uranus is circling your calves, urging you to stand for something, and most importantly, stand up for yourself and your own integrity, like a buzzing electrical cable, uranus electrifies whatever sign it touches, your uranus in leo whirring like a CGI sun 

placement asks
  • sun: what makes you feel like you?
  • moon: do you have problem with trust?
  • rising: how/what do people say you come off as?
  • midheaven: what do you want to be when you grow up?
  • venus: do you flirt more knowingly or unknowingly?
  • mars: when was the last time you got mad and why?
  • mercury: who's your go-to person when you need to talk?
  • jupiter: when was the last time you got lucky?
  • saturn: what are you the weakest and strongest at?
  • uranus: are you rebellious and do you act upon it frequently?
  • neptune: what was your best dream and why?
  • pluto: what is your biggest aspiration and why?
  • lilith: what's your biggest turn on in someone?
  • aries: what's your favorite sport to play?
  • taurus: are you a dog or cat person?
  • gemini: are you introverted or extroverted?
  • cancer: when was the last time you cried and why?
  • leo: what makes you the most confident?
  • virgo: what's your strongest subject in school?
  • libra: what's your favorite make up brand?
  • scorpio: what's your most kept secret?
  • sagittarius: do you like to party?
  • capricorn: what's the last book you've read?
  • aquarius: do you believe in aliens?
  • pisces: how frequently do you remember your dream?

imagine your whole body is the sun…

because it is. the moment you took you first breath, you became an aperture through which the whole universe expressed itself, you created a solar system

and your mercury sign is encircling your mind, darting down and orbiting your chest, swiftly flying through the air around you, leaving the streaks of whatever sign it caught at birth, your mercury in leo is a golden orb placing a crown on the mind, your mercury libra is a planet of chattering butterflies 

now your sun sign is radiating from you like a beam of blinding light, shining like the rays of the sun through the archetype, releasing from the heart, the shade of your sun sign, in flickering, universal glow 

your moon sign is fading in and out of your aura, cycling wildly, revealing a little, casting a shadow over you, or embalming you in lunar illumination, leaving a silky gloss, your taurus moon like cake batter over the body, immersing the moment 

now imagine the planet venus orbiting around your neck, like a shimmering necklace, coating your voice in the love you have acquired for centuries, playing the tranquil music of whatever sign she emanates, your venus in pisces releasing the harp of angels

mars is pulsing through your veins circling your arteries in excitable orbit, reminding you that you are made of iron, the nutrients of all the cosmos surging through you, the energy of all the universe, your mars in gemini rotating your bloodstream like flickering lights 

and jupiter is circling your thighs, the voyager, encouraging you to run far and high, to elevate into the sky, to skip alongside god’s creatures, to discover a philosophy for yourself, your jupiter in pisces giving you the legs of an old mermaid 

saturn is orbiting your knees, whispering critique to stand with a better posture, but this reverberates loudly inside, you could almost cower to it, the saturn rings encircling your head like a halo, guiding you toward your ultimate potential

uranus is circling your calves, urging you to stand for something, and most importantly, stand up for yourself and your own integrity, like a buzzing electrical cable, uranus electrifies whatever sign it touches, your uranus in leo whirring like a CGI sun 

and neptune is orbiting your feet, making elusive visuals, turning them into fins and tails, walking on water or on clouds, a mysterious fog exudes through whatever sign neptune is found, your neptune in scorpio radiating like a dark purple hue, a disappearing black hole 

pluto is orbiting your lower stomach, reaching inside and planting the seeds of eternal regeneration and rebirth, like smoky shadows pluto appears and disappears, urging you to go inward 

What your birth chart will teach you
  • Sun: Why do I act and express myself the way I do
  • Moon: Why do I react and feel the way I do
  • Ascendent: Why do I see and meet the world the way I do
  • Mercury: Why do I think and communicate the way I do
  • Venus: Why do I express affection the way I do
  • Mars: Why do I express anger and passion the way I do
  • Jupiter: Where do I feel most confident and where do I push my luck
  • Saturn: Where do I feel most anxious and where do I need to realize authority
  • Uranus: Where do I rebel and innovate
  • Neptune: Where do I lose touch with reality and how do I escape it
  • Pluto: Where do I feel most powerless and how do I need to let go of ego to transform
  • Midheaven: What do I want to achieve and who do I want to become
  • Descendent: What do I project on other people
  • Immum Coeli: How has my upbringing affected my psychological roots
the signs, how they deal with change, & decision making

