“well it’s fine, there’s no helping it. with things like this, i just want to disappear.”


I posted the last one pretty late in my time, so technically it’s already the next day. Hahaha.

“Usotsuki” (or “Liar”) by yui. Probably the first MMD I ever watched because I was kind of ‘ehhh’ on models over hand-drawn illustrations, but these Alba and Ros ones made by omomasu and that everyone uses are just so beautiful.

Also this MMD was also actually the thing that inspired my story “Lies My Soldier Told Me”. 

Bonus: Another version of the video using human voice synthesizers to “sound” like Alba and Ros singing.

Same warning as last time:

***Do not claim the video as your own, and do not reupload, make GIFs, or anything concerning the video’s content itself without the express permission of the video maker.***

My own thoughts below the read more, as usual.

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