Use the sedative if necessary

A Little Loopy

Nathan blinked up at the ceiling slowly. The past few days had been a bit of a disaster. His doctors had given him sedatives to only use when necessary, considering they were habit-forming and judgement impairing. However, with the crazy anxiety level he’d been coasting on the last three days, ‘necessary’ had become synonymous with ‘constantly’. He was always a bit doped up. 

The only time he had a moment of clarity was when his pills started to wear off, and his crying picked back up again. It was awful to be off his medicine, currently, and his doctors understood that. His sedatives were being monitored, and his heart beat was being carefully watched. But his brain was all over the place as he was pumped full of more and more relaxation drugs. 

“At least m’not throwin’ up, even when m’sad,” Nathan slurred, blindly searching for Matt’s hand. He gripped at the sheets a few times before looking down. He mistakenly grabbed his blankets a couple more times before finally snatching up Matthew’s hand. His depth perception was seriously thrown off.