(recommend checking sun + uranus signs)

aries: makes hasty decisions. thinking about things too long is not their style. they are the embodiment of ‘gut’ decision making. act first, think later. they prefer to deal with material outcomes and situations in the moment, as opposed to concepts - they deal with what is. their impulsive decision making style can have both positive and negative effects - but the aries would rather make a bad decision than none at all. they deal with change in a very material sense - their energy must be channelled into an outcome outwith themselves for them to feel liberated. 

taurus: reluctantly but steadily. taurus’ find it very to deal with change, as they invest so much of their being into that which is beloved to them - be they relationships (esp early formative ones), careers…of course, change can be difficult for anyone, but to taurus’ it is especially relevant. they are the grounded, fixed earth sign, the very essence of stability. comfort and sentiment are integral to their being, and they will make any possible effort to preserve what they hold dear. so change tends shake them a bit - as long as they can find some sort of constant, something to grasp onto amongst chaos they will be okay. they make decisions based on the long term, they are very forward planners as they crave peace and grounding, so that they feel comfortable planting their roots.

gemini: change is what keeps a gemini sharp and thriving; without it, they grow bored easily. there is nothing more depressing to a gemini than small talk, tired old repetition, never experiencing anything new. in this respect they are similar to their fellow air sign, aquarians. as a mutable sign, this attribute is even more pronounced. that is not to say a gemini does not feel connection! their way of being can be likened to the buddhist ideal of ‘non-attachment’ - to hastily summarise, they are capable of feeling love for another without wishing to necessarily ‘posses’ them. their decisions are made with the wish to experience as much as possible - this can occasionally manifest as hedonistic pleasure seeking if they are not careful!

cancer: cancers can be incredibly idealistic, and can easily lose themselves in fantasies of what could be, where each decision could take them - soon they’re immersed within their dream lives in vivid clarity. their dreaminess is a great quality to possess - discord only strikes when they invest in their dream lives to the extent that reality takes a backseat, or the lines between the two become blurred. as cardinal signs, their idealism is an innate quality of theirs. they may idealise the idea of change and be disappointed with the reality of it at times. change can be difficult for them to cope with in particular if it involves loss, as they are the true sentimentalists of the zodiac. likely to keep heirlooms, scrapbooks, some sort of tangible documentation. can cling to the past, and view it through a romantic lens.

leo: a leo will feel at home making decisions, and possess this relentless assuredness that ‘they know best’ - this can manifest very brashly, or as a quiet, but firm confidence (ascendant sign is useful to look at here). indeed, their confidence is not often misplaced - ruled by the sun, leos are adept to offering clarity to seemingly complex situations, seeing things ‘as a whole’, and their future implications. they are likely to make decisions based on a ‘greater good’, but can on occasion be tempted by, or succumb to hedonistic pleasures, or that which is most useful to them. change is alluring to them if they are the ones bringing it about, or, perhaps maybe even more importantly - if it’s leading to fun and new experiences. their unshakeable assuredness means they are unafraid to try unconventional ways, and will likely take the ‘path less travelled’ - if only for the story. they are strong willed, and regardless of change going on around them, their fixed nature makes them a constant - they won’t compromise their closest ideals.

virgo: methodical and calculated, virgo’s motto is: ‘there is no decision that cannot be simplified down to a pros/cons list’. as a mutable earth sign, they are naturally grounded and adept at dealing with change. they have a unique way of problem solving in general, in that they fully ‘take apart’ the situation, break it down into small pieces, and work from there. one of the highest priorities for a virgo is how the potential implications of their actions may help others. external change imposed from outside influences is very irritating to them, however change they feel ‘in charge’ of, that’s come from a place of resolved contemplation is manageable. they are one of the four mutable signs, and the way this manifests in the virgo is through pragmatism - putting things ‘in order’ calms them, and so the process of ‘settling’ things after change soothes them, and on a practical level, is very useful.

