Local GOP official makes bizarre argument for denying women equal pay, later apologizes

  • A local Utah Republican official is in hot water after publishing a letter to the editor in a local paper warning that “equal pay for women has consequences.”
  • James Green, the vice chair of the Wasatch County GOP office, wrote the letter in response to Senate Bill 210 — legislation that would require employers to guarantee all workers equal pay for equal work.
  • Green worried that giving women their fair due would take wages out of men’s pockets and keep women away from the home. 
  • Green issued a letter of apology on Thursday, reported on by a local Fox affiliateRead more (2/17/17 11:18 AM)

Utah high school forced female students to go on a date with a boy — and follow a list of sexist advice

  • Jen Oxborrow, the parent of an 11th grade honor student at Highland High School, said her daughter Lucy Mulligan received the mandatory homework assignment to “go on a date!” with a boy. 
  • On Monday, Oxborrow posted a screenshot of the handout the teacher distributed to female students, which lists some truly antiquated advice.
  • Some pointers on the pink worksheet include “don’t waste his money,” “be feminine and ladylike, don’t use vulgar language or swear” and “have a sense of humor.”
  • In an evergreen double standard, girls are also advised not to “worry about [their] appearance on the whole date” just before they’re reminded to “dress appropriately.”
  • The boys’ equivalent wasn’t much better, suggesting they bring their date flowers, open doors for her and “have her home on time." 
  • According to the Salt Lake Tribune, the assignment was part of the school’s state-mandated "Adult Roles and Financial Literacy” class. Read more