Serendipity: Falling in love as if it were fate and longing to be loved in return. You place this person on a pedestal as your angel and your world.

Euphoria: The feelings of being in love, giving yourself wholly to one person and placing your happiness in them.

Singularity: Losing yourself in a ‘love’ that winds up being toxic. Now, you do not have an identity outside of this 'love’.

Epiphany: The realization that the love of yourself is the most important. You are beautiful and do not have to alter yourself in order to find love.

Not BTS related but I don’t know how else to get attention. But basically the deaths of 2 high school students waiting at a bus stop caused by racing buses trying to get to passengers fastest caused a movement among the students of Bangladesh. Kids ranging from ages 7 to 18 are roaming the streets demanding better road safety protesting, controlling traffic and making sure all the cars were going the right way and that all drivers had licences. Teenagers did in 2 days what the government and trained police officers haven’t been able to do in 46 years. The streets of Bangladesh have never been so Clean and organized. Unfortunately the government haven’t been fond of people half their age taking control over the nation so they ordered police officers to beat up kids on the streets who were peacefully protesting. Young kids are getting hit with bats and are getting run over by trucks and the government is doing nothing. What’s worse is that they’re messing with our social media accounts to stop us from posting about what’s happening so that it doesn’t go international. We’re all trying desperately to get international attention so that the government will finally stop torturing innocent young kids who are fighting for a better nation. Teenagers are being kidnapped and people are being hired by people in power to stop us from speaking out about this. Please if you can spread this story on any social media platform you can Use the hashtag #wewantjustice and #wewantjusticeforbangladesh and tag news channels and people who can spread the word. Please. I know that this doesn’t really concern most of you but we are desperately in need of help.

Please help