My 12 Lives

Aries - A whole new world

In Pisces she wept and fell to sleep, a mermaid tail drifting in a sea by her side. All was calm, and then began the storm. A fireball in the sky,
a new season, a new beginning, a hurricane to drop a child inside. From the storm the Aries was born, learning to walk and talk, forgetting the mermaid tail she took 12 lifetimes to sew. She looks for magic behind every corner, always expecting something astonishing and new. Through fierce suppression or taught shame, her spirit becomes poisonous, because she is a wild heart, free and untameable, as young as the spring, as pure as the wind. And she may hold violent secrets, or act of some destructive urge that sings a song of impulse. Instant self gratification is important, consuming the world is important. Everything seems so foreign as if nothing ever existed before she was born. Now she is in a world that seems to have forgotten her, a princess of the night through her last lifetime. Her scarlet aura conducting fires in the horizon, a child chasing shapes in the clouds. Twinkle twinkle little star
now I know who you are

Taurus - Rest and Rectitude

It had all been so loud, so busy, so exhausting. Pushed from one frantic lifetime to the next, the Taurus woke up tired, her body seeming to be entwined with vines, her ears buzzing with the sound of wildlife. She walks through the forest to find hideaways opening just for her
a priestess of the flowers, a mother to the earth, a reflection of pure beauty, an earthy Aphrodite. Her eyes glaze with the glassiness of still waves, her hair matted with herbs, it’s time to rest now, to flourish in a world that suddenly became soft to touch and delicious to taste. She could never truly cherish her surroundings before, life past through her in such a frenzied flash
sometimes there are old anxieties that creep in, reminding her of chaos and carnage, hitting the walls of a palace she has built
founded on integrity, diplomacy, and the laws of nature. She approaches the day with sleep still in her eyes, often relying on caffeine to adjust to human life. If she could flitter through life on natural time, she would sleep for days, and cherish the stillness of night

Gemini ~ Wings of a Butterfly

She cocooned herself into a flower bed last time around, like a chrysalis. The tired Taurus and a breath of fresh air was blown from heaven, the Gemini awoke, a butterfly with a golden helmet on her mind. Energy released in erratic form, the only way was to spiral upwards with the other winged creatures
sending messages through ether, delighted at making sounds, twists and turns with words. Suddenly the mind leaves the body behind, she is a floating balloon
Full of wonderful tales and facts and insights, illuminating the light behind her eyes when her mind is alive. And she can stay awake thinking for days, stimulated by internal conversation. Her responsibilities and plans can vanish,
as if she has completely forgotten. She can find herself in a mess of paperwork and clothes, unable to escape the hold of her mind, deciding with one personality but in conflict with another, split memories of life revealing themselves untimely. And she can be chastised for her scattered mind, often forgetting the most basic of things yet she can keep you captivated for hours under the spell of conversation, whisking words in her mind like a magic maze, every age and time in a myriad of marvellous mental somersaults

Cancer - Timeless Woman

The incessant chatter of Gemini drifted into the back of her mind, turning into long conversations on the beach, the tide washing words with memories. In cancer time, every minute could be a moment, there is the possibility for growth, enlightenment, and meaning in every experience, the pinnacle events of life felt with a reverent glory, to marry, to love, to held, to be held, to be welcomed home, and be kissed as she leaves for the world.
She is not bound indoors, but rather makes a presence and a home out of everything, constructing hideaways in secret fantasies and re illustrated memory. Before it was all about learning and squeezing facts out of life, now it is about withholding life, or giving birth to beautiful life, whether it be her own, a child, or something or someone she cherishes. People are stain glass windows to her lunar sculpted eyes, their feelings moving like colours, their psychic activity enveloping her like a heatwave. And you wonder why she can’t sleep, when its something her spirit so desperately needs. But your worry is her worry, and you give it to her while you fall asleep

Leo ~ Harlequin and Heroine

Wielding light at her command, this was a woman who formerly ruled the Moon. Illuminated from the heart, a golden child of the cosmos
an heiress of the day, almost sick on sunbeads. The whole charade can be in disarray, born into a kingdom of chaos and neglect. Her howl is enough to spin the earth so the sun burns nearer
feeling temperature creep into your chest, and that’s the feeling of her breath. Sun honey, a crown made of maple syrup whipped by stars. Before she had given life, and wept, and provided for. She taught to love and how to feel. And now she is all these sensations in her own side show riel
A cast selected by the heavens. A script written by a royal soul. A child at heart forced to be an actress on a stage, garnering adornment and command, painting an image with colours drenched in soul tie-dye
Tonight she fades away, but she comes to life on stage, or in your eyes, or lying with your heartbeat by her side. She feels music and cinema, she can see a part of herself in every character. Life fades as quick as fame

Virgo - Butterfly Mind

Sunburn punctures through her, a coursing burn shivers, her mind on fire, alive with anxiety and thoughts dancing in intricate design like butterflies. Charring burn down her tummy, more tension inside, stings on their wings, nervous sickness. The Leo spotlight was so loud and chaotic, the audience applause become deafening screeches in her ear, pride longing for the recognition. But the show has ended, and the Virgo has been left behind
only a shadow for company in genius that has lost its mind. The show has ended and the only audience member remaining is the critic, ready to spit his words of venom, turning up the houselights and shining them right on pretend flaws. And the only way to leave was to get down on her knees, to begin repairing herself, to scrub the world clean. The celebration is over, and now she is stuck in her mind, desperately trying to settle a million anxious butterflies

Libra Lightshow

To be a perfect mannequin, oh that was the dream. As a Virgo she sewed threads until her lungs couldn’t exhale. But now she is the dreamer of dreams, the writer of romance novels, and the personification of art. Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the most loved by all? Libra is ruled by Venus, the Goddess of Beauty, sweet Aphrodite, rising from a watery clam into the airy clouds. This is where Libra dwells, painting the sky with her thoughts, dazzling like diamonds in the sun. With a pen feather in her hands she narrates the law of the land, reigning in on righteous justice and morality. Her body moves in harmonious symmetry, graceful, her expression warm and then glacial, for she is a woman born under the air swords, so intellect rules, beauty is in the eye of the beholder
and the mind is the beholder, so sharpen your wit before you challenge her judgement, she may be vague when she enters the story she reads
But she can be a woman scorned to those who threaten her allegiances or breed toxicity, the illusion and the glamor of a hall of mirrors, each face of a flower petal projecting through entrancing display. Daughter of the equinox, blessed with a cherubin face and allure, sorely misunderstood, she is not a flirter but a lover, a woman who finds parts of herself in everyone, parts of herself she longs to love, so she longs to love you, let her love you, it will be the most exquisite thing you ever do

Scorpio - Sea Siren

She plummeted from a jewel high in the sky, the cotton candy of Libra
free falling into the bottom of the ocean. Surrounded by all sorts of strange creatures, sea entities wearing the faces of demons, fighting to survive, born inhaling poisonous water.  And so life seems like a swim upward, but the pressure so harsh, the voices of ghosts are only under the surface, surrounded by hollow mermaids, sailors who have lost their life, between two worlds, the alive and the passed. She learned to love in Libra, but now she is forced to love the darkness, to cherish the beasts in herself  that claw at the inside of her skin, to be an instrument of light infusing with shadow. The sun shining through the cracks, the burn she can feel on her shoulder blades in quiet moments, it seems like sun from the bottom of the ocean, but that is soul, that is her soul, radiating across a hidden treasure island.

