A very beloved friend of mine mine has gone missing yesterday in the Fole/Uttoxeter area of Staffordshire. She is chipped but is scared of people she doesn’t know and will run if chased so please don’t try and approach. Doesn’t know area so will be terrified. If you live in the area or know anyone that does please share and re-post, it’s also all over twitter. If you hear/see anything get in touch on here, Twitter or facebook to Tilly Carroll. Lets bring her home!! 
@wherepetsarefound here is an article you can share thank you x


25 Howitt Crescent, Uttoxeter, the site of a fatal fire where 3 children died because they played with matches.

To make matters worse, the nearby Uttoxeter Fire Station was out of service because it was dealing with a hoax call.

NEVER play with matches, and NEVER make hoax emergency calls. You might just create a new tragedy, or exacerbate an ongoing one.


Since I’m making a ton of miniatures of my Uttoxeter book to sell to anyone willing to buy, I figured I should probably give an idea of its contents. Here is the original and full-sized version that is in my final piece and will appear as part of the box-set at our degree show, Brink. The smaller versions will be half the size and feature the exact same layout, only with a different cover design.

The original cover shown here is actually quite special - it is the flipped image from the Yeah Jazz album cover that I scanned, blown up, printed and then xeroxed onto generic pastel card, on a machine in Uttoxeter’s own copy shop, Lavin’s. I really wanted to embed as much Uttoxeterness into it as possible, to inject some authenticity. However, the amount of processing this cover took to obtain also reflects the rather regurgitated way in which I regard my hometown - all my feelings seem second-hand.

The sequencing of the book starts out austere and gradually become warmer, but all the time depicting Uttoxeter as a deserted and confused place. The industrial and the natural now are lumped together in a semi-awkward manner, of a kind of feigned harmony, and the whole duplicitous aura reflects my feelings quite aptly, making sure that it still belongs among my other books. I think it worked in the end, and anyone from Uttoxeter can attest to its accuracy!

5-year-old girl found 'some time' after father died in foggy crash

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UK News

5-year-old girl found ‘some time’ after father died in foggy crash

Police are appealing for witnesses after a five-year-old girl was discovered alive inside a vehicle which crashed into a ditch, killing her father. Two cyclists called emergency services after spotting the car at Crakemarch, Uttoxeter, on Sunday morning in foggy conditions. Rescue crews found the girl in the back of the black Ford Fiesta suffering minor injuries. She was taken to Royal Stoke University Hospital after complaining of back and abdomen pain.

On arrival, crews found a car that was in a ditch; it had suffered considerable damage. It appeared to have been there for some time. It was very foggy at the time.

Ambulance service statement

Staffordshire Police are appealing for witnesses to the crash, which occurred on the B5030, Ashbourne Road. A police statement said: “Specially trained family liaison officers are working to support the family at this difficult time. Officers are keen to speak to any witnesses who may have seen the black Fiesta before the collision.”

A Dull Day for Uttoxeter

This photograph epitomises the mood of my photographs from the last two years. Having not been able to scan them until less than a week ago, I’ve been somewhat in the dark about how my work actually looks. With the exception of about 15 frames, all my medium format films depict my hometown of Uttoxeter. And the majority of these images show it looking kind of shabby. See above image.

There’s a heavy-handedness that I’ve noticed in the work. This image is admittedly a more extreme example, but it’s still quite noticeable throughout. In Plymouth, it was much easier to make light and airy photos. There are a lot of colours and shades Plymouth can be, but Uttoxeter is a medium grey town. A lot of the images look stodgy and dull. It’s a little disappointing, but at the same time, it hits the nail on the head. It’s pretty much just how this town is as of late.

The book I made of Uttoxeter as part of my Faith project, Midlander, presented it as an ordinary but austere place, and the work was very much about my disconnect with somewhere I know so well. But this is less about me, and more about the location itself. It feels really hopeless and lifeless. It’s beyond austere now - it looks dilapidated and dismissed, and kind of tragic. I photographed the same overlapping fence 2 years ago (I’ll put it below) and just look at the difference. 

Life existed, but it’s since been sapped out. Maybe I can try to be inspired by the deadness of it all. Or is that too contrary even for me?