Dragon Age: Inquisiton Countdown: 25 Days Until EA E3 Conference

9:10 Dragon - Accompied by her colleagues and King Maric, Warden-Commander Genevieve of Orlais proceeds into the Deep Roads below Ferelden and discovers the existence of a sentient Darkspawn, the Architect, who attempts to broker an alliance with the Wardens. In the ensuing chaos most of the Wardens on the mission are killed.

Just some dorkspawn chilling with ancient dwarven scrolls, sometime between The Calling and Urthemiel.

(I like him in tattered robes he looted off some decades old Warden corpse okay…kind of hard to find anything decent and yet fitting in ruined thaigs)

(also he has both eyes intact in the book, so I suppose it’s something later that messes him up so - what a delightful irony if it’s awakened Urthemiel)