Looking for quality used photographic equipment from Japan? 

Check out Gin-en Camera Tokyo

Run by Mr. Masahiro Ohara in Tokyo,  Gin-en (“銀塩”/“Silver Salt”) sells top quality photographic equipment sourced in Japan. The Gin-en about page states that each item is inspected by specialist before it is offered for sale.  Their inventory looks good- and if you can’t find what you’re after, you can contact them with an equipment source request here.

Gin-en offers free shipping to Asia,  with $10 shipping to North America, and has a 14-day no questions asked policy in addition to their 3 month warranty. More shipping and payment details can be found at the bottom of their main page.

While they’ve been a store on eBay since 2013, Gin-en Camera is also on Facebook and Youtube, where you can watch short videos of equipment in their inventory. That’s a real nice bonus for potential customers. 

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disclaimer: this is not a paid advertisement (no kickbacks, either), and while I have never met Mr. Ohara I want to do my part to support honest and knowledgeable dealers of photographic equipment in Japan.

“Indian Summer, Pt. I”

You were the springtime fraud,
A late-coming Indian Summer.
Your icy heart briefly thawed,
But the vicious chill returned.

I was fooled,
And I can admit it.
I had put away my jacket
Thinking you’d keep me warm.
I was wrong.

You held me close with a
Sweet, summery warmth,
But only for a moment.
You were fleeting, and
Had always planned to be.

March 11, 2015

gingham plaid embroidered dress
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