwardsanders)

Onew gave Minho his necklace as a bday present but Minho went and put it on Taemin’s neck instead (credit: @fodfran)

minho is putting on a necklace for Taemin!!!! And taemin went “can the camera not focus on me? ah it’s embarrasing” (And covered his chest) 
jonghyun: excuse me, right now, we’re in the middle of a concert! (credit: @minhoclove & @mredwardsanders

During lucky star Minho sprinted off the stage to the back of the arena so the others followed suit and went all over the place unscripted (credit: @fodfran)

At the end of Lucky Star Minho and Onew did their bro dance and dabbed at the end <_<  (credit: @fodfran)

onew throws a chocolate at minho who went “please don’t go~” to onew
minho: chocolate? it’s a birthday present! he eats as he says that
key: tastes normal right? (credit: @mredwardsanders)

About both Minho and Onew’s bdays, Jonghyun said we can celebrate for both together and started singing ‘Happy Birthday Futari~(2 people~)'  (credit: @ipipie)

@ofgunsandlipstick ;; cont’d

        Steve couldn’t help but cringe when Peggy scoffed at him like that, still reeling from the news they’d gotten. Pregnant was one thing, of course he was excited about having a child with the woman he loved, but twins? How the fuck were they going to manage that? Part of him knew she was kidding, but the other part was pretty sure she was a little bit serious. “Hey– don’t go blamin’ this all on me, now.” He tried teasing right back, smiling as he reached over to take her hand. “Takes two to tango, ma’am. We were in this together from the beginning.” 

        Squeezing her hand gently, he took a deep breath as he continued to try and wrap his mind around this whole thing. “Yeah… twins, Peg.”