~Sigils for Wanderers~

Each of these is meant to be beneficial to wanderers and nomads in one way or another, and would work well on backpacks, phone-covers, shoes, or anything that regularly accompanies you on your adventures. 

In case you can’t read my crappy handwriting, the meanings are, from top to bottom:

1. I find beauty and magic everywhere I go

2. I am calm and competent in all situations

3. I return from my journeys safe and happy.

4. I embody the power and adaptability of the sea

(the photos are mine, just some snippets from my own aimless wanderings) 

Kitty Bandit’s Ultimate Laven Fic Rec List

Okay, since it’s Fic Rec Time again, I figured I’d finally, FINALLY rec you all my favorite Laven fics. These will be stories that I’ve personally read and enjoyed. It’s obviously not a comprehensive list of every fic out there, but these are ones that I find absolutely amazing.

By Bottlecapmermaid (@thefearofcod on tumblr)
I’m Only Happy When it Rains (Vampire AU)

By LadyCosmos (@ninjalc on tumblr)
First Christmas
 (Canon; Fluffy; Little bit o’ angst)
Baby Come Home (Canon; Angst)
Rapunzel Retold  (Fairy Tale AU)

By Errantknightess (@errantknightess on tumblr)
Cold Side of the Pillow (Canon; Fluff)
Open Wounds (Canon; Angst)
Before the Light Fades Away (Canon; Angst)
Almost There (Canon; Angst; Breaking my heart every day)
Laven Week 2015 (Various; Multiple chapters)
After the Storm (Canon; Angst; Fluff)
Raspberries and Honey (Canon; Fluff)
Something Sweet (Canon; Fluff)
Ink on Paper (Canon; Fluff; Little bit o’ angst)
The Hardest Thing to Say (Canon; Fluff)
Violets are Blue (Modern AU – Flower Shop & Diner; Fluffy; Cute as fuck)

By Dhampir72 (@dhampir72 on tumblr)
Love in the Beauty of Chaos (Canon; Angst; Rip out my gd heart; I died)

By Salmonellagogo (@salmonellagogo on tumblr)
Stranger on the Shore (Canon/Canon Divergent; Angst; I’m dead– this fic ruined me.)

By Echoresonance (@echoresonance on tumblr)
What a Lonely View (Canon; Angst)

By The49thname (@the49thname on tumblr)
Two Sides of the Same Coin (Various; Multiple chapters)
As the Snow Falls (Canon; Fluff)
And So We Fall (Canon; Angst; NSFW)
Duality (Fantasy AU; Angst; NSFW)

By ApplePi (@ninfia on tumblr)
There is Peace in his Arms (Canon; Fluff)
Those Who Wander (Urban Fantasy AU; Mystery)
Words Left Unsaid (Canon; NSFW; Angst; Nosebleed Material)

By Zodiac_Attack (@novastellaluna on tumblr)
We’re not Broken, We’re Living Life (Modern AU– College; Trans!Lavi; Angst)
Black Ink and Rose Petals (Modern AU– Flower Shop & Tattoo Parlor; Fluff; Cute as fuck)

By Albenkind (@the14thnea on tumblr)
Taste the Flesh (Canon; Omegaverse; NSFW; Nosebleed Material)

By Lightningwaltz
Recorded History (Canon; Angst; NSFW; Nosebleed Material)

By Lovecraftian
Casual Haunts (Modern AU; Humor)

By Miko
Don’t Break Your Heart (Canon; Angst; NSFW; Broke me)

By Ouchness
Bad Weather (Canon/Canon Divergent; NSFW; Nose Bleed Material; Angst)

By Voiceless Freak
Midnight Occurrence  (Canon; Poetry; Rape; NSFW)

By Sirbartonslady
Lost Reason (Canon/Canon Divergent; Angst)
Via Dolorosa (Canon/Canon Divergent; Angst)
Deo Volente (Canon/Canon Divergent; Angst)
Je Vis en Espoir (Canon/Canon Divergent; Angst)
Angelus (Canon/Canon Divergent; Angst; NSFW)
My Little Lovely  (Canon/Canon Divergent; Angst; Lavi and Allen as parents)
Life Becoming (Canon/Canon Divergent; Angst; Lavi and Allen as parents)
Ten of Eight (Canon/Canon Divergent; Angst; NSFW; Lavi and Allen as parents)
Canta Libre (Canon/Canon Divergent; Angst; Lavi and Allen as parents)

And there you have it! My list of recommendations! If you check out any of these authors, please please please leave them kudos/likes/favs/comments. Spread the love!!!

Prompto’s earliest memory of childhood is wandering through urban streets at  sundown, blood streaming, sticking his pants leg to his skin the entire way down to the ankle from a scraped knee.  He has no idea how he got there or what happened to him, but his heart can somehow tell that the hurt which pulls hot tears down his face comes from something much more serious than that small injury.  

It takes a concerned citizen noticing him and calling the right numbers to kick off the flurry of activity that ultimately lands him in the orphanage where he spends the next few years.  He doesn’t remember much of that process either, just things happening too fast and people he doesn’t know asking him questions he cannot answer.  The only constants in those dozens of interactions with police officers, psychologists, and social workers is the guardedness of their queries into his unusual clothing and the eerie symbol blackened onto his arm.  But he doesn’t have these answers either so eventually the questions ebb away.

