Hey guys (hiatus)

Im really upset to say that i must go on a hiatus my body is so drained and my mind is at its mental capacity atm, i have had three exams in the past two days im going away tomorrow and thursday and my family expect the world of me so right now i need to get away from the blog. I will come back though! and ill be writing when i feel like it through out just not posting so ill see you soon, hopefully my loves  ~Admin B

You know that feeling, when you’re in the bath, and you put your head underwater. You can feel your stomach tighten up, the sounds around you become almost non existent, you feel your life is literally on the line. That’s how it felt when you got up and left me.
—  Comparing
I’m starting to get bad again.
I’m starting to get sad again.
I’m replacing feelings with sex again.
I’m replacing everything with drugs again. Why does this keep happening?
Why can’t I be happy?
Why is everything shit again?
Why can’t I breathe again?
Because of all those pills I took
Because of all the whiskey
Because of all those hits I took.
Because of all the needles.
Because of all the cuts.
I’m getting dizzy, fuck it’s blurry.
I feel like I am trapped.
I know I’m getting bad again…
Someone make it stop…
—  8 am and i haven’t slept