Part 2-

This is a continuation of my hero/pokemon crossover.

i honestly didn’t think it would do as well as it has and i am so grateful for all your support so here is the rest of class 1-A (with some adjustments from my older post).

The only adjustment i made to my older post is Jiro and Kirishima i had some help from @sylanc to change them into what you see them as now and also to help pick the rest of the ones you see.

Ps: I wanted to doodle Hagakure but sense i have no idea what features she has i just made a shadow of kecleon and added her gloves (i know very original) plus i had no idea what to make Hanta and Mineta so i just made them into ones that have similarities (besides Hanta i just wanted to draw him as a Zangoose).

Part 1

Part 3: in progress