He’s glad when it’s all over, even if it means that for the forseeable future he’ll be sharing his space with the dozens of other children who occupy the home.  Though his clothes are no different from theirs now, they seem to sense that there is something off about him.  At first he thinks this must be because of the tattoo (whispered conversations abound wherever he walks, from which he only catches snippets, like ‘creepy skull’ and 'ugly snake’ and 'what kind of freak…’  before he tunes out), but the treatment persists even after he starts to cover it up.

He hears it again and again from the caretakers at the orphanage when they think he isn’t listening - that he is a 'hard case’… he even hears them warning off the occasional couples who visit, and even more occasional ones who seem to take interest in him, explaining that he has 'memory loss from apparent trauma’ and a whole host of other peculiarities like an utter lack of previous schooling that leaves him oblivious on how to do such simple things as add, alongside a paradoxical talent for calligraphy, though his impeccably clear and flourished handwriting is riddled with medieval archaisms of spelling.  So while the other kids are gradually adopted away, he lingers.

Just when he thinks it can’t get any worse - that he can’t be at once shunned AND singled out any more, one of his pictures comes to life.  By some blessing he was alone in the art room when it happened, scribbling a cheery yellow bird with the stub of a crayon when at once the wax-made creation sprung alive, hopping jarringly across the page.  That was enough to make his eyes widen, and he shook his head, sure that he was seeing things.  But then it sang.

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pingo1387  asked:

gotta go zosans for the ship ask

Ah! But your ideas are already so good hahaha

Werewolf/hunter: Zoro is a grumpy weretiger trying to adjust to urban life after years wandering. Sanji is the half-demon hunter who encounters him in a 7-11 at 2 AM.

Merfolk/fisherman: Sanji is the pissed off accidentally-netted merfolk who tore up Zoro’s small fishing boat and vanished in a flash of bewitching grey-blue scales.

Mage/familiar:  Sanji should probably have stuck to his potionmaking rather than attempt to summon a familiar. What he wanted was a small magical servant to help during the busy seasons, but what he got was an utterly befuddled fourteenth-century samurai bound to his cottage.

Barista/coffee addict: Who the hell goes to a fancy restaurant and just orders coffee? Some marimo who’s trying to balance teaching at a dojo and getting his master’s in social service, got lost on his way to the coffee shop, and decided that Sanji’s coffee was the only acceptable cup, apparently. 

Professor/TA: In his role as Grand Line University’s youngest-ever Professor of Culinary Arts, Sanji is often faced with humiliation. But having to go through Professor Mihawk’s irritating musclehead of a TA every time he wants to ask a simple damn question of his more experienced colleague is beyond the pale.

Knight/princen: Zoro didn’t expect to enjoy his sworn term of service on loan to King Vinsmoke. Everybody knew that the man was a bully and a tyrant, and his kids were just the same. Which is why it came as such a shock when Zoro discovered that the nascent underground was being funneled information by the king’s wayward third biological child.

Teacher/single parent: Zoro always felt more like Chopper’s big brother than his adoptive parent, but he has no problem with the assumption when Mr. Black beams at him and tells him how proud he should be of his son’s maturity, cleverness, and generosity.

Writer/editor: I got so inspired by this one that I think I have to write a ficlet about this



Terrified urban explorers wandering through abandoned hospital were ambushed by a prankster in creepy bird costume. This stunt was set up by Scottish filmmaker Lawrie Brewster in Kirkaldy, Fife. The production team set up seven hidden cameras to record peoples’ reactions. (Source & Video)

Walthamstow Marshes, Lea River, London

This raised pathway on the eastern side of the marshes follows the course of an acquaduct that once drew water from the reservoirs at Coppermill to the Middlesex Filter beds. The acquaduct has long since been filled in but you can still follow its pathway across the marshes - and if you look closely you can find remenants of old footbridges that once crossed the acquaduct…

Indigo Wanderer

1: Urban Twilight-Grimes 2: Alien Days- MGMT 3: Bloodflood-Alt-J 4: Nightmare- Artie Shaw 5: Holocene-Bon Iver 6: Science/Visions-CHVRCHES 7: Fairy Paradise-CocoRosie 8: Telepath-Crystal Castles 9: Caribbean Blue-Enya 10: Landfill-Daughter 11: Hearts a Mess-Gotye 12: Shadowshow-iamamiwhoami 13: Klapp Klapp-Little Dragon 14: The Fox-Niki & The Dove 15: Crawlersout-Purity Ring

Colonia Roma, Mexico City

A weekend of exploring and discovering one of my favorites neighborhoods in Mexico City; Colonia Roma.

Located near the ever popular Colonia Condesa. This beautiful area of Mexico City is home to many undiscovered restaurants, cafe’s, bars and music. With a large bohemian crowd the area has a distinct personality and offers an ever changing area with new businesses opening everyday.

Great place to walk around and get lost due to its beautiful architecture and tree covered streets and vast stores (food, music, art..etc). The location offers so many things to do and will appeal to all your different sense, only issue will be deciding where to start.

Above area  few pictures from my walk this past week! Enjoy!


~Urban Witch~

Today I wandered a concrete jungle, losing myself in the stacks of the (definitely haunted) library on campus.

This also is my submission to the @stregalookbook Monthly Outfit Theme. Be sure to submit as well, the theme is “Urban Witch”.

-shoes- Doc Marten
-leggings, shirt, cardigan- thrift
-scarf- handmade
-sunglasses- Amazon
-makeup- urban decay eyeshadow, cover girl lipstick (the Star Wars color!)