Steampunk flash drive - Hand made 32 Gb “GAS MASK” memory drive - USB 2

Incredible and unique “GAS MASK” flash drive
Very high detailed Steampunk style 32 Gb USB 2 memory drive.

The precious steampunk object was ​​entirely hand made (except microchip memory) using epoxy resin, rubber and metal mico grid.
It was painted with non-toxic colors and for the aged patina were used natural products.

Compatible with Apple and Windows

Size: approx: 70 x 41 x 40 mm (2.75 x 1.61 x 1.61 inches)

An informal language experiment

I heard a random language observation somewhere on the Internet: Regional differences are emerging in the anglosphere for the term for “a small data storage device you plug into a computer’s USB port,” even though they’ve existed in the mainstream for about seven or eight years.

Here’s an informal, unscientific experiment: Write a comment on this post stating which term you usually use, and specify roughly where you live. Choose from the following:

  • Flash drive
  • Memory stick
  • Thumb drive
  • USB drive
  • Another term (specify)
  • I know what this is, but I don’t have a specific term for it

I’ll get the ball rolling: I say “flash drive,” and I’m from Southern California. What term do you use?

Leef iBRIDGE – USB Flash Drive with Lightening Connector

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Someone in HJU forum pointed out the subtle nod towards previous series in this week’s episode of Kamen Rider Gaim.

During a scene in which Ryoma is looking at the files of the different prototypes that preceded the Sengoku Driver, we saw some of them were meant to use Fuestles (from KR Kiva), Cards (from KR Decade), USB memories (from KR W), Medals (from KR OOO), Switches (from KR Fourze), and Rings (from KR Wizard).

Also, the prototype that used USB memories was called prototype-W (a nod to KR W’s name) and prototype-U used donuts (KR Wizard’s favorite snack).

Transformer 16GB USB Memory

Look at the flash drives you own.

Think about them from a ToyStory perspective.

When you’re not around, how do they walk around?

That’s right. They don’t!

They probably have to rely on some other toy’s charity getting wheeled around in some mini wheelbarrow!

How sad is that?!?

Not to say that they don’t have a good home but, maybe this would be more interesting?