Sagittarius - The End and the Beginning of Everything

Waking from what seemed like eternal death, a lifetime of dying over and over as a Scorpio, becoming a phoenix, and now dancing in the dazzling sky, like jade diamonds. Flying over all the lives she has seen, every experience fills her mind with another location, another tropical island filled with mythological secrets and opportunity. She learned the art of psychic activity as a Scorpio, and now she is in tune with cosmic timing, living in a future arranged by vision, light, and prophecy. And yet it can all feel so incomplete, having kissed death and returned to reunite with a godly lover, through wind, trees, snow, and sea. One part of her body longs for the soil of the ground, the taste of real love, the human experience, grand and simple. And yet the spirit source caresses her to elevate higher, leave the lower mind behind and anybody who dwells there, for she must meet God face to face, with no church or temple or orgasm to hide behind. Ah, this is the essence of life. To believe what she has not seen, but to believe she will, so from the sky angels dwell but concealed by her own will. Sometimes she is too scared of her own greatness, she is after all, a hunter, one whose heart is reserved for the highest priestess.

Capricorn - What Becomes of Unfulfilled Dreams

The celebration of Sagittarius was over, the room was dark, and it’s almost like
performing a whole night of making up for the night before, or the life before. The Capricorn shakes on the ledge of the highest cloud, a mere push of
invalidation or discredit enough to send her tumbling roughly onto earthly concrete, the whisper of success in her ear flying kites in the sky. Between two worlds she seems to live, seemingly forced into responsibility from the
moment she took her first breath. Every experience and achievement forced through some sort of harsh institution, a secret life where she is berated
by her own volatile voices, and a life where is must play every role with
infinite ease, displaying qualities beyond human.
Echoes of children’s laughter play like violins in her ear, a harsh reminder of a life she was never permitted to know. A world alone. The rings of Saturn the karma she is forced to bear, undertaking the duty of confronting all the madness and the  pains of the Gods. And you want her to love you? You criticise her for not showing heart? That’s all she has ever shown.

Aquarius - Bleeding Rainbows

The world was loud and cold when she took her first breath, the lingering
shadow of life as a Capricorn haunting as she shook right to her bones. Tip toeing between clouds she tried to balance the crown on her head
all she had ever known was trying to survive and now she was a mother, a lover, a guardian to every child. When she laughs rainbows from the sky appeared, she is the angel of righteousness, truth, and humanitarianism. But the responsibility is heavy, and the crown becomes straining, alone she dwells, waiting for something to change, for people to change and find their hearts, and soul, and spiritual mind so she can descend and be free, so she can live on her vibrational harmony. As a Capricorn she had already walked the temple with Saturn, and now she had been summoned for another round, and her heart was already tired, and the voices were still so loud. She had achieved so much and yet how could she feel so empty and alone? She felt betrayed by their hatred and love of war and destruction. But there was soul and she could feel it, so
her mind sang with electric impulses of spiritual nectar
a milkshake of elevation for every being. You can sometimes catch her jumping from cloud to cloud, leaving a trail of teal flickering lanterns behind

Pisces - Mermaid Mirror 

After waking from what seemed like eternal sleep, she tumbled quickly,
plunging into deep water, taking a breath, but it wasn’t
water, it was air, it was earth, and she choked. Eleven times this happened, and the 12th time she realised this was life, 11 other spirits dwelling inside. The smell of heaven and everythingness seduced her from the invisible, whispering in her ear to come home, to shut her eyes and leave this world behind. She tried to walk but never really got her balance, the floor always slipping below her, her feet only having the memory of a mermaid tail. Everything can seem directionless and unsafe, like nobody could truly ease the sores in her spirit. She constantly attempts to swim away in oblivion, but a silver cord tugs her back to earth, reminding her of intense spiritual obligation, contracts she wrote with angels and demons. She has divine truths whispered in her ear, she also has lies, the trickster’s bride. As an Aquarius she had lifted humanity, she had raised a global generation of pure heart, she swung her legs off  the clouds, but now she was burned out, longing to fall asleep again, but she needed more energy than anybody to satisfy 11 other spiritual energies. 



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I’ve been wanting to make this brief introduction to lychnomancy ever since I made my first post about the different forms of Pyromancy and after reaching the 400 follower milestone, I figured it was about time!

Now, admittedly, lychnomancy is not a very complex practice. It is a very basic form of divination involving three identical candles arranged in a triangle; you ask a question, light the candles, then focus on your query as you or someone else interprets the candle’s flames. 

If one flame burns brighter than the others, the answer is a positive one. Wavering or flickering flames indicated a journey, or that you may encounter obstacles. If your flame spirals upward, enemies are plotting against you. An uneven flame indicates danger. If sparks occur, caution is advised. It is considered very bad luck if all flames are extinguished at once, but I have never personally seen this occur and consider it rare!

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Despite being rather simplistic, I really do love this form of divination. It speaks to me on a level that I cannot describe and every time I read the flames to answer my own questions, it feels deeply personal. 

I’ve taken creative liberty with this practice to spice things up every once in a while. Sometimes I will take a crystal that represents my emotions, charge it with my thoughts and feelings, and place it in the center of the three candles just before lighting them, as a way of focusing. This way the fire is able to draw on the power of raw emotion. Other times I will include tarot, using a combination of a single card and the three flames to find the answer to my question. It feels more detailed and dynamic this way.

I love what fire represents. It is the energy of life. It is passionate, raw and untamed. Dangerous, necessary, creative, and destructive. It is the most lively of the elements, and it can do so much. It is no different in lychnomancy. When practicing, keep that in mind. A simple candle flame can be so many different things, and it’s important to be in touch with your emotions when you practice any sort of pyromancy. However, be sure to balance yourself out afterward. If you do get this involved with your divination you’ll start to feel burnt out, like a candle at the end of its wick. Take a moment, drink some water - to put out the flames inside, of course - and breathe. Use the other elements to ground yourself. Sit on the floor, breathe deeply, and have some water nearby.

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 As a special gift to all of my followers, I will be keeping my divination requests open throughout the month of May starting today, April 30th! I will be answering questions using the very basic form of lychnomancy as not to exert myself with constant, draining sessions. Feel free to send me an ask at any time ( anon or not! ) with any questions you may have, and I will answer it as soon as I am able!

Practice safely, my witchy friends~

For @illustraice and her amazing Sun/Moon spirit au? THIS WAS SO RUSHED, BY I wanted to give you something in addition to the writing.

Thank you for all your amazing work. (PLEASE DON’T LISTEN TO EINE KLEINE BY RACHIE. it really hurts with this au.)

It’s entirely a lie that the gods whisper amongst themselves. Behind soft tones and intrepid smiles, he knows what they say about her. About him.

But his golden light conceals too much. He can’t see the truth behind the glaring brightness of his own being.

