30 things that you can add to your habit tracker if you are a student

The end of the month is for many of us the perfect time to take out our planners and bullet journals to plan the upcoming month.

Today I want to provide you with ideas for every student’s habit tracker.

You don’t have a habit tracker yet? I highly recommend this productivity tool for you. It can help you to track your current habits and it will help you to establish new habits more easily. Just check Tumblr, Pinterest or Google for some inspiration.


  • Do homework
  • Go to library
  • Digital detox during study session and lecture
  • Successful Pomodoro study session
  • Write essay
  • Accomplish reading assignment
  • Do research
  • Go to class
  • Arrived in class on time
  • Number of questions asked in a lecture (easier: participation at class y/n)
  • Review notes after class
  • Rewrite notes
  • Prepare a presentation
  • Prepare presentation speech
  • Organize folders/binders
  • Write a paragraph for essay
  • Write a summary
  • Write flashcards
  • Save written assignments on external memory/USB/cloud
  • Meetings with study buddy or study group
  • Learn something new
  • Declutter desk space
  • Study to-do list accomplished
  • Do some exercises to test new study material
  • Prepare backpack/bag the night before
  • Number of study breaks taken
  • 8 hours of sleep
  • Go to bed by a certain time
  • Water intake
  • Exercise/sport

Happy planning everyone :)

Pavlov had it all wrong

I am a single adult human living in a house with two corgis. Got Girldog from a shelter when she was about a year, year and a half old maybe; got Boydog a few years later as an 8-week puppeh. And let me tell you something, from Day One, this has been a three-way psychological experiment. I no longer know who is manipulating who on a daily basis.

  • One of the first things I trained Girldog to do was not to bark at the dinner table; if she barked at me while I was eating, I put her in The Quiet Place (her crate) where she couldn’t see me. She learned almost immediately to subvocalize her barks, to let out a breath with just enough vocal cord vibration that I wouldn’t QUIIIITE consider it a bark and move her further away from the food. It’s a sound like this: “Hrrrr. Hrrrr. Hhhrahhh.” I didn’t realize how odd this was until my aunt came over and said, “That dog hissed at me.” “Yes,” I said, “she does that.”
  • Boydog learned to do tricks by watching Girldog. I never taught him to sit. He learned by watching Girldog get a treat for sitting. Once, I told both dogs to sit at the same time, while I held a treat in each hand. When Girldog didn’t sit quick enough, Boydog put his paw on her butt and pushed her down.
  • I hung a bell on the door and taught Boydog to ring it when he wants to go out. Girldog sees no reason she should ring the bell, as it is beneath her dignity, and she can get her way by barking instead. Boydog, however, will ring the bell for Girldog when she lurks around by the door, although he has no interest in going outside himself. Girldog has made Boydog her personal slave in this matter.
  • Boydog rings the bell when he doesn’t need to go out but thinks I have been at my computer too long. By the time I get to the kitchen, he’s nowhere near the door, but hey mom, as long as you’re up, let’s play! He obviously does not believe I can see through this extremely clever ploy.
  • Girldog once climbed onto a sofa, crossed the back of it, leapt from the sofa to my desk chair, leapt from the chair to the desk, and knocked all my stuff off the desk. (I wasn’t there, but it was obvious from the trail of destruction what route she had taken.) Then she got down and proceeded to ignore the bag of corn chips she’d encountered and focus her attention on biting my phone charger in half, chewing up a USB memory stick, and eating a pen. I still have no idea how she could be so smart and so dumb at the same time.
  • Boydog will chase a laser pointer (not uncommon for dogs introduced to them as puppies! Pro tip) but only when Girldog is not around, because she hates it for some reason and will tackle him for it. Girldog also likes to be outside while I want to be in, and Boydog prefers to have us both inside. Boydog will lead me to the laser pointer, pester me until I get it down, and then run around chasing the laser and barking madly. No matter how stubborn Girldog has been about staying outside, she wants to know what he’s barking at and immediately comes inside. (It is always the laser pointer he’s barking at, Girldog. Always.)
  • There is a chair in my bedroom that I cannot sit on. The dogs take turns sleeping on it, depending on who gets there first. The only hard and fast rule is that if the human sits on the chair, they will both lose their cool. The chair is for dogs only. I have not even tried to sit on the chair for about six months now.

