Kasamahans 42nd Annual Barrio Fiesta 2015 @ USFCA

Kasamahan celebrated their 42nd Annual Barrio Fiesta on Saturday, March 28. Barrio Fiesta is a performance event that showcases Pilipino/Pilipino-American culture through dance, music and theatre to celebrate community and heritage.

“This year’s theme of “Change” was decided upon to coincide with the year’s Kasamahan theme, “Unwritten.” Change is an unavoidable aspect of life that affects both the young and the old. Our future is unknown to us and it changes with every decision that we make in life. We also decided to commemorate the effects of Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan which hit the Philippines in 2014 through this year’s skit. As Pilipinxs and Pilipinx Americans, we are always faced with challenges that force us to change, but what makes us unique, is that we can still rise from the hardships and continue to thrive for a better tomorrow.” - via Kasamahan

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Translating science into plain English at the Exploratorium

As California and the nation race to educate more scientists, mathematicians, and creative thinkers, we can’t afford to leave students behind because they weren’t brought up speaking English, says Lynn Rankin, director of the Exploratorium’s Institute for Inquiry.

That’s why USF’s Sarah Capitelli has helped turn the San Francisco exploratorium’s renowned, hands-on science into language lessons for non-English speaking students. | Full story »

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