They say that she’s weak without him. That they’re two halves of a broken whole, and that the moon cannot shine without the sun.

They forget that she is the night sky and all it encompasses. They forget that she holds the stars in her small hands, that she grasps the distant galaxies with her glowing night.

He doesn’t get to see her much. But when he does, the old scars across his back and his chest and the ones that sear in his heart all ache.

Vague memories of bloodless war flit through his mind. Her blue eyes are ever closed in his presence. Her dark gown spilling over like ink around her form.

She is perfection. Everything he is not.

She is not his to have. Her silver heart belongs to a human she once met.

She reaches for a man she knows is no longer living. But her moon shines just for him…for Adrien.

It wanes when the remembrance of war hurts her. It waxes red and full when her anger writhes and pulls at the oceans.

She once was human. Once was on earth long enough to meet a boy with golden hair like wheat and eyes the color of sunlight through leaves. A boy who fought in a revolution with ideals as pure as newly born life wavering under the spring sun.

“Wait for me. Wait for me, my Lady. When it is over, we can see each other again.”

But he never came for her. She’d searched long and hard across the streets of Paris, her form slowly shifting as the constellations on her back faded.

Mortals had so often made wishes on her stars, but she lamented that she cannot do the same as her heart leaked open and her tears doused the corpses that littered the battleground.

It’s been centuries, and her heart still aches.

(As do the old scars that gleam like starlight across her ribs and back, the scars the curl around her legs like sea foam.)

So she waits with a smile that cuts across the dark like her crescent moon, watching the world turn while she waits for a soul to be reborn. Her eyes drift into a sleep, dreams dancing across her sight full of wishes she cannot grant.

It is the strangest thing, he thinks, to make wishes on a flower.

The Earth is such a beautiful balance…one who’s beauty brings with it a sharp regret that he can’t quite recall.

There’s peace in this field of sunflowers that rise like curious sentinels for their king. He feels safe in their shade, hidden from the glare of his own sun.

There’s a little lark that sits on his shoulder, head tilted inquisitively at him. He gives it a gentle smile, and turns back to the flower he holds.

(The local flower spirit…a tiny pink robed girl by the name of Rose…has kindly left him to his devices.)

But he holds not a sunflower, but a delicate dandelion in between his warm hands, and he heaves a breath.

“I want to see her.” He whispers.

He watches the seeds drift away on the sudden breeze. They spiral upwards into the sharply blue sky, a color that distinctly reminds him of the one he adores.

His wish is carried away on the breeze. He hopes the wind spirit cannot hear it. But then again, he wonders if he should have wished on the stars instead.

Maybe then she would have heard the sound of his golden heart reaching across the sky for her.

They meet once more during an eclipse.

He thinks it oddly fitting that the darkest time of existence for him is when he can see her.

She thinks it oddly disquieting that the brightest time of existence for her is when they cross paths.

An eclipse. Solar or lunar, she can’t quite tell yet.

But those familiar tendrils of heat reach out for her. Her hands feel cold and there’s an old timeliness pain that lances through her as he calls her name.

Still, she curls into herself, a full moon who’s silvery light wanes in the face of the golden sun.

Her eyes remain closed, but somehow, her frigid fingers reach across the brief expanse, seeking a warmth they do not want.

“What are you afraid of, Night? Why do you curl away from me?” He calls out, slight irritation causing him to flare red and orange for a moment.

She lets the frost under her shadow creep into her tone…lets the elegance of snow and ice under stars color her answer.

“I don’t love you. I don’t want eternity with you. We may remain friends.”

He’s frustrated. And he can’t catch her glance, because still her eyes are closed against him and the tears well up in his own gaze.

“I understand.” He says quietly, and the rest of the eclipse is spent in silence.

But there’s a gentle smile in her goodbye and he just barely catches the tips of her fingers to press a burning kiss to them.

She opens her eyes the smallest bit, oddly gray in the light of the blue stars that color her gown.

And then they part.
She hears the wish he made on her brightest star.

She can’t grant it.

They think the night needs the day to shine. How wrong they are…it is the day that wholly depends on the night.

It is his golden heart that aches for her. It is his balance that is broken when she disappears and he remains.

Her night sky remains, but there’s a wailing loneliness that makes it seem so much dimmer.

His cries echo across the stars, and his tears become rain.

She hides on Earth, and while her heart aches still, she shifts her dark umbrella higher over her shoulders and lets the tears roll cruelly over it.

She cannot grant his wish when she’s working so hard to grant her own.

There’s someone she needs to find.

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psst: hand holding :)

It wasn’t a gentle catch.

Tony just barely got ahold of him, both hands digging into his forearm, and although Tony tried to swoop with Steve’s momentum, the catch was far from smooth. Steve’s shoulder jarred so fiercely he could hear it groan. He gritted his teeth against the fiery ache in his shoulder socket even as he strained the muscle to leverage himself closer to Tony.

“You know I have a heart condition,” Tony said, his voice clear over the comms.

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One Shot (V)

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Chanyeol

Rating: NC-17

Word Count: 2,638

Summary:  You’re a deadly assassin, hired to kill bad guys. But what if the bad guy doesn’t seem so … bad?

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Gemini ~ Wings of a Butterfly 

She cocooned herself into a flower bed last time around, like a chrysalis. The tired Taurus
and a breath of fresh air was blown from heaven, the Gemini awoke, a butterfly with a golden helmet on her mind. Energy released in erratic form, the only way was to spiral upwards with the other winged creatures
sending messages through ether, delighted at making sounds, twists and turns with words. Suddenly the mind leaves the body behind, she is a floating balloon
Full of wonderful tales and facts and insights, illuminating the light behind her eyes
when her mind is alive. And she can stay awake thinking for days, stimulated by internal conversation. Her responsibilities and plans can vanish, 
as if she has completely forgotten. She can find herself in a mess of paperwork and clothes, unable to escape the hold of her mind, deciding with one personality but in conflict with another, split memories of life revealing themselves untimely. And she can be chastised for her scattered mind, often forgetting the most basic of things 
yet she can keep you captivated for hours under the spell of conversation, whisking words in her mind like a magic maze, every age and time in a myriad of marvellous mental somersaults 


art by natalie shau

‘My Cup of Tea’ (Sherlock x Reader)

requested by  nekokawaiimewmew <3

prompt; (’my cup of tea’ title)  the reader enjoying a very peculiar brand of tea and as sherlock starts developing feelings for her he starts liking the tea brand too /  Oh man, the title prompt “My Cup of Tea” with Sherlock sounded so cute! Would you mind writing it out? Thanks so much!

words; 957

warnings; none


Tomato mint tea was indeed a very strange and frowned upon flavor that many would not even dare to place in their home. However, this was never the case for you, since you always had at least three packs stored away in your cabinet for whenever you needed a hot drink. It was not common to have it, even rarer to enjoy it, and you were one of those peculiar exceptions that were both.