libra: libras will microanalyse, scrutinise, pick apart the situation from EVERY possible angle: the sign of the scales, they will weigh out every twist and turn. they are especially prone to trying to use ‘magical thinking’ to try and see how their actions may affect their futures. from the outside, many misunderstand them as scattered or impractical. this isn’t the full picture: the truth is, the libra is trying to find the PERFECT choice to make - and perhaps utilises unconventional means to achieve this. uncertainty is scary, but the more than anyone else, the libra needs to learn that at times, both uncertainty and change are inevitable. this is a lesson that is at times easier to intellectualise than to feel! in concept they are the mirror image of the virgo, as they both strive to perfection. however, they are polar opposites in their execution: the virgo is pragmatic, which contrasts with the idealism innate in libras cardinal nature. 

scorpio: within the scorpio, there are two very distinct elements relevant here: their shrewd, analytical nature, and their depth of emotional intensity. they tend to make decisions from their emotional side (living up to their fixed water quadruplicity), which can have chaotic consequences. however, they are capable of being very calculated, and if they learn to use these energies harmoniously, they are capable of making very powerful, well thought out decisions. they will always prioritise what they feel the strongest pull toward - irrespective of convention or at times, practicality. they do not adapt to change, they make change adapt to them because they refuse to compromise on what makes them feel alive. 

sagittarius: as a mutable sign, sagittarius are amongst the most adept at coping with change. that is not to say they lack sentiment, but more that the thrill and blood flow they feel from experiencing as much as possible tends to overweigh the feeling of loss inherent within change. sags thrive off exploration and spontaneity, and will likely make decisions based on how they can expose themselves to new ways of living, as much as possible. their way of viewing change as another exciting adventure, and chance for growth is truly exciting, and even moreso when they share that fiery energy with those that surround them - it’s contagious! 

capricorn: change to a capricorn is dealt with head on like most other matters in their lives. they will not avoid it, but deal with it. although capricorns are somewhat renowned for their stubbornness, they will accept external change and seek to work with, rather than against it - their stubbornness is more likely to express itself if their very to-the-point way of dealing with change is challenged. decisions are made from a very logical and calculated place - they think out the pros and cons, and then simply, act. as a cardinal earth sign, they stay grounded and practical, viewing situations from a very level head, having a very realistic view of the way things are. this means decisions they make are usually quite well thought out, pragmatic, and will likely come into fruition as they have a great insight and a naturally innovate nature. may be prone to focus on decisions in the scope of solely their own ambitions, which can lead to a sense of alienation.

aquarius: change is a chance for self growth, discovery, and expanding the aquarius’ natural horizons - so naturally they are drawn to it. in fact, the idea of change is far less scary to them than a life of mundanity, staying put and being restricted. in many ways i see similarities between their outlook, and that of the sagittarius. where they differ, would be where the sag would tend to seek out more visceral, thrill seeking adventures, the aquarius seeks change on a more innate level that will expand their worldview, and their way of seeing things. they are well suited to decision making, as they generally will approach things with their signature cool, and rational head. head over heart, for the most part. sometimes to others around them it may feel like they can never really ‘get’ or ‘pin down’ the aquarius - this doesn’t typically bother them too much - in fact, perhaps they are slightly drawn to the idea of being a bit out of reach.

pisces: moreso than any other sign, pisces are very likely to tap into their innate intuitive nature. they will look for signs they’re doing the right thing if they are prone to superstition, or it may be as simple as waiting for something to ‘click’ - it’s difficult for them to put into words, but when they feel that synergy, they find the confidence to channel their energy into wherever they feel the pull. change is only scary to them if it’s going against their inner instincts, but mostly, the pisces nature is amongst the most adaptable, and fluid - especially as they are a mutable sign. “It is not the strongest of the species that survives…it is the one that is most adaptable to change.” (side note: not to say pisces’ nature is paradoxical to strength whatsoever!!!)

mercury is the young student fascinated by learning, who loves to outsmart and pull pranks on his schoolmates

venus is the artistic schoolgirl who develops a crush on every boy she meets and writes incredible poetry about each one

mars is the short-tempered jock who understands more through grabbing and threatening rather than listening

jupiter is the historian who always guesses right on their tests and stays after class to ask their teacher more about old religion & mythology

saturn is the studious introvert juggling AP classes and extracurriculars, acing everything but spreading themselves thin as paper

uranus is the spunky rebel who dyes their hair different each month and campaigns for a hundred ways to improve school policy

neptune is the galaxy-minded inquirer who doodles their brain creations on paper, building entire worlds in their head before hearing their teacher

pluto is the mysterious dark child, looming the schoolyards brooding with the intensity of their mind, feeling the weight of the world on their shoulders

Solar System: 10 Things to Know This Week

State of the Solar System: 10 quick updates from around our galactic neighborhood.