I suspect I’ll be adding more of these as the three of us continue to train each other.


Osomatsusan merch for “Furusato Nouzei” (2017)

“ふるさと納税 furusato nousei” is a tax reduction given to tax payers who donate to local municipalities.
and tax payers can pay part of their local taxes to localities of their choice.
while recipient local governments usually send local specialties or other items to donors in return for their generosity.
some local governments send anime merch to the doners.

愛知県 一宮市 Ichinomiya City, Aichi - an Osomatsusan figure
愛知県 春日井市 Kasugai City, Aichi - 3pc of Osomatsusan USB memory sticks

Ichinomiya City officially collaborated on the tanabata/star festival with Osomatsusan last year. #osomatsusan ichinomiya tanabata

italian-love-cake  asked:

If the RFA, MC, V, Rika, and Saeran were dragons, what would they hoard?

Zen: mirrors. Compacts, hand mirrors, dentist mirrors, etc.

Yoosung: puppies! Toys or the actual animal. His den is just a puppy daycare.

Jaehee: Coffee mugs.

Jumin: White cats. Anything with a cat picture on it. Plushies. Lucky Cats. All the things. BUT. The cat has to be white.

Seven: Anything with digital memory. Floppy disks. CDs. USB keys. Hard drives. Memory cards.

MC: Cute boys.

V: Cameras.

Rika: Cell phones.

Saeran: Music boxes.



For my first post i decided to make a “What’s in my backpack”

Let’s start with my agenda

1. It’s a good day to have good day 2016 Agenda:  I purchased this pretty agenda in december, in a store called Marshalls, it was around $8 and it has enough space on each day. It also includes stickers and I really liked that. 

2. My blue and green notebook: It’s just a simple notebook, since I’m an art student I am only taking one lecture class so I just need one notebook. 

3. Cute stickers: I purchased this cute stickers at Walmart. They were only .99 cents each and I use them to decorated my agenda. 

4. My black sketchbook: Like I said earlier, I am an art student, so I have to have a sketchbook. I recently got this one so it’s empty, but I will fill it up with things.

5. Camera Work book: My major is Photography, so I recently bought this book at the Art Institute of Chicago, and I am in love with it. I’ve been reading it for a while now and it’s coming with me to school.

6. My pens and pencil bag: I love to have with me tons of pens and highlighters, I really love to have them with me, it makes me want to have all my notes all cute. I have the same pen three times and that’s because it is my favorite, (Bic)
I also have my usb memories, and cute erasers. I bought my pencil bag at Marshalls and it was $3.99. And most of my supplies are from Walmart. 

7. My Frends headphones: I got this headphones on my birthday, they are my favorite headphones and I carry them with me everywhere, but I also have my regular earphones just in case.

8. My Macbook Air: I bought myself the laptop as a christmas present. My old laptop was getting so slow and it was giving me problems.

9. The North Face backpack: I got this backpack last summer and it is honestly the best thing ever. It’s big enough to carry all of my stuff, it has three different pockets and small zippers in side. Plus it’s purple with aqua green and those are my favorite colors. (around $60)

10. My canon camera: Since I’m a photography student, I have to take my camera with me to school and everywhere. I got it two summers ago and I love it.

I hope you like my first post on my blog!! 


Here’s some officially revealed Fullbottle combinations that fans have known about for a while via DX Build Driver leaks. With the new Heisei Generations FINAL reveal, we now know that using these Fullbottle combinations, which match the motifs of previous Riders, basically transform Build into said Riders. Here’s the combinations:

Decade Form: Camera / Card

W Form: Tantei (Detective) / USB Memory

OOO Form: Taka / Medal

Fourze Form: Yuujou (Friendship) / Rocket

Wizard Form: Mahoutsukai (Magician) / Diamond

Gaim Form: Orange / Lock

Ghost Form: Obake (Ghost) / Parka

And a special one being put up front is Den-O Form, making use of Momotaros (a character from Den-O) and Densha. Also not sure why Drive Form isn’t included. 

I’m still a little unclear on what these are called. I see Legend Rider being namedropped, but also Legend Mix. I guess since these involve existing Fullbottles from the show in some cases, they must just be classified as Fullbottles but together are called Legend Mixes. 