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Recommended Listening: Let Me Die - Abel Korzeniowski

She dreams of iron. A rusty sword in her mouth, prying open her lips, between her teeth. It’s in the hands of a shadow she doesn’t know, wearing a face she doesn’t recognize. A rough hand on her jaw, keeping her still. She knows this dream. She’s had it before. It changes today. Today the shadow moves, hand over her face, thumb in her eye. She wakes to an arm underneath her back, forcing her to sit upright. The cough bubbles in her throat, and the blood drools from her lips. He raises an already stained cloth, tenderly wiping away every last drop. “My Warden,” he murmurs.

She tries to protest when he leans closer, hands against his chest, pushing him away. He doesn’t care. He takes her face in his hands, pulls her into the kiss. A long, deep, lingering thing, his lips pressed desperately against hers. When Zevran pulls away, she can see her blood upon his mouth. Her head tilts curiously, as she can also see the heat that radiates from him. The colors that swirl about him. His pulse, beating in his veins. He’s frowning, and the gentle hands on her face tighten.

He turns her ever so carefully, his face so near to hers. He studies her left eye, once so bright, now gray and glassy. She raises her hand, covers the eye. The one the shadow had taken in her dream. He presses his forehead against hers, squeezes his eyes closed. She wraps her arms around his neck, and they draw each other in. His head on her shoulder, her head against his. He had said nothing at the skin that grew paler, and the spots like bruising. The darkening underneath her eyes. The black veins that spiral upwards. He says nothing here either, just, “mi amore.”

She’s moving, shifting, straddling him with her hands on his shoulders as he kisses her collarbone. She draws the knife from underneath his pillow. Wind beats against the side of their tent, the first drops of rain beginning to fall. She reaches for his hands, wraps his hands around the hilt, her hands wrapped around his. The blade she presses against her belly. “Don’t let me,” she says, “don’t let me become one of them.”

His expression darkens. He casts the knife away from them, throwing it against the ground. He wraps his arms around her waist, holds her close. “I will not,” he promises. “We will find the cure.” She leans back, taps a finger underneath his chin. He looks up at her as she traces the lines of his tattoo. She kisses his forehead, hands threading through his hair. “Just a little longer, my Warden. Stay with me a little longer.”

Catch Me

The sky above the ship was bright blue, with only the faintest wisps of cloudy white drifting across it. Looking up from the deck, it would have been easy for Keyleth to miss the slightly darker patch of blue on blue that peeked above the rigging, the bit of wispy white far closer than the clouds, if she hadn’t been looking for it. She smiled. Percy had found his ideal place up in the open air, and she could certainly relate. Hopefully he was up for a little company while he was up there.

She was starting to get the hang of clambering about in the rigging, although she had nowhere near the ease of it that the crew did, or Percy himself for that matter. Besides, she had better, more appropriate ways to reach him. She spread her arms wide, borrowed a shape that was almost as familiar as her own, and took to the sky. She spiraled upward on dark wings, feeling out the currents and finding her equilibrium in the wild salt air. The view from up here was heady, the sea appearing even more endless and alive than it did from the deck. Percy was clearly enjoying it as well, leaning over the edge of the crow’s nest with his face to the wind, and he gave her a brief nod as she swung around him in a wide arc.

This close, Keyleth suddenly had her doubts about dropping in on him. He had always been the sort of person who needed a certain amount of alone time, and between the close quarters of the ship and his new social entanglements it was probably even harder than usual for him to find it. Was she intruding on him when he’d specifically moved away from the others to get some time to himself? The last thing she wanted to do when she was already worried about the state of their relationship was pester him. Maybe she should leave him alone for now. She started to change course, trying to look like she was just flying for the sake of it, with no particular destination.

Percy raised an arm as she passed overhead again, fist held out like a falconer’s. The invitation was unmistakable. There was a little bubble of joy and relief in Keyleth’s chest as she swooped down on her friend, landing carefully and comfortably on his outstretched hand. He didn’t even flinch, unperturbed by her small talons as he pulled his arm in to bring her to eye level. “What’s a crow’s nest without a crow?” he asked, stroking her feathers with his free hand. She cawed happily, pleased by both his attention and his understanding of her little joke, and he mimicked the sound with a grin, which set her off in a flurry of croaking laughter. In her usual form she found his bird calls impressive, but to her crow’s ears, his accent was terrible.

He held his arm out to the side, positioning her over the floor and giving her room to change back, which she did with a little hop off his hand. He touched her back, steadying her in the second while she found her feet again, then leaned against the railing again. “Did you need something?”

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Once Upon A Time works on spiral/chiasmus kind of story structure which means that the characters will continue to confront similar issues and situations over and over and with each confrontation develop either positively or negatively. It’s easy to see in flashbacks where the characters make one choice in the present and the opposite choice in the past.

It’s why people get annoyed with certain characters or arcs because they feel like the character has already overcome this or that challenge and “why do we have to do it again?” And for me it’s part of their upward or downward spiral and so the repeat is necessary (and come on in real life you don’t conqueror a fear or insecurity once and never have a problem with it again. That stuff has to be constantly confronted).

We saw it last night with David with the present day episode covering a lot of the same ground as in S2 when he was also full of fear and doubt, also without Snow, and also on the brink of murdering King George only to be talked down by a friend. We have seen it with Emma and her deciding to punch back against fate in multiple seasons. We see it with Regina. We are going to see it with Rumple and Gideon and the Black Fairy. And we are seeing it with Killian’s current storyline as he moves upward on the spiral.

amortentia [young!tom riddle x reader] pt.2

premise:  En sa beauté gît ma mort et ma vie. [In her beauty rests (both) my death and my life]
Tom Marvolo Riddle never fancied anyone - to be fair, he did not think he could. Though, an encounter on his first train to Hogwarts had left a deep impression that he very much could love someone, though if that someone could love him with all of his secrets was a different question, one that he was eager to find out yet was awfully curious of. You always intrigued him. From the very first day the two of you met, to the very last…

warnings: angst, disturbing themes, fluff, blood

amortentia masterpost | MASTERLIST.

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2. The prince in shinning armor.

A hiss of pain and a meek yelp. A thud. The grass beneath your fingers bites the inside of your sensitive palm and with great struggle you manage to pull yourself off the ground yet quickly falter with another gritted teeth cry. The rest of the class is set ablaze with murmurs and slowly lets themselves down from their brooms, though are not quick to approach you. A yell of your name starts things into motion; Katherine leaps from her hoovering broomstick and bolts across the yard, successfully jumping over your own laying broom just a few meters away from you and dropping to her knees where you have fallen. Pain shoots up like venom, burning everything at its wake and springing tears in those bright (colour) eyes. My ankle, you realize, my ankle! your mind repeats almost frantic yet you are cautious to examine the damage.

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World-Building 101 - The Birth of a Universe

World-building is by far my favorite part of the outlining process; I love having the freedom to create whatever I want: Things like traditions, geography, wardrobes, magic, and everything of the like. (So now I’m making a world-building series!)

So, the first thing I like to do is come up with one singular idea. For my A Ruby Revolution series, it was ‘desert’. Just one idea, and you could say everything launches into an upward spiral. So, we’re going to do the first part of this world building based on your first concept. 

