I decided to save an autumn leaf before the first Winter snow due tonight in the Hudson River Valley..  The edges are slowly dying but the colors are still holding on.. A lot like this November day.


The Catskills are different. Last weekend was my first time hiking any extended length there. It was also my first time backpacking (I know, took me long enough). It’s just so weird, how two mountain ranges in relatively close parts of the country can be so different. This was fun and beautiful in it’s own right, but at least on the east coast, the White Mountains will always be my favorite.

The Catskills, though. They’re greener. In that respect, I like it. The mountains are more modest. This one, at 4,040 ft is the second highest in the range. At the summit of the mountain, you’re still in heavy forest. The trees and vegetation don’t change much between the base of the mountain and the top. The trails are marked far better here. In the Whites, you can guarantee you’ll be hiking over boulders the entire way. Here there’s a lot of hiking up loose rocks that cover up a bed of pine needles that cover up a million roots. It’s almost exactly the same as anywhere you might hike in Connecticut, the stuff I used to do when I was younger. That said – this was perfect prep for hopefully some overnights in NH and I will never not like being in the woods.

08.09.15 | Hunter, NY

Hi all! So, I would usually keep this to my more personal accounts, but we have a large following on here so I thought I’d post it and ask for help.

As many of you know, I’m a tattoo artist in upstate NY. Recently, an amendment was passed that changes our laws. Most are perfectly fine and common practice anyway (single use needles, consent forms) but there’s one stipulation that is unnecessary and possibly detrimental.

In the industry, we dispense ink from bottles into single use caps, which are then disposed of at clean up. They are NEVER reused. This amendment calls for sterilized, pre-packaged ink caps, or “ink shots.” These ink shots are expensive and only made by sub-par companies. This would mean we would have to raise our prices while possibly lowering the quality of our work. That is something that I absolutely cannot, and will not do. They are open to suggestion and have openly admitted that they have no clue what they’re talking about.

This petition is a letter to our governor, senators, and health department. PLEASE sign it! It would be super helpful and allow us all to continue doing things the way they should be. Here’s the link:


Thanks guys. It would mean the world to me if you could sign it. You don’t have to be an artist to sign! (More, better articulated info at the link.)

- Emily