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Big: Sea Salt Shampoo. I recently went into my Local Lush store and asked for a sample of Big. Because my hair is quite flat and boring. I fell in love instantly the smell is like a sea breeze, or well everything you want the sea to smell like. its fresh and uplifting and utterly perfect for my hair. It doesn’t just add volume it adds shine. But my favourite thing is that it utterly cleanses my hair making it beautiful. I’m blonde with fine hair, it lifts my hair and I think makes my hair brighter. I don’t wash my hair every day so this is perfect for when I want to wash my hair because it can cope without being washed. But if you do, I would use this maybe twice a week and add Seanik into your routine. I also use a light conditioner, because it’s salt it can be a little drying on the ends. The main ingredients are; Sea Salt, Lemon and Lime, Toothed Wrack Seaweed and Sea Water. The salt I find adds to the wonder of this shampoo, I love the feeling of it and the lather the shampoo creates. The salt lightly exfoliates the scalp also. It’s just so Fresh! So I got a big tub. 

Spain's 'Robin Hood Restaurant' Charges The Rich And Feeds The Poor
As the country reels from its financial crisis, a new restaurant, run by a Catholic priest, lets paying daytime customers foot the dinner bill for homeless people to dine with dignity — and style.

Have some uplifiting news for a change :D

Paying customers at breakfast and lunch foot the bill for the restaurant to serve dinner to homeless people, free of charge.

It’s become Spain’s most sought-after lunch reservation. The restaurant has poached staff from luxury hotels. Celebrity chefs are lining up to cook once a week. For paying clients, the lunch is fully booked through the end of March.

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do you happen to watch kdramas? if yes, what are some of your favorites?

ooooh, yes i do watch kdramas!!! just finished weightlifting fairy kim bok joo - it is such a cute show OML, i told myself i wouldn’t cry in one of the episodes, but my heart is tOO SOFT AND WEAK.

(i’’m so behind on my kdramas … but i’m gonna catch up soon !!)

some of my favorites, you ask? hmm…. (random order btw)

these are all that i can think of off the top of my head … boy oh boy, if i went on any longer, this answer woulda been LOOOOOOOOOOONG. thanks for asking!!!!

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Hi! I'm currently studying Islam and considering converting, and I have a few questions I'm hoping aren't stupid(: For one, what is dua? And I'm nervous about wearing a hijab and being covered all the time, because I've never done it and it's such a sudden change, you know? What advice would you have for that? Lastly, my family is super Christian, and will say I'm only converting to be dramatic and will probably disown me (I wish I were kidding). How can I come to peace with that? Thank you!

Hello :) No question is stupid, always feel free to ask me (or any of us) any question you have.

What is a Dua?

Dua means supplication, and is a prayer. When we ask for something (good health, good faith, protection from hell) we are making a dua. It is calling out to God and having a conversation with our Lord. Dua is an uplifiting & empowering way to facilitate a healthy and strong relationship with God. It places full trust in God through reliance & faith. It is a submission to God, and therefore an act of worship. When we call upon one God, Allah, we are showing Him that we understand only He can truly solve our worries and problems, and only He controls the outcomes of the world.

Muslims can make dua any time. It includes praises of God, thanking God, hope, and general talking to God. It can be out loud or in your heart. It can be made for you, your family, strangers, the earth, even all of humanity. It can be done in any language.

Prophet Muhammad, may the mercy and blessings of God be upon him, encouraged the believers to make dua.  He said, “The dua of a Muslim for his brother (or sister) in his absence is readily accepted. An angel is appointed to his side. Whenever he makes a beneficial dua for his brother the appointed angel says, Ameen. And may you also be blessed with the same’” (Authentic Muslim)

The benefits of dua are immense,

  • a sense of closeness to God
  • the outcome of your supplication
  • increase in faith
  • feeling hope, relief to distress
  • reward from God
  • a moment of peace and clarity


Converting to Islam comes with a lot of difficulties, hijab being a huge one. However, it is a task that is so worth it. Rushing into hijab isn’t my advice though, I believe a slow and steady approach to lifestyle changes is better for your faith and your commitment to it.

First I suggest you study the meaning behind hijab. Read the ayat & hadith about hijab and read about other’s experiences with it. Muslim women wear hijab because it was a commandment of God. Every single day when we put it on we are reminded that we must be model Muslim citizens; give to charity, respect our elders, be kind to animals, smile & be friendly, help out those in need, learn and educate ourselves so we can benefit the society we live in, etc. Just as fasting during the month of Ramadan is a commandment from God, so is hijab. So it’s primary purpose is the spiritual connection. Next comes the benefits & other aspects. I firmly believe that’s important to understand. Just like Ramadan has many secondly benefits (humility, health, etc.); but they are not the main purpose.