1. Powered by the Sun

Fifty-nine years ago, Vanguard 1 launched to demonstrate a new spacecraft technology – solar power. We’ve been going farther and for longer ever since.

+More on Vanguard 1

2. Mapping Mercury

A big week in history for exploration of the innermost planet. On March 16, 1975, our Mariner 10 made its third and final flyby of Mercury. One day and 36 years later, MESSENGER became the first spacecraft to orbit Mercury. Next up: ESA’s BepiColumbo, undergoing testing now, is set to launch for Mercury in 2018.

+Missions to Mercury

3. Return to Venus

U.S. and Russian scientists are discussing a planned revival of the successful Venera program that revealed much about Venus in the 1960s, 70s and 80s. Meanwhile, Japan’s Akatsuki orbiter continues to study our sister planet.

+More on Venera-D

4. Rocket Power

Back on Earth 91 years ago (March 16, 1926), inventor and dreamer Robet Goddard changed the world forever with the first test of a liquid-fueled rocket. We’ve been going farther and faster ever since.

+More on Goddard

5. Moon Watch

Our Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) has been sending a steady stream of high-resolution images back to Earth for more than seven years.

+More on LRO

6. Busy Mars

There are currently five orbiters (Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, Mars Odyssey, MAVEN, ESA’s Mars Express and India’s Mars Orbiter Mission) and two rovers (Curiosity and Opportunity) exploring Mars, making it second only to Earth in the number of robotic spacecraft studying its secrets.

+Meet the Mars Fleet

7. Vote for Jupiter

Polls close today (March 20) so vote not to point a real spacecraft camera at Jupiter during the mission’s 5th perijove pass.

+Vote now

8. Science to the Last Second

In a little less than six months, our Cassini orbiter will plunge into Saturn as a spectacular finale to its 19-year mission – but not before it embarks on a completely new mission into unexplored space between Saturn and its mighty rings.

+More on Cassini’s Grand Finale

9. By George?

Happy belated birthday to Uranus, discovered on March 13, 1781 by William Herschel. The English astronomer wanted to name his discovery – the first planet discovered in recorded history – “Georgium Sidus” after England’s King George III. But he was overruled, and astronomer stuck with traditional mythological names – creating an opportunity for 263 years of student jokes at the expense of the ice giant planet’s name.

+More on Uranus

10. Go Farther

The round trip light time from Voyager 1 to Earth is more than 38 hours. Voyager 1 is almost 13 billion miles from our home planet.

+More on Voyager

Discover more lists of 10 things to know about our solar system HERE.