Also some info on upcoming toys. The SO-DO line will be including Cross-Z and KeyDragon Form, annnd judging from the combination of LionShoubousha I guess that’s confirmation that Harinezumi and Soujiki from the first wave won’t be repeated here. Good for you to know before that wave comes out.

On the Fullbottle side, GP Fullbottle 05 will include Orange for Gaim Form, and SG Fullbottle 03 appears to include Mahoutsukai for Wizard Form. Also in that SG wave is Cake, which is used for Merry Christmas Form teased here - it will be appearing in Ganbarizing.

horizonvibes-deactivated2015122  asked:

Can you make a little masterpost on what to bring to csssa? (And like how many bags you'll need to bring to carry all the stuff) (and if you need like extra storage)

This is from the list of “What to Bring” made by last year’s CSSSA students (Again, not mine but hope it helps!)


  • Student Handbook
  • Electronics, Accessories, and Chargers (Cameras, Laptops, Phone, iPods/MP3s, Kindles/E-readers, iPads/Tablets; Ethernet Cable, Headphones, Speakers, Outlet, Memory Cards, USB Drives, etc.)
  • Lanyard With A Clear ID Card Holder (So you don’t lose your ID!)
  • A Fan or Air Purifier (IT GETS HOT — Recommended)
  • Lamp/Reading Light (No Halogen Lamps)
  • Alarm Clock
  • Shower Curtain
  • Flashlight (No Candles)
  • Small Trashcan (Liners will be provided)
  • Medicine: Allergy Medicine (Including Epi-Pens), Asthma Inhalers,  Headaches, Stomach Aches, CRAMP MEDICINE FOR DA LADIES, Prescribed (DO NOT SHARE PRESCRIBED MEDICATION KIDS)
  • Things For Your Bed: Pillow, Pillow Covers, Blankets or Sleeping Bag, Set of Regular Twin Bed Sheets, Comforter, Memory Foam/Mattress Topper 
  • Cleaning Stuff: Hamper, Laundry Detergent, Bleach, Fabric Softener
  • Shower Necessities/Morning Routine: Shower Caddy, Towels (Pool, Shower, Hand Towel, and Wash Cloth), Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash, Shower Gel, Face Wash, Razors, Shaving Cream, After Shave, Deodorant (PLEASE), Hand Soap, Hair Products (Brush, Comb, Teaser, Hair Dryer, Curler, Straightener, Gel Mousse, Hair Spray, Hair Ties, Bobby Pins, Clips, Headbands, Safety Pins), Lotion, Creams, Sun Screen, Tooth Brush, Tooth Paste, Floss, Q-Tips, Tooth Picks, Retainers, Contact Solution, Contacts, Eye Drops, Glasses/Sunglasses, Make-Up, Make-Up Remover/Baby Wipes, Nail Polish, Nail Polish Remover, Nail Clippers, Tweezers, Tissues, Coat Hangers
  • Clothes: Pants, Shorts, Skirts, Sweat Pants, Yoga Pants, Leggings, Tights,  Belts, Jeans, Shirts, Jackets, Cardigans, Sweaters, Sweat Shirts, Dresses, Socks, The Necessities/Under Garments, Pajama Clothes (Tops and Bottoms), Swim Suits/Trunks, Jewelry, WatchPossibly Fancy Clothes (Suit, Button Up, Tie, Bow Tie, Dress, Nice Skirt and Top), BRING SOME OF YOUR MOST FUN CLOTHES! You will have the least judgmental audience in the world! 
  • Shoes: Sneakers, Walking/Running Shoes, Flats, Flip-Flops (For Pool and Shower), Sandals, House Slippers, Possibly Heels or Dress Shoes
  • School Related: Pens, Pencils, Binder, Notebook, Sharpener, Backpack, Gym Bag, Highlighters, Scissors (Basically bring anything you think you might need for classes); If you have summer homework (Books, Textbooks, Writing Paper, Worksheets, Calculators, Flash Cards, etc.)
  • Free Time: Books, Board Games, Cards, Random Costume Items, DVDs, Pretty Much Anything Else You Want To Bring,  Spending Money, Tea


