I did some shitty editing and made this mess. I would say spoilers but you guys are seeing these everywhere anyway. :/ Tah-Dah!


I did it, I finally finished it!

It’s the Aerospray MG from Splatoon, made for Ruhiana for her birthday today!

This took around 2 months to finish because I’m slow as hell, but I loved every moment of it, and if I could I’d do it again!

I hope you have a good birthday Ruhi, and I hope you like my gift!

Now comes the hardest part, mailing it. :V

V + Jungkook
V + Jungkook


* Thanks for the two awesome Anons for the request. Also thank you for the patience and understanding of my crazy schedule. But I announced that I won’t be busy with grad school anymore (long story) which means i get to do more of audio post. 

> V (Left) + Jungkook (Right) < 


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shinguvji  asked:

Headmaster, I apologize... But you are aware of the growing tensions within the Reserve Course, correct? All the faults of our campus, the treatment of its students and how the faculty acts... Being aware of all of this... Why hasn't there been any reformations for the safety and interests of the Reserve Course's students?

“Of course I’m aware of them, it’s obvious that I would be given how students from both courses can be. I want to try and make both courses be safe && comfortable around each other, in any way possible, you know?”

A PAUSE, LIPS GIVING away to release a soft sigh.

“Unfortunately, the higher ups don’t want me helping the reserve course, giving them somewhere safe.. Instead, they told me to just collect money, && to scout out students who have potential to be SHSL’s.. It’s inhumane, I know, I want to help them but..”

Another pause.

“I’ve already said my peace.. Anything else && you’d be stepping into confidential territory.”

I cannot comprehend

Ok anons. I look Asian (maybe it’s because I am Asian?????somewhat)I style my hair to somehow match Rukia’s. I’m ugly, there’s nothing really special about my face, my boyfriend is unfortunate, I’m a wanna be, you question my job as a model etc..etc..

But is my appearance the only material you are going to use as an argument to validate your ship now? My face is somehow related to Ichigo living a happy life with Hime and kazoo? My hideous appearance resembles my fandom and Rukia? How I look suddenly makes Kubo a great author???

What??????? This is honestly a new level of stupidity from your fandom. I don’t know which of you lots who keeps harassing me about my uglies but please stop it’s tiring and how is it that you have so much time to send me this hate mail e.v.e.r.y.d.a.y ??? Why don’t instead you ship your unloved ship?

Why not post a pic of you in revealing clothes wearing an orange wig and contribute to your sad fandom instead. Ask your boyfriends ( doubt you have any and double doubt that happy being single is your style since your fav character is orihime) to cosplay or help spread the ichihime love?

Why do you always dictate of how i ship the uncannon couple? Going as far to step on to someone’s personal space. Really not trying to be a morality cop but this is so disgusting.

I’m fine with this kind of harassment I don’t need you and your little squad to critique my appearance and tell me I’m unlove. I know that I’m beautiful and the beautiful people around me are filled with so much love I have no reason to worry or feel insecure.

But if this the new trend your going to bully others or any of ichiruki friends then I’m not just gotta sit and keep my mouth shut. Body shaming or anything of the sort isn’t to be taken so lightly. Critiquing a fictional character is fine they aren’t affected but people are.

Fat virgin, greasy Asian, ugly ass,with ugly ass parents and will have ugly ass children?? Don’t you have limits to these things??? Who the fuck are you to call a person ugly? And you will still ignore this personal attacks that will affect people for the sake of proving that your fictional pair of character is more superior?? Do you condone to this behaviour?

Before you call the next person ugly next time ask yourself is the action your about to take really gonna prove that the opposite fandom delusional, bullies, mean, hateful, hypocritical, miserable and make them stop their shipping their ship? Are they really the ugly ones?

Take your insecurities somewhere else. Nobody needs this ugly vibe around them.

pixcldream  asked:

How do you feel about the Reserve Course vs Main Course debate?


“..I don’t see why it’s such a large thing between both courses. While I have no clue as to how it appeared, and I’m saddened that it’s still going on. I remember when both of the courses would get along, unfortunately, it’s not the case now. Of course, I’m aiming for the two courses to be friendly with each other, but that’ll never be the case.”

glcves  asked:

“It’s nothing.”

Your muse comes home covered in bruises. Send me “It’s nothing.” for my muse’s reaction.

Some strong emotion came bubbling violently to the surface as his eyes trail over her beaten body. He soon recognizes this emotion as he sees the look in her eyes as she tried to tell him it was nothing. “What the hell do you mean it’s N O T H I N G? Who did this to you?” He spoke, his anger was being misdirected but he didn’t catch himself before the words lashed out. He stepped back for a second as he inhaled a sharp breath, forcing himself to c a l m down. The last thing she needed was for him to be irate. “Marie.” He spoke, his voice much gentler now as he leveled himself with her, his eyebrows raised with genuine concern. “Look at me,” He almost whispered. “Who did this to you?”