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  • SUN: Basic personality, your ego, how you express your creativity, how acquaintances and friends get to know you, your father.
  • MOON: The more private aspect of your personality, your emotions, how you express your sensitivity, the most intimate part of you, how your family knows you, your mother, your childhood.
  • MERCURY: Communication, how you process information, how you think, speech patterns, sense of humor, your wit, your siblings.
  • VENUS: Love and relationships, how you relate to others socially, how you show affection to others, your charm, your beauty standards, what you find attractive in others, the women you attract in your life.
  • MARS: Drive, ambition, stamina, willpower, what your goals are and how you achieve them, how you show your passion, how you react when you're angry, how you express yourself sexually, the men you attract in your life.
  • JUPITER: Philosophy, religion, higher-level of thinking, luck, how you express your faith, how you just 'trust', what your life purpose is, where you get your lucky breaks, how you experience prosperity.
  • SATURN: Authority, time, karma, limitations, methodical planning, how you ground yourself, your fears, where you feel weakest, your responsibilities, your commitments, how you have to focus, how you must improve.
  • URANUS: Technology, change, enlightenment, novelty, chaos, disruption, intuition, how you express your individualism, how you’re erratic and unpredictable, how you need your independence, how you need to break boundaries.
  • NEPTUNE: Dreams, illusion, spirituality, sensitivity, art, cinema, media, glamor, how you express your idealism and imagination, how you feel disappointment, how you wear rose-colored glasses, the mysterious, the unclear, the undefinable.
  • PLUTO: Personal power, transformation, where you’re both self-destructive and creative, how you face power struggles and upheaval, how you regenerate, how you heal.
  • CHIRON: Your deepest pain, where you feel inadequate, your personal sound, where you overcompensate, how you can heal others.
  • ASCENDANT/RISING SIGN (1ST HOUSE): How you first come across to people, your facial expression, your mannerisms, your appearance, how you initially approach things, your view on life.
  • 2ND HOUSE: Your self esteem, your resources and possessions, your wealth, your income, your talents, your values and morals.
  • 3RD HOUSE: Your observation and analysis skills, your thinking skills, your basic education, your curiosity, short trips, your local community and neighborhood.
  • Imum Coeli/IC (4TH HOUSE): Latin for "bottom of the sky." Your home, your family, your traditions, your history, where you feel the most comfortable, the most private part of your personality.
  • 5TH HOUSE: Self-expression, creativity, recreation, drama, art, writing, romance, romance and dating, your children or your attitude towards them.
  • 6TH HOUSE: How you serve others, your workplace, everyday routine, small pets, your health and how you maintain it, your organization and schedule.
  • DESCENDANT (7th HOUSE): One-on-one partnerships, traits and characteristics you seek in others, business partnerships, marriage, open enemies, competitors, roommates.
  • 8TH HOUSE: Intimacy, transformation, how you let certain parts of yourself "die" or "fade away", how you reform, how you restore, the give and take of control.
  • 9TH HOUSE: The higher truth, higher-education, travelling to foreign lands, learning about new culture or ways of life, enlightenment, looking at the bigger picture.
  • MEDIUM COELI/MIDHEAVEN (10TH HOUSE): Latin for "middle of the sky." Your aspirations in life, your goals, your career, who you want to be, your reputation, what the public views you as.
  • 11TH HOUSE: Your hopes and dreams, your friends, your acquaintances, how you network, humanitarian concerns, philanthropy, ideals you seek to live by.
  • 12TH HOUSE: Your secret motives, your hidden agendas, self-sacrifice, co-dependence, serving others, healing, hidden knowledge, hidden personality, spirituality.
Who Do I Attract?

So, I have a lot of these asks in my inbox right now, and it’s not really an ask meme, it’s an entire area of astrology! I figured it’d be easiest to just make a post on what areas and ways you may attract certain signs or placements.

The placements here are likely to draw in people of certain signs or planetary dominants. Usually, it will attract the Suns, Risings and dominants of these signs. 

Below, in no particular order, are areas of your chart that may attract certain people or placements.

Your Moon Element will attract the same element and it’s pairing one. For example, a fire moon will attract fire and air moons. This is because your inner workings and feelings are understood by each other more so than typically incompatible elements, like water and air.

Your Rising Element will also attract the same element and it’s pairing one, but it may attract the Rising or Sun sign. For example, an earth rising will attract earth suns and/or risings. This is because your flow and ego is attractive to those who think and appear like you too, rather than those who are more reserved or wild than yourself.

Your Rising Sign is likely to attract, and in turn be drawn to, it’s sister sign. This can be in Sun, Rising or Dominance. This is because your ascendant is the opposite of your descendant, and this is the type of person we look for and admire. For example, Virgo Risings have Pisces Descendants, so are attracted/attractive to Pisces Suns, Risings and/or Dominance as the two act as a whole.

Stelliums which you may have will attract people of a certain sign. If you have a Stellium in a sign, such as Aries, you will attract Aries. This could be Aries Sun, Rising or Dominant. It may also attract Mars, Fire or 1st house dominance. If you have a Stellium in a house, such as the 3rd house, you will attract Gemini. This could be Gemini Sun, Rising or Dominant. It may also attract Mercury, Air or 3rd house dominance. A list of possible sign and house stelliums and the placements they may attract is below. The people you attract may not be mathematically dominant in these ways, but they may be prominent in their chart, like in their Moon or Mars placements.