  • USB memory drive
  • (optional) funny clothing or wigs for an assignment
  • backpack or bag to accommodate 9” x 12” sketch pad and miscellaneous art materials
  • a masonite drawing board large enough to accomodate 18” x 24” sheet of paper
  • an object, book, picture or song that inspires you to share with your fellow students on the first day
  • art supplies will be provided but it’ll be good to bring special things you like using

Creative Writing:

  • Extra lead for pencils
  • Binder with paper and/or notebooks
  • Pens or colored pencils


  • Proper Footwear
  • Notebook to write down the words of wisdom you learn each day
  • Tissue box when you just feel like you have to cry out of physical and mental exhaustion
  • Reusable water bottles (then you can fill it with ice from the cafeteria) :)


  • Empty Notebook To Use As A Journal
  • Loose Clothes You Can Move In
  • A Hat With A Stiff Brim (Like a Bowler Hat)
  • For Musical Theatre Elective -> Sheet Music for Two Songs
  • Character Shoes 
  • Dance Shoes

Visual Arts:

  • sketchbook (although they apparently give you one anyway)
  • drawing board (optional?)
  • anything not found in a traditional art studio that you plan on using in a piece
  • beret (super important)
  • If you are in sculpture/ceramics, bring an apron and CLOSED TOED SHOES!
TFA ship names as consumer product brands
  • Finnpoe - Swedish furniture retailer, huge in the catalog business
  • Stormpilot - mid- to high-end headphones (“Beats By Stormpilot”), currently experiencing a surge in demand in international markets
  • Poefinn - sustainably sourced frozen gourmet seafood, recently landed a profile in the NYT (feature photo: the CEO gazing soulfully out at an extremely blue Atlantic Ocean, dark curls artfully tousled)
  • Finnrey - has made old-fashioned kitchen appliances since the 1800s, currently experiencing a revival among Millennials thanks to hip retro designs and a savvy marketing campaign, has an AMAZING stand mixer
  • Reyfinn - hunting rifle manufacturer, recently got into archery hunting, not as well-known as bigger name brands but has been selling reliable gear since 1956
  • Jedistorm - FitBit knockoff, popular in China where young people have hacked them into becoming a strange new dating trend somehow
  • Reylo - athletic clothing line designed by an up-and-coming hip-hop artist with Yeezy aspirations
  • R*ylo - local DJ/producer hoping to hit it big soon, will be opening for Passion Pit this Saturday at your favorite dance venue downtown
  • Kylux - ready-to-wear wannabe designer clothing brand available at mid-level mall retailers, particularly popular among young, upwardly mobile white women
  • Reylux - a big box home improvement retailer’s in-store brand of light fixtures and accessories
  • Kypoe - athletic drinks, fortified with the latest trendy superfood appropriated from South America
  • Darkpilot - AAA cyberpunk video game, wildly popular despite criticism that it’s “too derivative,” already on its fourth sequel
  • Jedistormpilot - one single absurdly expensive coffee brewing machine, designed within an inch of its life, currently being shopped around to coffee shops that have just spent thousands on the previous fashionably expensive coffee brewing machine
  • Finnreypoe - USB and memory card manufacturer, quietly supplies for bigger name brands
  • Poefinnrey - Engineering/architecture firm famous for narrowly losing the bid to build a controversial new Olympic stadium
  • Poerey - charming children’s TV show, currently playing on the iPad of the child nearest you
  • Jedipilot - Fast-casual chain restaurant widespread in Europe (pronounced “jeh-di-pi-LOH”)

Empty Memory 8GB - Transparency - Pure Black / Beyond Object

Empty Memory is a collection of unique USB memory sticks. Each design contains a physical emptiness in its sculptural form, evoking the metaphor of a blank space which can be filled with your own memory.

Beyond Object is a London based design label creating and distributing poetic objects globally - including desktop objects, accessories and tableware.


Alright, looks like the first toy catalog for Build is finally here in full. Let’s see… 

DX Buildriver: Transformation belt used by Kamen Riders Build and Close. Two Fullbottles are inserted to transform, and the crank is turned to switch forms and also trigger the finisher.

DX Fullbottle Holder: Belt accessory that can hold up to 3 Fullbottles. Comes with the a Fullbottle I can’t identify from afar. Also sold in a bundle with the DX Buildriver.

