With the new crop of stylish headphones entering the market over the past few years, the slew of colors and metallics available make them something we love to coordinate and switch up with our style. The clean, minimal palate of this pair was begging for a bejeweled, blinged out update; so we turned to who else but Swarovski to create the ultimate DIY fusion of glamour & tech. Multicolored rhinestones in an assortment of shapes come together to create a seriously glam jam!

To create: Place each Swarvoski Fancy Stone into a setting and secure by clamping prongs closed with pliers. Measure the diameter of the headphoneand trace the same circle dimensions on a piece of paper with a compass. Place the set stones where desired on the template. One by one, transfer each set stone to the headphone by applying a small dab of glue onto the backside and spreading it evenly with a craft stick. Repeat steps to the other side of the headphone. Let dry overnight. Plug in your new sparkling DIY and jam on!

Liam Inspired Long Flight Outfit by veterization featuring a hooded sweatshirt

Splendid hooded sweatshirt, $200 / J.Crew blue jeans / Topshop duffle bag, $81 / Urbanears accessory / Converse Orange Maison Martin Margiela Chuck Taylor Leather High Top…

finally let go of my old, hot pink urbanears for lilac ones today ;w;♡

they’re so pretty and i’m guessing these are the newer ones since the cushioning is so much thicker and fluffier!