  • Aries/1st House Stellium: Aries, Mars, Sun, 1st House, Fire dominance
  • Taurus/2nd House Stellium: Taurus, Venus, Moon, 2nd House, Earth dominance
  • Gemini/3rd House Stellium: Gemini, Mercury, 3rd House, Air dominance
  • Cancer/4th House Stellium: Cancer, Moon, Jupiter, 4th House, Water dominance
  • Leo/5th House Stellium: Leo, Sun, 5th House, Fire dominance
  • Virgo/6th House Stellium: Virgo, Mercury, 6th House, Earth dominance
  • Libra/7th House Stellium: Libra, Venus, 7th House, Air dominance
  • Scorpio/8th House Stellium: Scorpio, Mars, Pluto, 8th House, Water dominance
  • Sagittarius/9th House Stellium: Sagittarius, Jupiter, 9th House, Fire dominance
  • Capricorn/10th House Stellium: Capricorn, Saturn, Mars, 10th House, Earth dominance
  • Aquarius/11th House Stellium: Aquarius, Uranus, Saturn, 11th House, Air dominance
  • Pisces/12th House Stellium: Neptune, Jupiter, Venus, Pisces, 12th House, Water dominance

Your Dominant Sign will also attract certain signs. For example, if you are Aquarius dominant, it is likely you attract air or fire Sun and Risings, as well as fellow air/fire dominants.

Your Dominant Planet will also attract certain signs as it is the energy dominant within you. A list is given below. The sign in capitals is the sign ruled by this planet, so it is the most likely to be drawn to you. The one in normal case is where this planet exalts, so whilst they are drawn to you, it is not as much as the first.

  • Sun dominant: LEO, Aries
  • Moon dominant: CANCER, Taurus
  • Mercury dominant: GEMINI, VIRGO
  • Venus dominant: TAURUS, LIBRA, Pisces
  • Mars dominant: ARIES, SCORPIO, Capricorn
  • Jupiter dominant: SAGITTARIUS, PISCES, Cancer
  • Saturn dominant: CAPRICORN, AQUARIUS, Libra
  • Uranus dominant: AQUARIUS, Scorpio
  • Neptune dominant: PISCES, Leo, Cancer (People debate whether Neptune exalts in Leo or Cancer - to keep peace I have written both)
  • Pluto dominant: SCORPIO, Pisces, Aries (People debate whether Pluto exalts in Pisces or Aries - to keep peace I have written both)

For example, someone with Jupiter dominant is likely to attract Sagittarius dominants. Or, equally, someone with Sagittarius dominant is likely to attract Jupiter dominants.

There are even more areas you could personally look, but referring to this list can give you a good idea. For example, if you have Scorpio Venus and Mars, you can tell from this you’re likely to attract Pluto dominants, Taurus Risings, and/or people with 8th house stelliums.

Your Midheaven can also work here for the first attraction! For example, I was instantly attracted to my boyfriend when I first saw him as he was a mystery to me, and as it turns out his Midheaven is the sister of mine. The basic rule for this first sight attraction would be like this:

  • Opposite signs: Mysterious, wanting to know more, seemingly the same yet different to you
  • Element match: Similar, you feel they are like you in some way
  • Compatible elements: You seem to appreciate them for who they appear to be, but know you are not one in the same
  • Midheaven ruled by same planet: You seem so different, but there is a similar energy within you
  • You can obviously attract and be attracted to any Midheaven, but these matches would stand out for the purposes of this post
What each planet governs
  • Rising/Ascendant: How the world perceives you, your outward appearance, first impressions
  • Moon: Emotions, expressions, intuition
  • Sun: Your inner-self, ego, consciousness
  • Venus: Love, affection, passion
  • Saturn: Responsibility, level of reality, patience
  • Jupiter: Luck, how you perceive the world, confidence
  • Mercury: Logic, creativity, social interactions
  • Mars: Execution of thoughts, aggression, power
  • Uranus: Uniqueness, sense, psychic ability
  • Neptune: Religion, spiritual thought process, imagination
  • Pluto: Growth, change, adaptability
  • Lilith: Your dark side, your flaws, bad traits
  • Descendant: Friendship
  • Midheaven: What you aim for in life
  • N. Node: What you are destined to do
  • S. Node: Your past life and memories
  • IC: What shapes us
Moon Aspects

When looking at aspects between planets, we must look at three things; the polarities, the nature of the individual planets and the potency of the aspects themselves.