*A Note: If you plan to follow these steps, it will be a lot easier if you write everything down somewhere.*

Why was this your initial concept? Maybe there was an internal reason or some sort of symbolic meaning; maybe it just happened to be the first thing you think of; maybe you just really want to write a story with that concept. Whatever the reason, the involvement of this concept needs to have a purpose. Decide how it’s going to affect your story.

What are some thing you’d associate with this concept? It could be more simple words, or phrases that come to mind. For example, when I thought of ‘desert’, other things that came to mind were ‘sand’, ‘sky’, ‘village’, ‘hunting’, 
‘predators’, and ‘adaptations’. With these concepts, I had already started to flesh out my main character’s pocket of the world a little more, even if the image was still blurry.

What about the people that live there? In general. What does the average person look like? Tall, short, fat, thin? Dark eyes or light? Dark skin or light, or somewhere in the middle? Agile or bulky, or maybe just plain scrawny? Are there different walks of life, maybe? This last option would mean the average doesn’t create an accurate representation - if this is the case, create an average for someone from each.

This is the first step in giving birth to your universe! You want to start simple, because simple is easy to build off of. This way, you can make everything more complex as you go!

That’s all I’ve got for today; until next time, much love <333


Understanding Shapes and Images with Your Third Eye

We will focus on deciphering shapes and images with this particular exercise.

Some people feel more relaxed with music playing, others prefer silence to focus.

These images are always present as your consciousness is usually occupied in more than one reality of thought. Most people don’t pay attention to the images because they are not programmed to analyze these images in a higher frequency. Waking from a dream not imply that your soul has stopped experiencing that level of reality.

Consciousness is multidimensional and ceaseless. It is about learning slowly in third dimension, but gradually increasing the pace as it spirals upward in frequency.

Prepare as you did in Lesson 1.

Focus on the screen in your mind behind your forehead again.

You will soon see a shape or an image appear.

Make a mental note of the shape as it may be an archetype that your cellular memory has set in for you at this time, one without physical analogy.

Few shapes may remain stationery, while others become animated and holographic. Observe as if watching a filmstrip, reality is nothing more than projected illusion, a consciousness hologram - in which souls experience virtually.

If you see nothing, practice with meditation, or the like. It will help you tune into to the images. It’s like any other skill, the more your practice, the easier it becomes.

Blockages may come from mental illness, substance abuse, fear, lack of understanding what you see or seeking an answer that is not shown.

Examine the images and later record what you have seen. They may mean one thing to you at present, and something else in the future.

By K.Nagori

Uncommon Destiel A/B/O Fics

A collection of Destiel A/B/O fics that have an uncommon or underused take on the A/B/O trope, broken down by type.  This is not intended as a rec list, but more of a collection of fics that break away from the common alpha/omega pairing/identity in various ways.  It’s broken down by category and a fic may appear in multiple categories.

Fics with asterisks (*) have only been verified by tags.
Bolded fics are the most recent additions.

Gender Identity

Sexual/Romantic Identity
Spectrum is used to cover a range of identities.  Fics may have more specific tags or none at all.




If you know of a fic not listed here, please send it my way or message me!

Societal Flips, Other/Miscellaneous and Just Mentioned/Non-Destiel categories and other contributors are now under the cut to save on length.

Last Updated: 3/2/17

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yoi-yoi-senpai  asked:

(All your prompts and writing has given me so much feels Mayra <3 wanna say that you're so talented xD keep up with the great work!) Prompt: The new character in Forces is a very malicious villain and Amy tries to get him on the good side, prove that nothing can be achieved with bad intentions however, things backfire and she's in huge trouble. What will Sonic do? (Can't wait to see what you come up with! XD)

(*crying tears of joy* she said talented and great work, and that it gave her feels, I’m just.. my heart. *grips* Thank you, child. Thank you.)

I actually have been KILLING to write my idea for the new character as a villain. I have two scenarios, one as a man and one as a woman, but both villains. After this one, I’ll definitely have to write the female version! In both of them, either Amy or Sonic is threatened and the other basically saves/helps them out.

I’m so excited~ You are the best for giving me a prompt that allows me to work my magic!!!~<3


As he looked out over the battlefield, seeing how Eggman’s minions were doing and also analyzing team strategies, the villain suddenly took notice of a girl fighting the crowd.

“Oh?” his curiosity peaked up as he smirked, “Cubot. Orbot.”

The two robots shivered, deeply afraid of him, maybe even more so than Eggman since this mercenary had a ‘darker’ moral code than even he…

“Who’s she?” he looked fondly to the scene, but there was something sinister in his questioning.

“…” the robots looked to each other, worried about giving him information.

The man turned his head back, “Do I not recall your creator giving you strict instruction to inform me on my enemies?”

The robots, on either side of him, suddenly scooted back and gripped each other in a clanking hug. They saw what he did to their kind…

“S-sh-she’s Amy Rose, sir!”

“N-no one of any great importance really. Her skill set is mostly a balance of raw power and extraordinary speed.”

“Y-yeah! And the self proclaimed girlfriend of Sonic the-EMPH!” Orbot shoved a hand up over Cubot’s speaker.

“You idiot! He doesn’t need to know that!”

“What? A girlfriend?” he suddenly looked down at the girl, fighting to her heart’s content.

He suddenly smirked, and began to chuckle.

“She’s the queen of this little band of fools?”

“Q…queen?” the two looked at each other, confused.

He laughed again, leaning his head up before looking back down and seeing Sonic come in to take out a few robots around her.

She smiled and nodded to him as he winked and gave her a thumbs up, and sped off.

He adjusted his gloves, pulling them down. “Come on, boys. You know what they say…” he walked with absolute steadiness that didn’t seem earthly, as his quills suddenly stood on end, as if he was excited for the events his mind imagined to unfold…

“If you want to learn the strength of the pack…

                                                 ,,,you attack the queen.”

Amy swung around and dodged a large robot arm that had swung down at her, then, taking the A.I robot by surprise, she twisted her hammer to where it’s edges gripped the crook of it’s arm, and pulled it over herself and let it smash to the ground.

She wiped some sweat off her brow, seeing her work here was done.

“My, you really are a strong alpha female…”


Amy turned around, but only saw a shadow within the flames.

“I’m amazed they left you unguarded… without any way to call for help..”

“Who are you..? And I’m perfectly able on my own!” Amy held her hammer up, confident as she glared into the flaming silhouette, as it continued to walk around and behind the flame.

He laughed lightly, before the silhouette showed him raising his hand up, as if gesturing skyward. “I simply wanted to see what would happen if I got you alone… I suppose my little strategy worked. Look,… no cameras.”

She took a second to turn and look up, seeing that the cameras Eggman installed were destroyed.

Her eyes traced the area for origin of destruction, but was suddenly met by a fierce wind that broke the flames from him, creating a curtain effect of a kind that parted a way for him, as he charged her and gripped her neck.

“Augh! Ahh…” she gripped his arm and pulled it back, but noticed his being was still hovering from the launch.

His steel eyes were fixated on her, as he slowly moved to place a foot on the ground, and then another.

“You certainly are a careless queen. Turning your eyes from the enemy.” he tilted his head as she struggled.

He eyed her hand.

“You have… a remarkable strength about you.”

“L…Let me go!”

