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mom ily!! could you do a shinee bedtime routine like your morning one? ^^ ♡

hi baby ily2! this turned out to be more of shinee procrastinating going to bed 


  • lying on the floor watching mubank 
  • suddenly gets up 
  • makes himself a bowl of cereal (minho: hyung it’s 12am / onew: i’m sorry food police, when do stomachs close????)
  • minho picks up one of his arms and drags him across the floor to the bathroom to wash up bc “the floor is comfortable enough i’m just gonna sleep here”
  • becomes deadweight in protest 
  • like onew no whenever you do that your back kills you the next day WHEN WILL YOU LEARN


  • keeps complaining that he’s tired but makes no effort to get up and go to bed for several hours
  • stretched out on the couch mindlessly surfing youtube and types in shinee mistakes 
  • LOL @ onew’s voice cracks and taemin/minho ripping their pants
  • shirtless bc he sleeps in his boxers anyways 
  • has little under eye masks for his dark circles bc if he can’t actually get to sleep might as well look like he got a good night’s rest 


  • has a plastic shower cap over his head bc he put deep conditioner in his hair bc honestly it is v dead and he is bringing it back to life 
  • convincing taemin that he needs it too 
  • they’re sitting on the floor next to each other and they look like twin mushrooms 
  • editing his bathroom pics so that he could insta them tomorrow morning
  • taking caption suggestions which he largely ignores (onew: why do you even ask then / key: *shrug* i do things) 
  • puts on his retainers so he has a slight lisp 


  • comes back from the gym
  • throws his sweaty towel at taemin and runs to the shower before he could retaliate 
  • when he comes out taemin’s RIGHT THERE like a frickin ghost and throws his dirty towel at his face (”HAVE YOU BEEN STANDING HERE THIS ENTIRE TIME” / taemin: no wtf i heard the water stop) 
  • shakes his hair like a doggo and joins the shinee pile in the general couch area 


  • wrapped himself like a burrito 
  • wants to go to the pc bang (internet cafe) 
  • SIGH he’ll just play league on his laptop 
  • key hyung when can he rinse his hair out (key: “wait another 15 mins do you want to bald early bc one day our hair is going to just break off probably) 
  • plays fifa with minho and destroys him which leads to a rematch…… and another rematch……. and another……. and it’s 4am

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I WANT TO BE FRIENDS WITH WHO MADE THIS (original owner: Luna Rose on youtube)

Life is like a video game

Some people go out and look for a challenge in life.

And some just like to take things easy.

Some like to think , plan ahead and create paths where none exist.

Some like to take every day as it comes.

Some like to fight.

Some seek the thrills.

And some would rather seek some company instead.

Some like to talk.

And some prefer the silence.

Some like to be in the spotlight.

While others prefer the shadows.

Some just want to party.

While for others the party has long ended.

We build.

And we destroy.

We cry.

And we laugh.

And sometimes we do both.

We get angry.

And we calm ourselves.

We make descisions we might regret.

We fight along eachothers sides.

And sometimes we take on the world all on our own.

We take care of others in good times and in bad.

Some will become parents.

And some will find a family in unexpected places

Some want to be part of a team.

And some would rather be alone.

Some like to play.

While some would rather watch.

Life is like a video game.

We all play the same game
But while some of us are just starting up their tutorials.

Others are already at the credits.