DX Close Dragon: Transformation item used by Kamen Rider Close. It appears to be a collectible that takes up both slots of the Buildriver, but also comes with a Dragon Fullbottle. Also, it transforms into a small dragon on its own.

DX Rabbit Tank Sparkling: Power-up transformation item used by Kamen Rider Build. It takes up both slots of the Buildriver.

DX Trance Team Gun: Gun used by Night Rogue, which can utilize Fullbottles. Comes with Bat Fullbottle.

DX Steam Blade: Sword used by Blood Stark, which can utilize Fullbottles. Comes with Cobra Fullbottle.

DX Beat Closer: Sword used by Kamen Rider Close. Uses Fullbottles.

DX Drill Crusher: A combination sword/drill and gun used by one of Build’s forms. Comes with Harinezumi Fullbottle.

DX Hawk Gatlinger: A gun used by one of Build’s forms.

DX 4 Koma Ninja Katana: A sword used by one of Build’s forms.

DX Kaizokuhassher: A bow used by one of Build’s forms.

DX Gorilla Mond Fullbottle Set: Comes with Gorilla and Diamond Fullbottles.

DX Hawk Gatling Fullbottle Set: Comes with Taka and Gatling Fullbottles.

DX Ninnin Comic Fullbottle Set: Comes with Ninjya and Comic Fullbottles.

DX Rocket Panda Fullbottle Set: Comes with Panda and Rocket Fullbottles.

DX Kaizoku Ressha Fullbottle Set: Comes with Kaizuko and Ressha Fullbottles.

DX Octopus Light Fullbottle Set: Comes with Octopus and Light Fullbottles.

DX Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Fullbottle Set: Comes with Doctor and Game Fullbottles.

DX Kamen Rider W Fullbottle Set: Comes with Tantei and USB Memory Fullbottles.

DX Pandora Panel: A display piece that holds 10 Fullbottles. Comes with a Fullbottle.

DX Build Phone: A smartphone that transforms into a bike made for the figure line. Comes with Lion Fullbottle.

The Bottle Change Rider Series: The action figure line for Kamen Rider Build. Build’s forms split in half, and can be swapped around for different combinations.

The Rider Hero Series: The vinyl figure line, which has been revamped with a new pose.

Among the merch listed here, there is a Key Fullbottle that may be part of a campaign. 

Also, for Ex-Aid collectibles, a Legend Rider Gashat for Build will be available as a campaign item! I’ll cover these in better detail when they’re more timely and more detailed information is available.

Lightroom Review...


Lightroom allows you to import directly from you device, whether it is your USB or memory card. Once the files open, you can then select the files you want to use or deselect the ones that you don’t want to use. when you are selecting the files you also have the option to rename the files and also where you want to save them. This makes it easier to keep your files organised. 


Once all the files are imported onto the software you can then review your images. You can also view the metadata of your images. Lightroom also lets you add keywords  to multiple files at this stage and also allows you to rename multiple files.


At the optimising stage you can work on your images and improve them. It lets you crop your images, adjust the tonal controls and the colours, sharpen your images and general retouch. You can also view the histogram which is representation of the tonal values of your images. You can also view a before and after comparison of your optimised image.


When exporting your images, you can export multiple files at the one time which allows you to speed up the process. However, you need to save the images before you can post them to social media. It also allows you to change the file type.



Adobe Bridge Review


Bridge gives the opportunity to select your device, whether it’s a USB or memory card, and import directly from it. After your device has been inserted to the computer, you can then choose the device.

The files on the device open, and you can select/deselect all of your desired images. When selecting the images, you have the ability to rename the files and choose where to save them, making it easier to organise files.


Once all of the files are imported onto the software, the page appears as above. To view the review mode, you must highlight all of the photos and click the icon which has three files. 

Review mode is where you can look through all of your images and rate them, from 1 star to 5 stars. As well as this, you can give them a red, yellow and green colour organisation, and a rejection button for those photos that aren’t good enough. 

When looking though photos on review mode, you can zoom into images to view the sharpness. This gives you the chance to then edit your photos depending on their rating. The metadata gives the file information.


The optimising stage gives the chance to work on your photos and improve them. It lets you crop photos, adjust the tonal controls and the colours, sharpen the images, increase brightness, contrast, highlights and have a lot of control over the editing. 