I’ve written a lot about hijab here. This is my hijab in brief post.

I am not a revert, so when I began to wear hijab the only difficulty I had was with my Catholic family & my society. There are so many sisters on here who have reverted to Islam and could do you much more justice. I encourage them to add onto this post for your benefit. My tips are based on my experience, and will not reflect the experiences of a revert, but are still semi helpful lol

My Tips for Wearing Hijab

  • Set your intention - doing this for Allah. For God. Remember this throughout your journey
  • Start by modifying your clothes. If you wear capris and t-shirts now, switch to long pants and long sleeve tops. Slowly start covering your chest more (less low cut tops) and begin to wear looser jeans and tops. Start to purchase longer tops that go to your hips, then past your bottom, etc. Hijab is different for every girl, and you have to decide how you want to achieve your goals of modesty. Once you’ve built that image, slowly work for it. It may take a year, and to me, that’s ok.
  • Remember that hijab is a character trait truly first. Start working on your ego, your pride, your humility, etc. These are the real meanings behind hijab & you don’t have to cover your hair to reach them
  • Watch Youtube hijab tutorials to find styles you like so that you have fun with it. Hijab is so much fun to style, match with your clothing, etc.
  • Start wearing hijab when you drive to the post office or go to the grocery store. Maybe even drive to the town next to yours and put it on and walk around where no one will know you. Get used to the change slowly. A lot of girls find that once they begin to wear it more often here and there, they find it so hard to NOT wear it.
  • Throw a hijab party. Once you meet more Muslim sisters celebrate your hijab and have a party.
  • If you’re attached to styling your hair, begin to let that go. Wear a pony tail often and tuck away your straightener/curler.
  • Be aware that people will make you feel uncomfortable (or worse). Accept it, but what you’ll find is a lot of people will accept you.
  • Notice your self-esteem. It may fluctuate through this, but most of us find (if we have chosen it ourselves) it skyrockets your self-esteem
  • Gather support. Revert sisters can provide you with excellent tips on how to battle your issues, and other sisters will just be there for you if you need to vent. We are a family, and we are here for you
  • Prepare your conversation with your family. That’s the toughest thing, but just showing up one day with a hijab won’t go over well (trust me, been there done that, grandpa wasn’t happy). Talk to your loved ones about your decision, and be open to questions.
  • Follow hijab blogs so you can get your inspiration on
  • Buy light hijabs for the summer. After a while your body will adjust to extra material, you’ll get through the heat
  • Know this: things get better in time. People will stop treating you odd (maybe not your family though, and that’s rough - see bullet point number 1). The insecure feeling will go away. It will become normal to your classmates

Reverts & Family

As I said, I am no expertise in this category. There are so many reverts on this site who are much better at these topics.

Coming to peace with these types of issues can be seemingly impossible, but at the end of the day, you’re doing this for your religion.

When I started wearing hijab, my grandpa stopped talking to me. Now, this is nothing like the anxiety you’re feeling, but I hope this can be helpful. I watched a lecture by Nouman Ali Khan about showing people what Islam is and changing their perspectives with your character. So I did that. It was all I could do. I worked hard to show him that I am a better person because of Islam, not despite it. SubhanAllah, after 4 years, it paid off. I’m not saying this is what will happen for you, but it’s my experience, so hopefully you can benefit from it.

These tips are one’s from my revert friends, and mostly from my mom when she converted, I hope they help.


  • Understand where your parents are coming from and try to approach them from their standpoint
  • Remain patient & calm, your anger will solve nothing. I know that might be hard if they are saying degrading things, but Islam tells us “Don’t get angry”
  • Accept that things might be really bad for a long time, but if they get better, forgive. Breaking ties of kinship should only be done in extreme situation - you’ll know. Try to forgive if you can
  • Remain hopeful and optimistic.
  • Keep in mind its better to be happy (have a faith you love) than to sacrifice that for your family. Your happiness matters and you should choose what makes you the most content
  • Make dua about it :D
  • Decide if you want to tell them immediately or not. Depending on your situation, this is really variable. By not telling them immediately, they may have a chance to see your character change before they flip out about Islam being the cause
  • Place your value in your deen. Allah is the only one who really can determine your worth - which is based off your character. You know who you are. Don’t let their comments and their attitudes toward you affect your value. You’re loved by many others.
  • Pray the 5 daily prayers, it’s comforting
  • Stay away from Christianity vs. Islam. Focus on, we are all people of the book, we all believe in one God, we believe in Jesus, we have similar stories, we are closer than you think in faith.
  • Start going to the masjid so that if you do get disowned, there will be people who can provide you with a place to stay and some food. You’re our family, and there will be people to help