“Why? It’s almost a dream to hold you close..” he suddenly pulled her towards him, shocking her into a gasp, before he looked down at her and moved his hand to punch her in the gut.

“Ack..! Ugh…” she dropped her hammer, as he saw her hand loosen from his own and moved his grip to her chin, pulling her up so she didn’t fully collapse.

“Oh, you’re no fun…” he moved his lips carefully over the side of her face, barely closing his eyes as he took in her scent. “I would have at least thought you’d scream for help…”

“I don’t… urk… scream.” she twitched her eyebrow, before pushing back and summoning her hammer from the ground, swinging it.

He reached up and gripped it, but she smiled.

“What?” He lost his suave as Amy traced the fearful surprise in his eyes.

She cleverly hammed a fist into his stomach, as he slowly bent over from the impact, and moved away, rubbing her hand on her chin and then wiping the side of her face off.

She stood boldly, as if with pride. “I guess I’m not as stupid as you thought. Thanks for the idea.” She narrowed her eyes, “You must be Eggman’s new puppet, right? The Metallic bender.”

He gripped his stomach, having purposefully let her go to get away, and then looked up from kneeling on one knee.

He shook his head and rose up again, shaking off the pain by rotating his shoulders, and again, laughing lightly.

“You amaze even the most dangerous of foes.” he complimented, before shifting a flirty eye back to her. “Perhaps that why you’re a solo queen.”

“Excuse me?” Amy rose an eyebrow. “Look, I don’t know what you’re getting at here…”

She readied herself for another counter, in case he charged again. But he just laughed, bending over and then arching his back to do so.

“But what you’re doing is wrong! Can’t you see that? They’re must be some mercy and justice in you!”

Mercy?” he suddenly, and with sharp precision, cut off his laughter to smile and look back at her.

The turning of his body made her step back slightly, before making sure her footing was sturdy enough to take a blow.

Why was he so… cheery?

“Heh. You speak of mercy… What? Ah!” he suddenly pointed to her, “You… no,…” he slightly moved his head back, as if questioning his own theory. “You’re not trying to reform me,… are you? Oh, that’s precious. You see… people like you will always be prey. Believing that the… oh, what would you call it… natural order of things can be pursued against itself to a far better nature than presented.” he casual swung himself towards her in his walk, as if completely confident in both his words and the unsettling situation.

As he approached, he snapped his fingers and searched for a word, but once having it, continued on before stopping in front of her, eyeing her and not even giving her hammer the corner of his eye…

“But you’re forgetting something very important, Queen Rose.” he looked so innocent as he pouted with a shake of his head, mocking her.

He spoke quietly, and watched her intently as he moved ever so slightly closer to her.

Then his tone grew vicious, and his true hangs appeared as he leaned above and down to loom over her with every bit of a bite to his words…

You forget that some in this world love the suffering of others! The pure torture of taking everything one loves away from them. And the screams of their last hope lost.”

“…Like I said.” Amy breathed hard quietly, but it showed by the bouncing of her chest that she was unnerved by his reaction.

“I don’t scream.”

He suddenly shifted his fierce demeanor, leaning back and laughing.

“You are too idealistic, Rose! Oh, queen of the rebellion! You are truly a prize worth risking a king’s anger for.” he bent his head back down as she attempted to swing her hammer out, but he dodged it.

“I will enjoy ripping every last bit of fight out of you… and crippling your friends into a submission that will cost them more then the war… but their very lives…” he started to quickly advantage on her.

“Ge… Get away from me!” Amy continued to fight him, as he dodged and blocked, going to hits but she skillfully deflected and at times, reflected them.

He was hit away, at last, before looking fierce and animistic in his eyes.

Fire burned in his eyes much like the surroundings, as he held his arms outstretched.

“What’s wrong, queen? Refusing to reform me? Have you given up!?” he slammed his hands down, and the robot parts around him spiraled upward and formed armor around his being.

Let’s dance.” the that had just formed helmet clicked down.


Eggman was trying to turn on his cameras, but the spy system seemed busted. “Dratt! I thought Sonic and his pathetic friends would never find them this time!”

Orbot and Cubot, coming through the door first, looked worriedly at each other as they pushed their fingers up nervously together, and swiped them over the other before addressing Eggman.

“Sir… we need to talk.” Cubot started, gesturing up to the doctor.

“Not now! Can’t you see I’m working blind?”

The two looked at each other.

“That’s the thing! You’re new recruit is-!”

“Doctor. I’ve arrived.”

The two froze up, clanking in fright as they turned around.

He smiled, looking easy as his eyelids drooped to show how calm he was.

He looked to the robots.

With every bit of poison that sounded like charmingly smooth music, he spoke to them, “Hello, boys.”

They hugged each other again, afraid he may have overheard them about to warn Eggman.

“Hmm? What’s gotten into you two?” Eggman looked down at how intimidated they were, before looking around and seeing the mercenary put Amy down, gently stroking a quill out from upon her face, as if obscuring her face was a sin in his eyes.

A lesser sin… perhaps… to those that he’s already performed…

“There’s been a change of plans, Eggman.”

“EMPEROR EGGMAN to you.” He stood tall, folding his arms, and suddenly extremely suspicious.

“What’s this all about?” he cocked an eyebrow up.

He smirked, and walked forward, “I want to rearrange our little deal.”

“…Go on?” Eggman was still curious why Amy was there, but figured he’d explain soon enough.

“The girl. I want her apart of the deal.” he fondly turned back to Amy. “I was planning to knock her out and use her as bait to rile up her teammates. But I grew slightly fond of her. If you really do robotize the world, I’d like to have at least one… play thing in it.” he turned back to Eggman.

Eggman, suddenly feeling a bit fatherly for the first time, threw his arms down.

“Absolutely not.” he briskly walked back to his computer.

“You lay a hand on even a fraction of her quills, and Sonic’ll have your head. I’m not going to be responsible for that kind of revenge plotting. You haven’t seen him when he’s upset.” Eggman looked indirectly over his shoulder, that last line as if he knew first hand how dangerous that could be.

“Typical of a king.” he rolled his eyes at Eggman’s response, as if having little to no real worry about any of that.

“It’s best to play it off as a game. Deliver her back or use her. I don’t care which. But don’t think I’ll leave you an Eve to your Dark Eden.”

“There’d be no Eden without Eve…”

He didn’t look pleased by that response, before turning back to Amy.

“The answers no.” He stated very firmly, folding his arms, and then turning back to his work. “Now, scat along, will you? I’ve a very busy tyrant.”

“Then… perhaps I won’t be so… willing to assist you anymore.”

“Excuse me-EEE?!?!?” Eggman leaned back as a metallic shard was thrown to hook a side of his mustache against the computer screen, causing the screen to crack and show grey streaks of lines as if offline.

Eggman tugged a moment, before ripping the shard out, and looking it over.

“…You make a good point,… Synchro…” he gripped the metallic shard, and turned back to him, a deadly bargain afoot as at first Synchro looked serious, before smiling friendly back to the Doctor.

“I could use a man with your… unique… metal bending talents.”

“Oh, go on.” he rolled his head, as if adoring the praise. “I live to please~” he bowed deeply, but clearly, it was all for show.

