🌸 COLORS (색깔) saek-kkal

검은색 - black
흰색 - white
희색 - gray
갈색 - brown
노란색 - yellow
주황색 - orange (or 오렌지색 which comes from the english word “orange”)
빨간색/붉은색 - red
녹색/초록색 - green
보라색 - purple
파란색 - blue
하늘색 - blue sky
분홍색 - pink (or 핀크색 which comed from the english word “pink”)
짙은… - dark /insert color/
연한… - light /insert color/

⚠as u probably noticed, they all end with the same syllable : 색
“색” comes from chinese and means “color”!
MOST of the time, you can remove the syllable “색” if the word is placed before a noun.

🌸 some examples on how you can use these words:

빨간 입슬 : red lips
분홍색 꽃 : pink flower
갈색 머리 : brown hair
파란 눈 : blue eyes
검은 차 : black car

♡ 가장 좋아하는 색깔이 뭐예요?
-> what is your favorite color?

♡ 제가 좋아하는 색깔을 연한 녹색이에요
-> my favorite color is light green

♡ 저는 보라색을 좋아해요
-> i like purple

💭 now, what is YOUR favorite color?🤷 go ahead and let me know by quoting this post :) in korean obviously~

데이트 - a date
자기/여부 - babe~honey~
남자친구 (남친) - boyfriend
여자친구 (여친) - girlfriend
싱글 - single
“저는 싱글이에요” : i am single
나랑 사귈래? - would u go out with me?
사랑, 사랑하다 - love, to love
“사랑해” : i love you
…과(와) 사랑에 빠지다 - to fall in love with /name/
“너 정말 예쁘다” : you are really pretty
“보고 싶어” : i miss you
키스, 첫 키스 - kiss, first kiss
약혼 - engagement
결혼 - marriage
나랑 결혼해 즐래? - would you marry me?
프러포즈 - proposal
신혼여행 - honeymoon

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