Guy Goes Around Making Graffiti Legible

French artist Mathieu Tremblin is responsible for several clever interventions in urban spaces throughout Europe. His project “Tag Clouds” involves replacing unruly graffiti tags with legible translations, similar to the clouds of keywords you see online. #Love it!


Street artist: Guido Van Helten

Guido creates an emotional and touching art by using photographic references, which are traditional to the place  and add a vibe of nostalgia. The portraits just born are remanence of a vintage fragility and sensitivity. When talking about graffiti he denoted: 

“There’s a drive with graffiti that’s hard to replicate anywhere else.”  

“What inspired me was that people were going to see it. It’s out on the street, you see it immediately; it’s going to be judged immediately.”
(interview on @widewalls-artmagazine )

Another post from 2015

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