Lost generator home // Das Generatorenhäuschen

Since it was a beautiful day and also a holiday (Easter, a couple years back) the family decided to go hiking instead of loafing around at home. The destination was a tiny town, that was rather famous for its attractions of a “Sensory hiking path” (with llamas!), a restaurant/convention center, a geology hiking path and generally beautiful because untouched nature. The waterwheel remains belonged to a mill and/or sawmill (apparently it had been both at once), that had been turned into said convention center/restaurant. The mill wasn’t very successful even during its “primetime” since it was built deep into the river valley and the steep incline that leads to the main road was and is rather challenging (even by car). Also, one time a couple of french teenagers (tourists?) climbed into the waterwheel to goof around and one of them died, because they got stuck under it somehow.