Here's to the busy witches

The witches who listen to nature sounds while studying for their finals

The witches who change into their uniforms in the minutes between class and work, muttering enchantments for good luck

The witches who feel guilty for putting their lives before their craft (they shouldn’t feel guilty)

The witches with a thousand things in their drafts, waiting for that rare evening when they have enough time write a post on tarot readings

The witches who forget to water their plants

Or don’t have time to cook

Here’s to the busy witches. You’re beautiful and I love you 💚💚

The Signs as Witches
  • Aries: Sanguine Witch
  • - Works with blood magick. Blood can be obtained peacefully, though the self or through others (consensually.)
  • Taurus: Grey Witch
  • - Works with neutral magick. Magick that neither benefits nor harms.
  • Gemini: Fae Witch
  • - Works with magick that involves communicating with/offerings to fae.
  • Cancer: Lunar Witch
  • - Works with magick revolving around the moon/lunar cycles.
  • Leo: Urban Witch
  • - A witch who uses magick in urban/city settings. Much less traditional witchcraft.
  • Virgo: Green Witch
  • - Works with magick that is herbal, earth, and botanical-related.
  • Libra: Crystal Witch
  • - Works with magick that involves crystals. Healing, Charging, Pendulums, Etc.
  • Scorpio: Storm Witch
  • - Works with magick that involves combining ones energy/strong emotions with the weather.
  • Sagittarius: Eclectic Witch
  • - Works with different types of magick pulled from several paths.
  • Capricorn: Solitary Witch
  • - A type of witch who practices alone, often in private.
  • Aquarius: Tech Witch
  • - Works with magick that is centered around technology. Uses apps and the internet for their craft.
  • Pisces: Hedge Witch
  • - Works with spiritual magick involving astral travel, spirit work and healing.