A histogram is visible and this is a graphical representation of the tonal values of your images. It is simple to use, and there is the option to view a before and after comparison of your photos.


When exporting, you can export multiple photos at once, speeding up the process. Whether this is on your USB or hard-drive, there is the option to choose. You must save photos before posting them onto social media. It allows you to change the file type, including JPEG, digital negative, TIFF and Photoshop.

GROUP MEMBERS: @amiebrownlie, @megangalloway

So this is a bit of random speculation on my part, but one thing I am very interested to see are the Legend Rider collectibles. I think once people trigger yet-to-be-revealed content in the DX BuilDriver, we’ll get confirmation of this theory I have. 

We’ve seen that Ex-Aid and W will both receive a pair of Fullbottles tied to their motifs and character professions: Doctor/Game and Tantei/USB Memory. Makes sense, but what do you do when motifs start to repeat? We’ve certainly got more than one dragon Rider, including the one in the show. 

If I was understanding previous leaks correctly, we are getting a Key Fullbottle that can be used with Dragon (which is a Fullbottle used by our secondary Rider) to achieve a form. So y’know, it’s either going to be used within the show, or is an arcade exclusive that’s made to fit its aesthetic. 

But there’s also mention of an Orange Fullbottle which is meant to go towards a Gaim Legend Rider form. Since KeyDragon Form makes use of a padlock in its design, Key and Orange make sense for Gaim, right? So that means that Legend Rider collectibles will be receiving some use alongside “canon” collectibles. 

Basically, what I am interested to see is how many Fullbottles we’ll get that are made to go with existing Fullbottles from the show/toyline. I’m looking at Beetle and Camera which are to be included with a Ganbarizing binder, and I’m thinking those might be relevant to Kabuto and Decade respectively. The latter makes sense only because Ex-Aid and W’s confirmed sets make use of their characters’ professions instead of sticking strictly to the Rider’s motif. 

Really, it’s gonna be interesting to see how Ganbarizing handles a lot of these as well. 


Custom USB flash memory



5 Things Tag

Tagged by @bosstoaster

5 things you’ll find in my bag:

  1. Sketchbook
  2. USB thumb drive/memory stick/whatever you want to call it
  3. Laptop and drawing tablet
  4. Wallet/keys/phone
  5. Pencil pouch with pens/pencils/sharpies/utility knife/needle nose pliers/bone folder/scissors (I’m an art student, I need to be prepared)

5 things you’ll find in my room:

  1. Whiteboard calendar
  2. Batman blanket
  3. Lots of old sketchbooks
  4. Camera
  5. Variety of fandom items (mainly posters)

5 things that make me feel happy:

  1. Spending time/talking with friends
  2. Not having any responsibilities and just getting to relax
  3. Drawing/Designing
  4. OTPs (mainly Sheith and Zimbits at the moment)
  5. Sleep

5 things I’m currently into:

  1. Voltron, but more specifically Shiro and Keith and Sheith
  2. Check, Please!
  3. It’s hockey season, y’all
  4. Taking care of myself properly
  5. Sleep

5 things on my to-do list:

  1. Finish food truck project
  2. Work on sketchbook for class
  3. Creative Essay for Wednesday
  4. Memorize a piece for choir by Friday
  5. Laundry

(not part of the thing but I haven’t posted in forever so) 5 wips on my to-do list whenever I actually get time to work on them:

  1. Zimbits doodle I started for my birthday
  2. Wing designs for Andy
  3. Champion doodle for Dem
  4. Shatt doodle for Boss (also the Kuron painting I started forever ago)
  5. Super secret paladin doodle for someone :3

I’m tagging: @oldmythos @andriseup @ashinan @paladinpuppypile @lightshesaid

An informal language experiment

I heard a random language observation somewhere on the Internet: Regional differences are emerging in the anglosphere for the term for “a small data storage device you plug into a computer’s USB port,” even though they’ve existed in the mainstream for about seven or eight years.

Here’s an informal, unscientific experiment: Write a comment on this post stating which term you usually use, and specify roughly where you live. Choose from the following:

  • Flash drive
  • Memory stick
  • Thumb drive
  • USB drive
  • Another term (specify)
  • I know what this is, but I don’t have a specific term for it

I’ll get the ball rolling: I say “flash drive,” and I’m from Southern California. What term do you use?