I was climbing a mountain last night, and a mountain goat gracefully bounded within ten feet of me and stood there chewing on brush and grass while I tried to comprehend how close I was to this majestic animal. After I scooped my jaw off the rock, I proceeded to continue my climb, and low and behold, this goat was escorting me up the rock, never more than fifteen feet from me all the way to the summit. It was a surreal experience, and it left me feeling that this goat, and maybe all goats, had a spiritual duty to watch over this mountain and its travelers. So I went to sleep, honored to have been climbing, and looked over by the spirit of the mountain. I wish I could draw a constellation in tribute to this moment. #mountains #constellations #utah #stories #stars

“Fracking moved the oil patch to people’s backyards, significantly increasing the pollution they breathed in small towns. Basically, it industrialized rural regions, and brought them many of the related health problems we were used to seeing in cities.” ~ NRDC senior policy analyst, Amy Mall

Must read story from rollingstone​ about a community in Utah that is experiencing a spike in infant mortality cases, allegedly due to fracking.

Indian Creek, Moab Area, Utah.

Photo by Corey Gargano @coreygargano
[ Rock Climber ● Christina Freschl @freschl]

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#559-Scraggy, The Shedding Pokemon ***By Request for anon***

Scraggy is a Pokemon that is constantly shedding its skin, and it uses the skin that it sheds as a shield, carrying it around its waist at all times. This skin can be raised up to its neck to protect it. Scraggy lives in dry areas, but prefers to stay away from deserts, choosing rather to live in rough terrain near large cities. Scraggy is a very stubborn Pokemon that will fight anything that it comes into contact with. (I’m sure you tumblr users can relate.)