These are probably not the best, but I know some blogs who would be better at this (I hope they don’t mind me tagging them):















My revert tag has lots of information, but you’re always welcome to ask me anything

Clean Start

I’m putting this here so I’ll always have a place to come back and read it, on the days when I forget to live it. The number of times I sign out Terry Walters’ books from the library, I should probably just buy them to own, but honestly, it’s her inspirational prefaces and start up information more than her recipes that interest me. 

  • Eat the Colors of the Rainbow: The more colorful your diet, the more nutrient rich. Go easy on empty white filler foods and heavy on healing greens.
  • Eat Dark Leafy Greens Every Day: For me, green is the most important color and the one most lacking in our diets. Greens are cleansing, healing, uplifiting, and rich in calcium and minerals. Try using a variety of greens to amp up the nutritional value of your salads, soups, sauces, stir-fries and even smoothies. Just get them in!

  • Eat All Five Tastes: Sweet, sour, salty, bitter and pungent are all found naturally and nutritionally in clean food, as opposed to manufactured “natural flavours” and the imbalance of sweet and salty tastes found in processed foods.

  • Eat Foods That Are Grown, Not Manufactured: Clean food comes from a green plant, not a processing plant - a farm, not a factory.

  • Skip the Package: A package is the first sign that you’ve moved away from the source. Look for foods that don’t require a label to reveal what’s inside; but if it comes in a package, apply the “grown not manufactured” tip when reading labels.

  • Buy Clean Food and Leave the Rest Behind: Make the difficult choice just once at the store so you’re not faced with making it every time you open your cupboard.

  • Buy and Try One New Clean Food Each Time You Shop: If you don’t know where to begin, start with something green! One new clean food a week and by the end of a year you’ll be feeling the benefits of eating clean and living well.

  • Know the Source of Your Food: Make friends with your grocer, your farmer and your local producers. Understanding where and how food was grown or produced is essential to making healthy choices.

  • Buy Local and Organic When You Can: Clean food is fresh and nutrient-rich. What you see is what you get - without a host of unwanted contaminants and byproducts that often accompany conventional growing, processing and shipping.

  • Be Nourished By Your Food and Make Peace With Your Choices: Make conscious choices, enjoy every bite and let your food and mealtime nourish your entire being.
-from Clean Start by Terry Walters

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Hello everyone, I am Aliyah Leshae and I am inviting all of you to participate in an uplifiting campaign called, “What Makes You Beautiful,” I want everyone to submit a picture of yourself to be featured on my blog and in the caption write your story or what MAKES YOU BEAUTIFUL! This campaign is to put an end to society’s judgmental and outrageous standards of beauty. 


The hashtag for this will be #WMYBeautiful 

I don’t think a finale has been so uplifiting on The Walking Dead since Terminus when Rick said “They’re Fucking with the wrong people” Like… I feel like that was the last time anything has been super hopeful in a finale!


#StonerSunday Soundtrack

#GetLifted | The Most Dank Tracks from The Second Week of November 2015

DREAM KOALA - Bones - Wet - Sunny & Gabe - Black Atlass - DOJA CAT - Santigold feat. B.C. - Major Lazer - Miguel - SWISHA SWEET Remixes Kelela - Kembe X - RiFF RAFF - Fetty Wap - Rich Homie Quad - Snoop Dogg - Slim Jxmmi Remixes Zoey Dollaz

Stay #HighGrade

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God Makes No Mistakes

“For he chose us in him before the creation of the world to be holy and blameless in his sight.” -Ephesians 1:4 (NIV)

“He chose us…”

Isn’t that crazy! God, the creater of this entire universe chose us! He knew our names even before this world was created! So whenever you feel like you aren’t worthy of the calling that he has blessed you with; whenever you think to yourself “I can’t”; remember that HE CHOSE YOU. He sees your potential even when you don’t see it! He knows what you are capable of. So whenever you doubt yourself, remember that doubting yourself is like doubting God. He didn’t just create you, he created the place you live in! That is a smart God! How could we ever doubt his choices/decisions?!?!?! So if your wondering “why me?” Remember that GOD MAKES NO MISTAKES, and his choosing you just makes your purpose in life that much more special.