  • Trine (most potent)
  • Sextile (must be called upon)
  • Semi Sextile (less potent version of Sextile)


  • Conjunction (Most potent aspect in general and interpretation relies heavily on the relationship between the planets)


  • Square (most challenging/potent)
  • Opposition (the energies pull away from each other)
  • Semi-Square (less potent version of Square)

*Keep in mind that the moon is the mother and all aspects can contribute to the person’s relationship with her.*

Moon - Ascendant: This person’s wears their emotions on their sleeve, this can be either comforting or admirable to others but can also be overbearing depending on the aspect. These people may also feel that their emotions are very important to their self image and identity.

Moon - Sun: With these two luminaries and counterparts being in aspect with each other we experience the relationship between the two parts of ourselves - conscious and subconscious, wants and needs etc. It is said that these aspects also represent what we were taught from both our parents or the relationship between them. These aspects show us the internal relationship between our psyches.

Moon - Mercury: These aspects represent the relationship between the person’s mind and emotions. They show us how we communicate our emotions to others and make sense of them ourselves. These people tend to spend time thinking through and analyzing their emotions regardless of the nature of the aspect.

Moon - Venus: These aspects creates a sensitivity in people as their emotions are directly linked to their capacity for love. Appearance is quite important to them and they almost always have a very comfortable vibe that allows people to easily open up around them. They are quite charming but can also take things to heart.

Moon - Mars: These aspects relate to the union between the emotions and the drive of a person. It is quite common for these people to be most motivated by their emotions and so, they are thought to have very powerful - almost compelling emotions. They show us the relationship between our emotions are our sex drive in addition to that.

Moon - Jupiter: These aspects show us how we share with others. They show how we influence people through our emotions and how our emotions influence our own generosity and wisdom. People with strong Moon - Jupiter aspects tend to overshare while those with weaker Moon - Jupiter aspects find a good balance.

Moon - Saturn: These aspects show the internal relationship between our emotions and responsibilities, whether they’re too much for us or not. They can also show us how we view those in authority and our relationship with authoritative figures in our lives. In addition, these aspects can influence how we express our emotions. People with these aspects may also have a bit of a chip on their shoulder or may feel that they carry a burden

Moon - Uranus: These aspects show us how our emotions contribute to our rebellious views as well as being an indicator or neurotic emotions. Because the moon also represents the mother, it can indicate to an unstable relationship with one’s mother.

Moon - Neptune: People with these kind of aspects are quite artistic but depending on the aspect can be quite prone to escapism. These aspects may also show us our emotional relationships with drugs and alcohol.

Moon - Pluto: These aspects show us just how powerful our emotions are and whether or not we have control over them. They can show us our emotions towards death or the occult. Unfortunately in some cases, it can indicate an abuse relationship with the mother.

The Sun, the Moon and the Planets: meaning

The Sun: represents the essence of your self, your will, your individuality, your vitality and your desire for power. More than any other planet, it represents who you are. It also symbolizes man in general.

The Moon: represents your emotions, your subconscious, your instincts, your habits and your memory. It also represents women in general.

Mercury: symbolizes your communication style, your reasoning skills, and the way you think.

Venus: represents the areas of your life concerned with love, seduction, beauty, material goods and the arts.

Mars: is the planet of desire and aggression. It represents your physical energy, your combativeness, your spirit of enterprise and your courage.

Jupiter: is the planet of expansion and good fortune. It represents growth, prosperity, abundance, wisdom, generosity and higher consciousness. Jupiter’s position in the sky map indicates where you are lucky.

Saturn: represents limitation, restriction, prudence, organization, endurance and discipline. It tells you where you have to deal with your fears - and also where you have ambition.

Uranus: represents originality, independence, spirit of rebellion, inventiveness, insight and all that is not foreseen.

Neptune: represents spirituality, dreams, psychic abilities, intuition, disintegration, compassion, self-sacrifice, deceit and illusion.

Pluto: represents elimination, destruction, regeneration, renewal and transformation.