78% of the Earth’s surface is water but only 0.01% of that is fresh and drinkable. Access to water you can drink should be a fundamental right, no matter who you are. Unfortunately, millions of us don’t even have access to this water. We’ve polluted with our own waste a lot of the fresh water that we so badly need. This needs to stop; we have to change our relationship with water for good.  
Join me in giving thanks to water this Sunday, March 22nd for World Water Day by participating in #LoveWater’s free events. Check out the video & find out how you can be a part of this here: http://unify.org/

So let me tell y’all about this convo I had the other day walking out of work:

I’m walking out of the refinery to my car and a group of guys I normally see leaving around the same time as me is walking near me.  They are a group of young black men, probably early mis 20s to mid 30s.  One of the guys in the group proceeds  to ask:

Him: Hey bruh, what you do out here?  You always on the go somewhere and you come and go from the plant however you please, must be some big shot or something.

Me:  I’m a Reliability Engineer and I work Rotating Equipment here and a few other refineries so I float around all the refineries in the city.

Him:  Good shit bruh! We be seeing you around, “Like who is this young cat out here rubbing elbows with the big guys in the plant?”

Me:  Gotta rub elbows with the big guns and work so that some of it rubs off on me so I can work my way up.  Trying to run this place one day.

Him:  Aight my nigga! I see you!  Get ya shit!  You must have a fancy degree or something?  Your coveralls never get dirty.

Me:  I have an engineering degree.

Him:  Good shit, you don’t wanna be out here like us every day in the heat and the rain working and having your body ache after work.  I’ve been thinking about going back to school myself so I can get out of this work.

Me: I’m blessed.  That’s all I can say, worked my ass off to get my degree and I’ve been blessed to find a good position where I can learn and grow in the industry.  If you want it go and get it bruh, and if there’s anything I can do or any advice I can give holla at me. (Gave him my business card)

Him:  Well keep it up my nigga!  You need anything at all you ask us.  We here for you bro!  Gotta work together to life our fellow black man up to the top.

Just wanted to share this.  It really made my week.  Black men raising other black men up is something to be recognized. 

I’ve been a part of the Harry Potter fandom for a decade. I know it isn’t perfect, but I’ve met hundreds of people who I call friends. Some of my closest fandom friends are survivors of abuse that has occurred in fandom spaces.

from Matt Maggiacomo’s P4A video for Uplift

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The YouTube community is facing serious issues, including sexual violence and a lack of diversity among the most subscribed creators. This forum will provide an accessible, constructive environment for long-form discussion, as well as space to propose possible ways the community can work together to catalyze change. Uplift staff will be assisting proposals whose collaborators want to partner with us.

Come join us to discuss Community Response to Accused Creators, Creating Inclusive Virtual Spaces, Elevating Diverse Creators, and Fan/Creator Dynamic!

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