“..Heh… good.” Eggman threw the metallic piece down, slamming it with his fist into the ground, and then pointing directly up at Synchro.

“I want no part of your scheming, Synchro. But you can tease the girl all you want. But there better not be even a scratch on her head by the time Sonic comes to get her. Understood?”

Synchro raised a mocking eyebrow, “You seem to say that as if suggesting I’ll give her back.”

“Not. One. Hair.” Eggman wagged the finger closer and closer to his face, before the two turned to see Amy slowly coming too.

“Take her away from here. Do what you will but Orbot and Cubot will see to the girl.”

“Ah. Supervisors?” Synchro looked to them. “Well, things are just going to seem awkward for you third and forth wheel.” he kid, as the two quickly scurried to Amy, having processed their new commands.

He turned his head, and seemed to eyed them very closely… as if figuring out how to get rid of them later.


He turned his head back to Eggman. “My liege~” he faked another proper bow.

Eggman stared back at him over his shoulder, leaning down with his hands supporting him on the control panel, before clicking something to get his cameras and sights back online.

“…Don’t abuse her. I won’t forgive defying me.”

“Defiling? What was that? Doctor! I’m surprised you would suppose…” he smirked, lifting an acted hand to his ear as if just playing the role.

“I need to hear it. You won’t harm the girl.”

“…I may just do that. But I won’t kill her.”

Eggman turned his head back to him, growing angrily.

“… I’ll only touch what can be seen~” he winked and held up a finger, before drawing an ‘X’ over his heart. “Promise, good tyrant. Promise.”

“…See that he does.” Eggman turned to his robots, who worried they didn’t know how to stop him.

The two dragged Amy off, hauling her onto a hover cart, as Synchro turned around and looked down at her.

“Even protected by a supposed evil overlord. Tell me, queeny. Have you reformed the world?”

His mocking laughs trailed into Amy’s ears as she twitched her eyes, attempting to try and wake up… as the light faded…

And she was dragged off into an unknown location.

“Son-” she barely could speak out, as he looked out, and placed a finger over his mouth, smirking. “-ic…” he placed something over her mouth.

“Shh…” he cooed, ever so softly, before the gas knocked her out again. “There’ll be no talk of such things.” he looked to the robots.

They quickly turned forward, pulling the hover craft along.

He crooked his smile even further before looking ahead.

“Now it’s my time to assert the throne. I’ll steal your queen. I’ll overthrow the overthrower. I’ll kill this world’s hero. And all the while I shall I make this world… My world…”

Orbot and Cubot, once out of distance from Eggman, were suddenly cringing as their beings were combined and reorganized into a chest armor and gun, and then a nice metallic crown on his head.

“Heh. Such trusting fools.” he laughed as he kicked Amy’s craft down an air shoot, and jumped on it.

Taking her far away, he looked back to see a blue blur charging Eggman’s tower.

“….She’s not there~” he whispered manically, and let his wicked laugh carry in the winds…

(Don’t worry, she’ll be okay :) I hope you don’t mind… I focused more on Amy in danger and trying to reform him than I did Sonic saving her. It’s clear he will, but I wanted to show off a villain who was interested in Amy. It makes it even more sinister when he flirts with her! Don’t you think?)

(Part 2 x)

anonymous asked:

I have a real soft spot for dad harry rn could you pleaseeee write about harry finding out he's gonna be a dad for the first time?

Friend, I always have a soft spot for him as a dad. ALL! THE! TIME! This isn’t going to be the last time i think of him finding out for the first time, cause I could think of it so many ways. x.

Gentle reminder: requests are closed! I’ve been tweaking this one around for a bit because of said “I could think of it so many ways” and I did and then it got overwhelming cause THAT MAN AS A DAD!! END ME!

034. Mumma

His hair is in a bun and his back is turned to you as he stares with burning eyes at a computer screen, trying to decipher lyric notes and writing appointments and God only knows what else he’s staring at. There’s a little crinkle between his brows – you know it, even if you can’t see it from where you’re standing – and you know that he’s working incredibly hard to meet deadlines that seem to be looming one right after the other.

You know he can’t have any distractions and that that’s why he’s squirreled himself away with his computer at the rarely used dining room table while you float in and out and do whatever it is that you need to do, but you need to tell him this, and this… will be a very, very big distraction.

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Sometimes, we can continue our studying and schoolwork without motivation. It’s necessary. Other times, we need that boost of energy to drive us forward and remind us why we’re studying so hard. Here is a list of movies, documentaries, and (soon) series; please feel free to add to it and send in suggestions.


  • Dangerous Minds ➙ Based on the story of LouAnne Johnson, a former U.S. Marine, Dangerous Minds tells the story of a teacher trying to encourage teens from East Palo Alto, California, to take school seriously. This movie features unorthodox teaching methods, and changes to the curriculum designed to help the teacher connect with students.
  • Dead Poets Society ➙ This classic film about a teacher who encourages his students at a boarding school to break out of the status quo has inspired English students (and others) for years.
  • Educating Rita  ➙ This working class girl inspires her jaded professor to re-connect with his passion for teaching, while exploring issues of class in society.
  • Freedom Writers ➙ A group of at-risk high school students is inspired to live their dreams beyond high school — while learning the value of heard work and tolerance along the way.
  • Good Will Hunting  ➙ Will Hunting is a genius, but he doesn’t care to spend time in school. Instead, he hangs out with his friends and works as a janitor at MIT. However, he is discovered when he solves a difficult math problem. He eventually studies mathematics, while seeing a therapist in an attempt to get beyond some of his issues.
  • Homeless to Harvard  ➙ Living on the streets, a teenager returns to high school, earns her diploma and gets a college scholarship.
  • Legally Blonde ➙ Sorority president Elle Woods is met with an unexpected end to her relationship. Trying to prove she is intelligent, she studies and gets into Harvard, where she learns her calling.
  • Music of the Heart  ➙ Meryl Streep stars in this movie about the inspirational violin teacher, Roberta Guaspari, who encouraged children in New York City’s public school system. This uplifting story lets us see kids from East Harlem playing at Carnegie Hall.
  • Precious  ➙ This movie, based on a book, is about an obese and illiterate girl living in Harlem. Her family is dysfunctional, and Precious has been abused physically, mentally and sexually. However, she is inspired by a teacher in an alternative high school, and fights to improve her life — and the lives of her children.
  • School of Rock  ➙ A supremely entertaining movie about a washed up wanna-be rocker (Jack Black) who poses as a substitute teacher at a prep school. When finds that they are talented, he helps them learn about rock — and following their dreams.
  • Stand and Deliver  ➙ Another in the annals of classic education films, Stand and Deliver is based on the story of Jaime Escalante, the math teacher helping kids in East Los Angeles.
  • The Breakfast Club  ➙ These kids in Saturday detention are all defined by stereotypes. However, by getting to know each other, they are able to move beyond their own cliques and get to know each other. It’s an interesting look at the interplay between students in the education system.
  • The Great Debaters ➙ A drama based on the true story of Melvin B. Tolson, a professor at Wiley College Texas. In 1935, he inspired students to form the school’s first debate team, which went on to challenge Harvard in the national championship.            
  • The Paper Chase  ➙ A first year law student tries to impress his professor so that he can date the professor’s daughter. Provides insights into the difficulties associated with teaching.
  • To Sir With Love  ➙ In 1967, this movie was groundbreaking, sharing the story of a black man with training as an engineer who teaches white students in London.
  • Won’t Back Down ➙ Jamie Fitzpatrick and Nona Alberts are two women from opposites sides of the social and economic track, but they have one thing in common: a mission to fix their community’s broken school and ensure a bright future for their children.


  • Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed ➙ Ben Stein’s look at Intelligent Design, and the lack of academic freedom to teach the concept in the classroom.
  • Ivory Tower ➙ As tuition spirals upward and student debt passes a trillion dollars, students and parents begin to wonder if college is worth the expense.
  • Teached ➙ This education documentary by a Teach for America alum who looks at inequality in education for urban, minority youths.
  • Us And Our Education ➙ This documentary explores learning disabilities and how they affect school and work.
  • Waiting for Superman ➙ A look at the journey of promising students through a school system that limits their academic growth potential. A review of public education.
  • We Are The People We’ve Been Waiting For ➙ A look at education on global scale, and during a time of shifting paradigms. This British documentary challenges you to come up with solutions for public education today.


  • ASAP Science ➙ Biologists Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown explore the many forms of science, and sometimes compose and perform music about it.
  • CGP Grey ➙ Covering a broad scope of topics ranging from copyright laws to the pronunciation of “Uranus,”* C.G.P. Grey (Collin Gregory Palmer Grey, to friends) illuminates and debunks subjects with just enough humor.
  • Crash Course ➙ The breakneck pace and whip-smart humor of Crash Course’s videos may necessitate a second viewing, if only to pick up on the jokes and movie references you might have missed.
  • SciShow/SciShow Space ➙ A series of science-related videos on YouTube. The program is hosted by Hank Green.
  • VSauce ➙ Creator and host Michael Stevens fields seemingly rhetorical questions and answers them with wonder and thought-provoking detail.


  • Bill Nye the Science Guy ➙ An American live action educational comedy television program

anonymous asked:

I was wondering if you did songfics? If so can you please do a scenario based on the song Thats What I like by Bruno Mars for chuuya. I dont listen to Bruno Mars or the radio often but i feel like the song is so chuuya if that makes sense. If you dont do song fics thats fine then can i just get your opinion if the song reminds you of chuuya. I am also sad/upset about what happen to you blog. I hope this one doesn't encounter the same problem. I love you blog and thank you for your hard work!❤💕

I always think of Chuuya when I listen to that song. I used to do songfics but I’ve strayed away from that format unless its a very angsty slow song. I did a scenario based off that Bruno Mars song though, hope you like it ^^

Lights feather in endless rows spiraling upwards and kisses the cloudless, inky sky with twinkling gold. Iridescent drops of silver peck the heavens in contrast to the halcyon orbs. Summer night encases the city of Paris in warmth reaching across the park and caressing the loosened tendrils tangled in Chuuya’s hand. Flowers speckle lush bushes scattered along the grassy plains; warmer weather had pulled them into an early bloom. Pinks and yellows and all shades of purple surround the sidewalks twisting through the trees. The taste of wine is heavy on Chuuya’s tongue as it glides between your teeth. Fireworks pop against the sky; Chuuya pulls away and his eyes fixate on the glimmering colors bursting above.

               His skin mirrors the myriad of rich hues; strong jaw and sharp nose contoured by the mix of hovering shadows lingering behind the city. Without his hat Chuuya looks much older and unreserved; a streak of wildness cuts through the sapphire of his eyes when he gives way to impulse. Brilliant purples and blues and greens vibrate against the expanse of black. Reflections of vibrant colors paint smoke on his skin as gentle as a rose petal falling to the earth.  In awe of the lights he resembles a man his age—for once—without worry or responsibility. Tonight he is not a twenty-two year old mafia executive. Innocence has never graced Chuuya, but he has never faltered from the loss of it. If anything the softness that resides in him radiates stronger than the light of day has ever seen because he has created it from nothing.

              Chuuya’s attention quickly falls from the show while you memorize the outlines of his face doused in momentary tranquility. A pure and simple smile takes your breath away. Genuine happiness looks good on Chuuya—better than his hats, better than expensive cologne or the shoes he loves. The space between you both is too much Chuuya decides before closing the gap and entangling your lips with his. Moonlight glosses over from the other side of the water. Off in the distance the gentle beat of live music saunters through the air.

               Chuuya’s kisses start irrevocably sweet and tender. Feather light nibbles to the corners of your mouth, enough to get a smile before he lets his tongue sweep the bottom of your lip. A gasp—his favorite sound—when his fingertips slide up the back of your neck and card through your hair. Being lost in him is nothing short of blissful. The world becomes a canvas of sparkling white and melts away like watercolors blending at the edges. He pulls the breath from your lungs. Chuuya deepens the kiss with his hands grabbing you tightly to mold your chest to his. When the burn in his lungs becomes too much he breaks away to inhale.

                 “That color looks good on you _____.”

                 “I think you look better on me~”

                  “I think you’re right,” he murmurs gingerly, “ready to head back show off that new lingerie for me?”

                 The staccato beat of cobblestone beneath your heels catches in the wind as Chuuya pulls you down a quiet street. His fingers cinch around your hips between clumsy kisses and laughs.  Sweet little love notes brush over your ears in a low hum only you can follow. Your skirt lifts as he twirls you to the rhythm of his voice.  Chuuya leads you down the center of the street in a waltz made solely for this night in delicate grace like a dove with paper wings. His forehead rests upon yours; the moon cuts low through the sky. Dazzling white springs from the smile painted across Chuuya’s face. Cheeks a touch of pink from the wine and dancing they accentuate his endless pools of azure watching you sway in irrevocable adoration. The steady beat of his heart syncopates with your own. One entity caught in a moment like a firefly in a bell jar glowing for the sake of beauty in each other.

                   The song he’d been humming slows and a hand winds from the small of your back to your ass. Brows raised you smack his shoulder playfully; his smirk widens. Chuuya steadies you against his chest and walks back until his legs hit the idling Maserati waiting under a flickering street lamp.  Greedy kisses are peppered down the side of your throat as Chuuya fumbles with the door handle. A pop echoes in the stillness. Chuuya bows slightly and ushers you in to the car. His legs carry him quickly to the other side and the car rumbles to life as he slides in to the driver’s seat. The top falls back at your request; the scenery broadens and showers you in an expansive canvas of dark blue and sterling.  

                      The road curves like Chuuya’s fingers sliding up your skirt. Your head cranes back to rest comfortably as you relax into his touch. Teasingly his fingertips trace the edge of your panties. They follow black lacey trim up and down—overly gentle like you’re made of glass. Before his thumb slides beneath the fabric your hand catches his wrist.

                       “Good things come to those who wait, Chuuya” You tease.

                       “____, I don’t like to wait for what I want” he sighs while threading his fingers with yours, “but for you I’ll do anything.”